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Entertaining Speech Topics for Your Next Debate

Entertaining Speech Topics for Your Next Debate

Speech writing is an extremely boring task, but it becomes an interesting task if it includes humor. Usage of funny facts to have the audience agree with your point of view can go a long way in convincing them that you are right.

Although the entertainment and funny speeches follow the same speech format as other types of speeches, they can be really fun to write. People who have a fear of public speaking would also love to deliver an entertaining speech.

Here we have compiled a list of entertaining speech topics for anyone who wants to talk about casually odd, foolish, silly, or crazy fun stuff. Chose the one that suits the best for your audience and wrote a hilarious speech.

You can also modify them according to your target audience and get the best tailormade result out of them.

What is an Entertaining Speech?

An entertaining speech is designed to amuse the audience while delivering the message. These speeches are meant to entertain the audience and make them laugh. Like other types of speeches, entertainment speeches should communicate a clear message. However, the manner of speaking is not a formal way and slightly different from traditional styles.

The entertainment speeches are delivered on specific occasions like entertaining debate competitions, a toast at a wedding or an award acceptance speech, etc. Comedy films, theater plays, and comedy shows are few examples of entertainment content.

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Tips for Choosing an Entertaining Speech Topic

When we say the word “entertainment,” we don’t refer to the ‘humor’ only but also the ‘drama’. Therefore, you need to choose a topic for an entertaining speech that brings joy to the audience and intrigues their emotions.

Here are some basic tips from experts to choose the best topic for a funny and entertaining informative speech topic:

  • Think of your interests and your inspiration so that you don’t get bored while delivering the speech. If that happens, your audience will lose interest immediately.
  • Think of your audience and things that interest them. Choose a topic that is interesting for both of you, i.e., you and your audience.
  • Conduct research and collect some humorous ideas that are unusual and unique
  • Pick up a normal issue or subject and give it a dramatic twist.
  • Tell a funny story about some personal experience.
  • Laugh at, and ridicule institutions and organizations but do not offend.
  • Ask what if? And show the possibilities until it becomes amusing and funny.
  • Decide what message you want to communicate with your speech.

If you use this checklist to choose a topic for an entertaining speech, you can easily deliver a serious message while making the audience laugh.

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Amazing Entertaining Speech Topics

Now that you know what aspects you need to consider while selecting an entertaining speech topic let’s choose a topic for your speech.

Entertaining Speech Topics for Middle School

  • The funniest thing I did to my father
  • How to eat deep-fried Oreos in 259 easy steps
  • Once I shot milk out of my nose.
  • When I don’t want to go to school, I tell my mom that my stomach is hurting.
  • I popped in my pants on my first day at school.
  • I want to marry Cameron Diaz.
  • Don’t eat vegetables; they have feelings too.
  • Kids should have an hour break to watch cartoons in schools.
  • I lied to my teacher about my granny’s death.
  • Can I have jalapeno on my dark chocolate fudge cake?

Entertaining Speech Topics for High School

  • My favorite misheard song lyrics.
  • How I told my best friend that I love her
  • I have a personal experience of watching a ghost dancing on the terrace.
  • Higher education is a guarantee to be a successful person.
  • How to get a toddler to go to sleep in 595 easy steps
  • My worst encounter with my ex
  • Have you ever mixed the pina colada with coffee?
  • When nothing goes right, go left
  • The worst date I ever had
  • The day my mom figured out Snapchat.

Entertaining Speech Topics for College Students

  • When I got caught cheating on my girlfriend
  • Boys do more gossip than girls.
  • Everything that goes wrong with me is because of my horoscope.
  • When I took an ice bucket challenge for the first time
  • A breakup insurance policy needs to be invented.
  • Explain baseball or football to a foreigner in an exciting way
  • Who came first: The egg or the chicken
  • How I met your mother
  • A monkey snatched my bag.
  • Boys should not wear skinny jeans.

