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What are the 4 Types of Sentences - Definition & Examples

Types of Sentences - A Complete Guide With Examples

There are different types of sentences in writing that are used for different purposes. Knowing about the different types of sentences helps you to understand and ease the essay writing process.

Types of sentences according to the structure are simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. And when we categorize types of sentences according to the function or purpose they serve. We get four types of sentences: interrogative/question, imperative/command, declarative/statement, and exclamatory.

Let’s learn more about these types, shall we?

But first, let's start with the basics.

What Is A Sentence?

A sentence is the main unit of any language. It always starts with a capital letter and ends with a period (.), exclamation point (!), or question mark (?).

Generally, a the sentence is defined as a combination of words used to express an idea by giving a statement, asking a question, or exclaiming.

A sentence contains the following elements:

  • A subject
  • A predicate

A subject declares what the sentence is about or what is the topic of the sentence. A predicate shows what is being said about the subject.

A sentence must contain at least a subject and a verb.

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Different Types of Sentences

No idea how many types of sentences are there?

In writing and speaking, we use different sentences to express our thoughts. Here we will discuss the four types of sentences categorized on the basis of their purpose. To communicate clearly in English, it is important to understand the function of each type so you can make the right choice of sentence.

Declarative Sentence

The most common sentence type, declarative sentences are used to make a statement or express an opinion and always end with a period.

Declarative Sentence Examples

  • I want to be a chef.
  • My friend is really a good singer.
  • We own a dog.
  • My husband loves eating cookies in the morning.
  • I love cupcakes.

Interrogative Sentence

Interrogative sentences ask questions or are used to interrogate. These are the direct questions that start mostly with ‘why’ or ‘how’ and end with a question mask.

Interrogative Sentence Examples

  • Whose cat is that?
  • What is your favorite pizza topping?
  • What time will you finish your homework?
  • Why did she arrive late?
  • Do you like coffee?

Imperative Sentence

Imperative sentences give a command and are also known as command sentences. These sentences are used to tell someone to do something by issuing a command and always end with a period or an exclamation mark.

Imperative Sentence Examples

  • Don’t ever call me a cheater.
  • Have a cup of coffee.
  • Please stop!
  • Consider the pink dress.
  • Get out!

Exclamatory Sentence

Exclamatory sentences are used to express emotions and always end with an exclamation mark.

Exclamatory Sentence Examples

  • What a thug he is!
  • Wow, he won the lottery!
  • That popcorn is not for you!
  • Happy birthday, Anna!
  • Let’s see how fast you run!

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Types Of Sentences Exercise

Read the following examples and identify what types of sentences these are:

  1. Feel free to call me later.
  2. Will he be late?
  3. The trip was amazing!
  4. I like climbing.
  5. Read this article now.


  1. Imperative
  2. Interrogative
  3. Exclamatory
  4. Declarative
  5. Imperative

Now you know what are the different types of sentences. I hope this short guide also helps you to get familiar with the other types of sentences: compound, complex, simple, and compound-complex. Keep in mind that too many simple sentences of the same kind will be tedious for the reader.

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