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Commemorative Speech - Writing Guide, Outline & Examples

Commemorative Speech - Writing Guide, Outline & Examples

A commemorative speech is a form of address given to the audience to praise someone or something. Writing a commemorative speech is a form of speech writing that includes paying tribute to people, events, ideas, and places.

If you are good at delivering your message and have strong writing skills, writing a speech will not be a problem. This article is for you if you do not know how a ceremonial or commemorative speech is written.

Continue reading to learn how to draft an inspiring commemorative speech.

Commemorative Speech Definition

A commemorative (or ceremonial or epideictic) speech is defined as an address of honor delivered to celebrate or praise the value of a person, group, place, event, idea, or institute. This speech is not just a verbal praising or appreciation. It is more of a celebration and acknowledgment.

The tribute order and the purpose of writing this speech are to:

  • Make the audience hopeful for the future, in case of an idea.
  • Uplift the emotions and feelings
  • Motivate people about an institution, event, idea, or personality.
  • Share feelings and provoke sentiments.

In a nutshell, a commemorative speech aims to unite and influence people to remember and appreciate something. A commemorative speech is delivered on occasions such as anniversaries, funerals, memorial services, and reunions. Moreover, an award acceptance speech is also a form of commemorative address.

Writing a good commemorative speech requires a writer to shed light on the positive and memorable aspects. Learning how to write this speech effectively is essential to leave a lasting impression on people.

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How to Start a Commemorative Speech?

Like any other piece of work, a commemorative speech needs strong planning to be written and delivered effectively. If the planning of the address is strong, the execution of ideas will be powerful.

To start your commemorative speech, take the following steps:

  • 1. Brainstorm Ideas - The first thing to do to start the commemorative speech is to think of ideas to write the address. Keeping in mind the subject, think of significant aspects that are worth discussing.

    To determine the significance, identify 5WH questions. This also helps to develop a commemorative speech topic. If you are writing your speech on a person, choose an activity that portrays value and arouses emotions in the audience.

  • 2. Identify The Purpose - Identify why you are being chosen to pay a tribute and the speech’s purpose. Present all the reasons behind the occasion and personalities involved in your commemorative address.
  • 3. Gather Important Information - Collect major information that justifies the purpose of the commemorative speech. This information in such a speech includes ideas, memories, stories, etc. that are important to share with the audience.

Commemorative Speech Outline

Organizing all the gathered information is essential to make the content understandable. The organization of the information is done by creating an outline. This outline provides a structure for the speech.

A commemorative speech outline has the following parts in which all the information is divided:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

The commemorative speech introduction includes a brief representation of the purpose of the occasion and the speech. The introduction of the address will make it easier for the audience to stay focused.

Following the introduction comes the body of the speech. Arrange information such as ideas, incidents, stories, experiences, and memories significant to share with the audience.

Gradually give all your ideas a closure. It is done by summarizing the significant points to make the audience remember the speech’s central purpose.

Commemorative Speech Outline Template

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How to Write a Commemorative Speech

Once you have all the information and an outline in hand, it is time to start writing your speech. Follow the steps to write a touching commemorative speech:

  1. Begin your commemorative speech by using a catchy hook in the introduction. A hook is an opening sentence of the introductory paragraph. Choose an exciting opening sentence such as a phrase, quotation, or anecdote to grab the audience’s attention.
  2. After writing the hook in the introduction, present the subject and the purpose of your speech. Make sure to keep it interesting and short. This information is given to make the audience familiar with the subject.
  3. For your speech’s body, highlight the subject’s achievements, loyalty, wisdom, remarkable actions, and significance. This can be done by sharing success stories and other experiences.
  4. Try to make the audience empathize with the subject of your speech. Keep in mind that a commemorative speech should have a personal touch. So write from your heart.
  5. Finally, provide a summary of the major points and how the subject influences the audience in the present and future.

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Commemorative Speech Topics

The right topic can bring charm and magic to your speech. No matter what type of special occasion speech you are writing, choosing the right topic is essential. The topic is the first thing that the audience witnesses, so it should be exciting and engaging.

If you fail to come up with an interesting topic, choose from the list of topic ideas provided below:

  • A tribute to a loving spouse
  • A tribute to caring parents
  • The sacrifice of a teacher
  • A perfect example of human courage
  • A human who overcame a challenge
  • Celebrating Islamic values
  • Praising the women’s rights movement
  • Respect makes any relationship better
  • Hard work is the only shortcut to success.
  • Teamwork improves the performance of organizations.
  • Leadership is an innate ability.

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Tips to Write a Commemorative Speech

When writing the speech for the first time, you should know some tips to make the address powerful and compelling. Below are some professional tips to make your speech more effective.

  • The first and foremost thing to do while writing a commemorative speech is to write with all your heart. The words and tone should reflect feelings and a sense of appreciation.
  • Brainstorm topic ideas for your speech. Think of possible topic ideas that best relate to the topic or the personality you deliver your speech from. The best way to decide on a topic is to think of a meaningful memory or a story. After that, reflect it in a few words to develop a topic.
  • Identify and analyze the audience. A successful speech means that your audience was satisfied. So choose a topic that your audience can best relate to.
  • The commemorative speech should have simple words. As the speech is delivered, make sure that every person understands what the speaker is trying to say.
  • Draft it in a way that it is both an interesting and informative speech for the listeners.
  • Avoid looking down at the audience and acknowledge what they already know. With this acknowledgment, share new information and ideas.
  • Your speech should be simple yet well structured.
  • When deciding on a topic, do not just choose some random set of words. Make sure that the topic gives away some kind of message and is full of feelings.
  • You can get the topic ideas from the list provided online. There are a plethora of writing companies such as MyPerfectWords.com that assist in choosing the right topic.

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Commemorative Speech Examples

To make sure that your speech is impressive, take help from the previous commemorative speeches written on the related topics. The examples provided below are perfect for getting an idea for your commemorative speech.

Graduation Ceremony Speech Example

Commemorative Speech Example

Writing an inspiring speech can be tricky. But once you know what you have to write and how to structure it, the process becomes easier. If you find writing speeches difficult, you can always buy a speech written by an expert.

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