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A Complete Essay Introduction Writing Guide With Examples

A Complete Essay Introduction Writing Guide With Examples

Learning how to write an essay introduction is the best start of the essay writing process. The introduction serves the main purpose of getting your readers interested in your topic and encourages them to read further.

It forms the basis of any essay and conveys an overview of the essay to the reader. A successful introduction convinces the reader to read the whole essay.

In this article, you will learn how to write an essay introduction to set the tone for the entire paper.

We also have provided some helpful introduction examples for different types of essays for your help.

The Definition of An Essay Introduction

An essay introduction encompasses the essence of the essay and its most important part. Your introduction should tell the reader what to expect from the assignment. And give a clear idea of what the essay will cover.

Students often find the introductory paragraphs very difficult to write, let alone grab the reader’s attention with their introduction. Starting something is always more difficult than carrying on with something that is in process.

Purpose of the Essay Introduction

You are repeatedly told that the introduction is an important part of the essay. However, it is more important to remember its purpose.

The introduction acts as a blueprint or a road map for your essay. In addition to that, this section introduces the topic and provides necessary background information on it. It is important to learn how to start an essay and give a perspective and direction to your paper.

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How To Write An Essay Introduction

The beginning of the essay sets the tone for the reader. It is essential to know how to write an essay introduction that picks your reader’s interest. And encourages them to read further.

There is no set way of starting an essay. Some people prefer getting started with the essay and write the introduction at the end of the writing process.

Whenever you decide to write the introduction, always focus on your tone and purpose of your essay.

Here is a quick guide on how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay.

  1. Start With A Hook
  2. Background Information
  3. Thesis Statement

Below you can find a detailed description of each step according to the essay introduction structure.

Start With A Hook

Start your essay introduction with an interesting hook statement that should pull the readers in. Here are some expert suggestions on how to create a hook:

  • Start with an interesting fact
  • Share an anecdote
  • Write about a common misconception about your essay topic
  • Start with a rhetorical question

You can also refer to an interesting hook example for writing a captivating start of the essay introduction paragraph.

Background Information

Give the background of your essay topic first and then identify the themes. The introduction always begins with an orientation. It contains statements that show how the topic relates to bigger issues addressed in the next part of the essay.

Thesis Statement

The last part of an introduction is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a brief overview of the entire essay. This demonstrates the fundamental idea and approach of the writer towards the essay topic.

The thesis statement is written at the end of the introductory paragraph.

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The Essay Introduction Structure

Below is the sequence of ideas that an essay introduction should follow:

  1. Background/ definition/ importance
  2. Overview of the claims
  3. Thesis Statement

Essay Introduction Sample

To employ all the elements of an essay format, here is an introduction example paper that you can take help from.

Essay Introduction Sample (PDF)

Essay Introduction Outline

The introductory paragraph serves to hold the whole essay tightly. The introductory paragraph of an essay also has some important elements to be covered properly.

Have a look at the following essay introduction outline and know what typically goes in the introductory paragraph.

Essay Introduction Outline (PDF)

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Essay Introduction Examples

Here are some interesting introduction examples for different types of essays for you to go through and take help from.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

A good argumentative essay introduction is like an opening statement of the court. It involves presenting the facts at hand and the main argumentative approach in a rational and intellectual manner

Here is an argumentative essay introduction example for your help.

The issue of whether we should allow youngsters to smoke is a mounting issue in our society. It is a highly important issue because it concerns basic health and psychological implications on the young population.

A variety of different arguments have been penned down on this issue. This essay will take into account arguments that should be banned or not by the states. It will then put forward reasons for the introduction of laws. Which outlaws these tobacco industries operating at the expense of youngsters.

Persuasive Essay Introduction Example

Writing a persuasive essay introduction is a tricky one. One of the reasons persuasive essay introductions are difficult to write because it is difficult to persuade readers. As an author, you need to apply a subtle approach to your introduction.

Below is a perfect example of a persuasive essay introduction.

Recycling waste material preserves the environment. Recycling programs are present throughout the country. They clean and process garbage and other waste materials to produce useful products. It contains the need to extract more resources from the planet.

Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction Example

The compare and contrast essay introduction analyzes the similarities and differences between two or more subjects. They are often assigned to enhance the student’s critical abilities, analytical reasoning, and academic writing skills. A compare and contrast essay introduction is different in many ways, for instance, it introduces two elements within its first paragraph.

The following is a great introduction for a compare and contrast essay that you can refer to.

A few years ago, before the advent of modern technology, people used traditional means. Telephones and letters were used for communicating over long distances.

Now with the advent of computers, many new tools for communicating have been developed. Video calls, instant messages, and social media have brought people closer.

While the means of communication both in conventional and modern age serve the same purpose. They still differ with regard to their speed and range.

Descriptive Essay Introduction Example

Writing a descriptive essay introduction is easy when you know how and where to place your ideas. A descriptive essay provides a clear image of the topic and conveys a comprehensive understanding of the topic to the reader

Here is an outstanding descriptive essay introduction example for your help.

Many people live in the cities for better life prospects. However, air pollution has taken over cities like a villain. Air pollution is one of the most dangerous forms of pollution.

When people go out to work all they breathe in is smog, sewage, and other contaminants. They harm their immune system and health. The implications of air pollution are alarming. It does not only harm humans but the ecosystem altogether.

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Essay Introduction: Mistakes To Avoid

For a good introduction, here are some mistakes that you should avoid writing in your introductory paragraph.

  • Try to avoid writing a vague introduction or irrelevant details about the topic.
  • Do not provide too much information and facts in the introduction. Simply, present the topic with sufficient information for the reader’s understanding.

Essay Introduction Writing Tips

The following are some expert essay writing tips that you can follow for an interesting introduction.

  • The introduction should grab the reader’s attention and inculcate a sense of curiosity amongst them to read the whole essay.
  • Provide background information. The background gives context to your essay. But the claims, arguments, and information should always be present within the body of the essay.
  • Don’t forget to provide a thesis that is the main argument of the essay.
  • Always leave out irrelevant information and use appropriate language that adds precise information.

Remember essay introduction is very important as it is the first element of an essay outline. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish.

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