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Learn How to Start An Essay In Simple Steps

How to Start an Essay - An Easy Guide

The opening lines of an essay are very important to grab the reader’s attention and persuade them to read until the end. In fact, academic essay writing aims to persuade readers of an idea based on solid evidence.

To engage readers from the start, the introduction of your essay has to accomplish some tasks. In addition to that, this is the part where you need to set up the tone for your essay as well.

There are a couple of ways to learn how to start an essay writing. Below you can find effective ways on how to start off an essay to get the attention of your readers instantly.

How to Start an Essay Introduction?

In academic writing, the only chance to make readers stick to your paper is to start off with an interesting and engaging opening.

Only an opening decides whether your audience will be glued to your essay and read it all or not. Because of this, writing your introduction in a proper and structured way with interesting details is important.

Generally, there are different types of essays such as argumentative essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, analytical essay, and descriptive essay. Just like the types, there are different ways in which an essay can be started for an effective piece of writing.

The introduction says everything about the essay and whether the readers should give their time to reading or not. So the introduction is the most critical part and works as an attention grabber for your essay.

Make your introduction catchy and interesting to both inform and motivate your readers. In order to make your opening of the essay inspiring, use a hook.

If you want to learn how to start an essay about yourself, one key point is to specify the purpose of your paper. In this way, you can make your opening of the essay as compelling as possible.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for a perfect start of an essay.

  1. Start with an interesting hook
  2. Provide background information
  3. Thesis statement

Refer to the following section for a complete description of each step.

Start With an Interesting Hook

An essay hook is an opening statement that strives to grab people’s interest and attention. Always start an essay introduction with a hook to make your essay appealing.

Here are different types of hooks that can be used in your introduction paragraph:

  • Quotation
  • Question
  • Anecdote
  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Statistics
  • Or a random funny statement

What hook to use in your essay totally depends on the topic of your essay. If addressing a serious and sad issue do not use a casual or funny statement. Likewise, if your topic is casual and humorous try to open your essay lightly and casually.

You can also go through an interesting hook example and learn how to start a paragraph with interesting hooks.

As mentioned earlier, hooks and opening statements can be of multiple types and can be used according to the topic of your essay. Start your essay using these hooks and openers to make your essay leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Provide Background Information

Another ingredient to add in the introduction is the background information about the topic of your essay.

After you have decided on your hook, comes the part where you have to provide the background information. The background information is provided to make your audience familiar with the topic and the main argument.

Providing background knowledge in the introduction is not as easy as it seems. You have to make yourself stop to share excess information in the introductory paragraph. This will bore your audience and they will stop reading for sure.

Just slightly give an idea about your topic and move on. You should not spoil the surprise coming for readers in the body paragraphs.

Compose a Thesis Statement

The last component of an introduction is the thesis statement. It is a 1-2 line sentence statement that sums up the main concept and an argument of your essay topic.

A thesis statement is considered as a road map of your essay and provides your reader with a direction to follow. It is a sentence that comes in your introduction to explain your main argument to the audience.

The rest of the paragraphs that come before the conclusion is the body of your essay and contains all the reasons and shreds of evidence that support and back your thesis statement.

It is preferable that you not choose the cliche and mainstream information in your thesis statement. Readers already know that, so try to present new information and facts that will inspire and interest your readers.

Once you are done with your introduction, the next step is to construct the main body of the essay that will contain all the information and detailed explanations of your stance which will be followed by a conclusion.

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How to Start an Essay With a Quote

A hook in the form of a quotation can be used as an opening statement as well. In this, a quotation is used to explain and give an idea of the relevant topic. It is important to keep in mind that the quotation should be obtained from a credible and reliable source.

In order to make your point of view clear and what your personal opinion is to the readers, explain the quote in your body paragraphs to solve the conundrum in your audience’s head.

In order to put a quote in the start of an essay, here are some expert tips for your help.

  • Avoid adding frequently used quotes that are familiar to everyone
  • Explain how the quote relates to your main point
  • Select a quote that your target audience can easily understand and relate to

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How to Start an Essay With a Question

The easiest way to start an introduction is to ask a question from your readers to immediately engage them. Asking questions gives an image of one-on-one conversation which is super effective.

Seeing a question first will make your audience look for the answer in the content.

Starting an essay with a rhetorical question is a good kick start as such a type of beginning is attractive to readers.

If you start with an intriguing question to which the answer is not clear then you should provide the answer within the text. Keep in mind that the rhetorical question does not require any specific reply.

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How to Start an Essay With a Fact

Including an interesting fact or statistics in your introduction helps you to take hold of your readers. Everyone gets entertained by the interesting and fun facts as they provide the context and background information of the topic.

For serious issues that are global, you can present shocking statistics or news to instantly grab your reader’s attention.

Choose facts and figures from credible and trustworthy sources to answer your question and prove why your viewpoint is correct.

Starting an essay with a shocking fact from a credible source is an effective way to start an essay followed by the explanations to convince the readers.

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How to Start an Essay With an Anecdote

Another interesting way to start an essay is with a brief anecdote. It is about setting a short story in the start to show how it reveals the important features of your theme.

This hook is appropriate to use if you are writing descriptive or narrative essays. The anecdote should be short, simple, and to the point. Make sure it relates to the central idea of your essay.

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How to Start an Essay Examples

The first paragraph of the essay is the most important part that determines whether the reader is going to read your paper till the end or not.

Looking at intro examples for different types of essays can help you understand how to grab the reader’s interest from the beginning.

Refer to these examples of how to start an essay and better understand how to compose strong opening lines.

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Mistakes to Avoid for a Perfect Start of an Essay

If the beginning is right and interesting, the chances are that your essay will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

Here are a few things that should be avoided for writing a great essay introduction.

  • If you want your starting and intro of the essay unique and amusing, try to avoid adding a monotonous definition in the first line of your essay. This will be boring and the audience will predict the entire essay.
  • Generic introductions are also boring and unamusing for the readers. Make your introductions short yet remarkable to grab your reader's interest for the entire time.
  • Don’t introduce the main purpose of your assignment in the start. It is a good idea to provide such information in between the lines without specifying the main goal of the paper.

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