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Useful Tips for Students on How to Make an Essay Longer

Useful Tips for Students on How to Make an Essay Longer

High school and college students have to deal with essay writing throughout their academic careers. They have to submit several essays and papers to fulfill the requirements of a course. One of the major elements of an essay is the minimum word count.

Writing a high-quality and good paper incorporating all the professor’s instructions is not easy. While researching and writing a paper feels like ages, you have not reached the required page count yet. So, you need to get creative to hit the requirements.

Don’t worry if essay writing feels like a daunting and challenging task. We have some amazing tricks to help you elongate your essay, so you can freely move on to other essential things.

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How to Make an Essay Longer?

There are several tips that students can follow to make an essay seem longer in the right way. These tips are like magic tricks to reach the required word count. Meeting the paper length and word requirement is essential to getting good grades. It also shows the professor that you have followed the given instructions for college papers.

Many students struggle with essay and paper writing and meeting deadlines. It becomes daunting when they have to juggle multiple papers and exams. In a pinch, they have to rely on tricks like adding extra spaces and increasing the font size. These tricks are easier and smarter ways to increase the paper length quickly.

However, meeting the minimum word count and page limit should not be an agonizing process. Here, you can find smart tricks to make your essay longer in a better way.

1. Include All Essential Information

Before you indulge in writing an essay, make a rubric for arranging your information. It will help you ensure that you have included everything in the essay. When you are writing your essay, look at the rubric to make sure that you have not skipped anything.

When you are writing in a flow, there are chances that you miss a section focused on the counter-arguments. This could be the possible reason that your paper is shorter than the requirement. A rubric will help you remember the missing element and include it in the essay or research paper.

2. Get More Descriptive about Everything

Try to be very descriptive about everything. Instead of writing “The beautiful blue eyes of Persian Cats,” write “The ocean-strong, shinny, bright, amazingly innocent, and expressive blue eyes of an elegantly beautiful Persian cat.” This will lengthen your essay and show your creativity in describing things.

It also helps you make a good impression on your professor's mind and show him that you have creative writing skills. The motive is increasing the word count and writing a good quality essay that enables you to score a good grade.

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3. Ditch the Contraction

It is important to understand that writing contractions do not seem formal. So if you are filling up your paper with ‘can’t,’ and ‘don’t,’ switch them out with ‘cannot’ and ‘do not.’ Write out contractions wherever possible. It not only increases the length of your paper but also gives a professional look.

4. Use Quotations

When you write a well-researched paper, you are highly likely to add relevant quotes and famous sayings. It is an easy and simple way to add extra information to your paper, making it lengthy. However, make sure that your paper is not only quoting other writers as it is not a good practice.

There should be a sufficient balance between your original content and other quotations. It will add up the content to your essay and allow you to show that other writers also agree with your views. If you are short on words, reread your essay and see where you can add a valuable quote.

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5. Add Transitional Words and Phrases

A natural and creative way to lengthen your essay is to include transitional phrases to jump from one idea to another. Not only will this increase the length of your paper, but it also helps you present your information in a logical flow. It also ensures the correct structure and flow of sentences and allows your reader to follow your thoughts.

Professors also look for transitional words linking sentences to each other like “however,” “although,” “therefore,” “in fact.” Read through your essay and make sure the sentences flow smoothly into each other. If they are not, include suitable transitional words to create a clear and concise narrative.

6. Use Multiple Examples and Supporting Evidence

Supporting evidence and examples add length and make a good impact and strengthen your argument. Add as many examples as required to support your argument and add depth to your essay topic. If you have already quoted an example to explain a given point, do some research and find an extra example to support your claim.

7. Play With the Font

The font size and style also play a vital role in making your essay seem longer. Choose a larger font like Courier New or Arial.

However, do not choose a very large font. It will make your teacher notice that you try to make your essay look longer. Without being noticeable, make adjustments to the font size.

8. Manipulate Margins and Spacing

Another clever trick is to manipulate the margin and spacing of the paper. If your teacher asks you to add single or double spacing, try increasing it by one or two points. For example, use 2.2 spacing instead of 2.

Similarly, increase the margin size from all sides of the paper. If your teacher requires a 1-inch margin, try increasing it to 1.25 inches. However, make sure the increase is not noticeably visible.

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9. Expand the Content

Expand your content by breaking up the longer paragraphs. If a minimum page count is your concern, increasing line spacing and splitting up the long paragraphs is an easy trick to do so. Increasing the space between the words is another smart way to meet the minimum page count without making your essay unreadable.

10. Spell Out Numbers

Another good tip that adds to your word count is spelling out a number less than 10. For example, write “two” instead of “2” and “five” instead of “5,” and the same goes with other numbers as well. This way, one character becomes four or five characters.

Now that you know the tricks to lengthen your essay, meeting the minimum word limit requirement should no longer be challenging. However, if you still need help writing a long and good-quality essay, you can contact us.

Once you are done writing your essay, make sure to proofread and revise it to make a better final draft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an essay longer without adding words?

Here are some ways that help you to make an essay longer without adding words.

  • Use a large font
  • Change the margin size
  • Make the space larger

How to make an essay longer with words?

The following are the steps that make your essay longer with words.

  • Include quotes
  • Expand your intro and ending
  • Use large words and sentences

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