Easy Entertaining Speech Topics

  • The worst pickup lines
  • 17 easy steps to take a nap after 16-hour sleep
  • How to lie efficiently
  • Adults are weird species
  • How to tell someone to get lost without saying the word ‘get lost’
  • You need to be young and stupid to get old and wise
  • How to control your facial expressions
  • Life should come with background music and pleasant air
  • I don’t need to make the notes; I’ll remember everything
  • Whenever I need expert advice, I talk to myself

Good Entertaining Speech Topics

  • How to become friends with a 3 years old baby
  • A silent woman is more dangerous than an angry tiger.
  • How to win an argument when you know that you are wrong
  • It’s funny how 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible, but 8 glasses of wine can be done in one meal.
  • I regret all those naps that I didn’t take as a child.
  • A man’s “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” is the same as a woman’s “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes”
  • How to control your laugh at a serious moment
  • I will start studying tomorrow.
  • If you don’t like me, raise your standards.
  • How to keep your parent off of Facebook

Motivational and Interesting Entertaining Speech Topics

  • I’m not weird; I’m just the limited edition.
  • My life seems to me like a test I didn’t study for
  • People make mistakes, just to be sure.
  • Always keep smiling; it drives people crazy.
  • We should have a day every week in which we can be as useless as a “P” in psychology.
  • If you don’t like me, no problem, everyone doesn’t have good taste.
  • Before you decide to marry someone, you should see how they react to traffic congestion.
  • Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.
  • There is a woman rolling her eyes behind every successful man.
  • How to love Mondays

Informative Entertaining Speech Topics

  • The best things in life are not free.
  • We cannot live without the English language.
  • The new American dream is to balance work and social life.
  • Girls are beautiful, even without makeup.
  • Why we should not completely rely on autocorrect
  • How to be the center of attention
  • The correct way to lie
  • The right way to make your spouse do the dishes
  • How to make the best pancakes
  • How to fall out of love in 508 steps

Impromptu Entertaining Speech Topics

  • Why I’m still single
  • My weekend plans mean that I want to stay at home, watch Netflix, and chill.
  • How to make a horrible valentines day card
  • Why women treat their faces like a coloring book
  • The biggest fashion fail of the year.
  • How to behave like a princess
  • How to win an argument
  • How to play with someone’s feelings
  • I can’t believe I got the job.
  • When to give up

Entertaining Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Most of the people are all barks but not bite.
  • Autocorrect can ruin your life.
  • Money does not talk, but it loves to say bye-bye all the time.
  • The good news is nothing lasts forever; the bad news is nothing lasts forever.
  • Worst Instagram mistakes that everyone should avoid
  • How to pretend that you have understood everything
  • How to pretend to be interested
  • How to be patient when you just can’t
  • The world has real superheroes.
  • Most of the famous people out there are crazy.

Demonstrative Entertaining Speech Topics

  • How to deliver a speech in the funniest way?
  • How to tell a lie and not get caught by your mother
  • How to steal your professor’s glasses?
  • How to embarrass your childhood friend in 36 ways
  • How to make fun of your brother’s snickers?
  • How to get dumped by your girlfriend
  • How to ruin your first date
  • How to find the love of your life on a blind date
  • How to blame your dog for ruining your prom night
  • How to eat nachos with vanilla ice cream

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Tips for Writing a Hilarious Entertaining Speech

Hopefully, you must have chosen the topic for your speech by now. Let’s compose the entertaining speech structure. The following tips will help you organize your speech in the most entertaining way.

  1. Start the speech by introducing yourself.
  2. Conduct research and collect some fun facts and details about the topic
  3. Craft an outline to organize your content logically.
  4. Hit the audience with a humorous and an attention-grabbing statement
  5. Give some reasons for the audience to listen to or agree with what is being said.
  6. Include some funny and humorous things to make your speech interesting and entertaining
  7. You can use funny quotes and dialogues to make your speech effective.
  8. Once you are done with the writing process, practice delivering it.
  9. Practice as much as you can and try to include some funny gestures

Entertaining speeches are really fun to deliver, but the speech writing process might stress you out.

However, you can get rid of this stress by taking professional help with the speech writing process.

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