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Farewell Speech - Writing Tips & Examples

Farewell Speech - Writing Tips & Examples

A speech is a common form of public speaking in which the speaker addresses his understanding and ideas on the topic to persuade the audience. Speech writing is done to convince the audience, so it is important to keep in mind to write for the audience and what interests them.

Among the several types, a farewell speech is the most common form. A farewell address or speech is a formal talk to the audience done by an individual before leaving a place or a position. To make the last “goodbyes” unique and memorable, these speeches are delivered.

If you are writing a farewell speech and do not know where to start and write the speech effectively, continue reading the article.

How to Start a Farewell Speech?

If you want to leave an impression on the audience, the key is to write a brilliant speech. A good speech can not be written without a plan. No matter if you are writing a casual speech or a very formal address, planning is essential.

Before you jump to the writing process of a farewell speech, learn how to make a start. Only good planning will let you execute the ideas successfully and effectively.

To make a start, follow the steps given below:

  1. 1. Identify the Audience
  2. The first and foremost step to write your farewell speech is to identify who your audience is. For every speech, the audience can differ in nature and size. For example, a farewell speech can be given in an office to colleagues or college as a graduation speech.

    For each type of audience, the tone of your speech will differ. When you know who you are writing your speech for, the speech’s content will be created accordingly.

  3. 2. Brainstorm Relevant Ideas
  4. Now that you know your audience, figure out what to say. You might want to thank a few people or let them know how they influenced you in your life.

    Think of exciting events and stories that perfectly go with the theme and situation. Note these stories, events, or anecdotes to decide where to make the start of your speech.

  5. 3. Create an Outline
  6. Although farewell speeches are informal and more personal, they still require a particular outline. An outline is given to work to provide it with an understandable structure.

    The outline will provide a flow to your speech, which will make it easier for the audience to understand and connect with it. The basic trick to give an outline to your address is to use a hamburger technique.

    According to this, your speech will be introduced, followed by the main body, and a conclusion in the end. Divide all the speech content into the three parts of the outline to make your speech clear and attractive.

    Once you have taken the steps provided above, you will be ready to jump onto the next process: the writing process.

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How to Write a Farewell Speech?

If the planning of your goodbye speech is intense and structured, the execution of the ideas will become easier. Once all the prewriting steps are taken effectively, follow the writing steps provided below:

  1. 1. Create an Interesting Beginning
  2. When writing a farewell speech, a writer has room for being extremely creative and personal. Start your speech with a catchy hook to grab your audience’s interest. Monotonous beginnings will make you lose your audience in no time.

    A funny or a casual statement, a quote, or even an anecdote can be used as an opening sentence for your farewell speech. After writing an interesting hook, carry on by presenting your feelings about leaving the place or position.

    After greeting the audience, your introduction section briefly states the purpose of that specific event or occasion.

  3. 2. Create a Strong Body
  4. The body section of your speech will contain all the detailed content. Here, share ideas, stories, events, and essential points. Make sure to share relevant information.

    While writing the body of your speech, keep in mind to:

    • Be Personal - To make your farewell speech effective, keep your wordings and tone personal. While sharing your ideas, make sure that the audience is connected and engaged with your speech.
    • Keep It Short and Simple - Keep in mind that long addresses are boring. Keep your speech short and simple. Avoid presenting a lot of thoughts about yourself and shed light on events that include other people. Avoid repeating and elaborating sentences.
  5. 3. Provide a Closure
  6. End your farewell speech by summarizing the major points and expressing gratitude. Moreover, you can conclude your speech by wishing luck to everyone or simply stating a quote related to the situation.

    Know What You Have Written

    Before delivering the speech, hear what you have written and become your audience. Read the speech loudly to check your speech’s tone and feel. Practice giving a speech before the actual event to make the address more communicative and less scripted.

    Farewell speeches are given on different occasions and to different kinds of audiences. To learn how to deliver a farewell speech to leaving other professions and places, continue reading the article.

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Farewell Speech Examples

Here are some examples of farewell speeches for you to understand better.

Farewell Speech for Boss

Farewell speeches are also given for the other people who are leaving the place. Often your colleagues or bosses get transferred or promoted to other positions, and you prepare a speech to say goodbye and wish them luck.

Following is an example of giving a farewell speech to your boss.

Sample Farewell Speech for Boss

Farewell Speech For Colleagues

On some occasions, farewell speeches are given to colleagues and coworkers. Such addresses can take the form of retirement speeches as well. They include appreciation and experience with others in the workplace. If you are an employee and leaving the company or office, write your farewell speech by taking ideas from the following example.

Sample Farewell Speech for Colleagues

Farewell Speech For Teachers

Are you a teacher by profession who is leaving the job or position from a certain school? Then the possibility is that you will be asked to deliver a farewell speech. The example provided below will help you write an impactful speech.

Sample Farewell Speech for Teachers

Farewell Speech for Students

Students often find writing farewell speeches daunting. Whether it is a graduation speech or just a goodbye speech in a classroom, students have no idea what to say.

If you have to give a farewell speech, look at the following example to help.

Sample Farewell Speech for Students

Farewell Speech for Friends

Saying goodbye to friends or family members is the hardest but delivering a speech to them is the easiest. As it is an informal type of speech, people can start from anywhere and say anything. But if you are overwhelmed by saying goodbye to friends and do not know what to say, take help from the example below.

Sample Farewell Speech for Friends

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Writing Tips for a Farewell Speech

Although there are no hard and fast rules to write and deliver a speech, some essential tips can be followed to make your address memorable.

  • Share Personal Experiences - Share your stories and incidents to make your goodbye address memorable. Through your personal experiences, state how things and actions of others influenced you and your life
  • Show Gratitude - Showing gratitude is the right attitude. Thank people and their gestures with an open heart.
  • Keep It Short - Avoid dragging your speech and share interesting information only.
  • Use Simple Words - Avoid using bombastic vocabulary. You are not there to impress anyone but just to be grateful for the efforts.
  • Be Original - Copying the addresses of others is not the right choice. Be unique and original and write your content for the speech.

If you take all the required steps, your farewell speech will be memorable and impactful. Leaving an impression is everything. If you want people to remember you, go them with something they can look up to.

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