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The professional writing we provide is difficult, time-consuming, demands high-level compositional skills, and a dedication to providing you with writing you can stand behind.

MyPerfectWords value pricing is based upon our guiding principle: We promise to deliver to you the best possible academic writing for your project.

Three factors influence our pricing on your project:

(i) Your deadline. We guarantee to meet it or beat it.
(ii) The minimum number of pages required. We never come up short.
(iii) Your academic level. We don’t “under-write” or “over-write”.

Price Per Page
(Approx. 300 words)
High School
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8+ Days $30.00   $15.00 $36.00   $18.00 $41.00   $20.50 $60   $30
6-7 Days $30.00   $15.00 $36.05   $18.25 $42.00   $21.00 $64   $32
4-5 Days $31.00   $15.50 $37.00   $18.50 $43.00   $21.50 $66   $33
3 Days $33.00   $16.50 $38.00   $19.00 $40.05   $22.75 $68   $34
2 Days $37.00   $18.75 $39.00   $19.50 $45.05   $22.75 $70   $35
24 Hours $40.05   $20.25 $43.00   $21.50 $50.05   $25.25         $N/a
12 Hours $42.05   $21.25 $45.00   $22.50 $55.05   $27.75         $N/a

For standard academic projects, we deliver approximately 300 words per page, double-spaced, Times Roman 12pt font.

Other formats (scripts, speeches, PowerPoint, mathematical calculations), per page charges may vary slightly.

Our PROMISE to you:

  • Never a hidden charge or any “upsell”
  • Flexible rates depending upon deadline
  • 100% confidentiality
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 100% originality (plagiarism screening provided)
  • You own the copyright upon final payment
  • Direct communication with your writer
  • Your project delivered to your Account, ready to submit

If your paper matters,
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