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Good Persuasive Speech Examples for Students

Good Persuasive Speech Examples for Students

Persuasive speech is a type of speech in which the speaker tries to persuade the audience with his point of view. Persuasive speech writing might seem difficult for you, but if you have a writing guide and examples with you, you can easily write a good speech.

Below you can find some amazing examples that guide you on how to write a great persuasive speech.

Good Persuasive Speech Examples

A persuasive speech is given to persuade the audience to act in a certain way or to support a specific idea or thought. To persuade your audience to agree with what you are saying, you need to structure your speech properly. And for that, you need to choose a topic, craft an outline, and write a good speech.

Picking a topic for a persuasive speech and then creating a great speech is crucial. But if you have some good persuasive speech examples, you can easily get through the persuasive speech writing process.

Below you can find several examples that will help you in the persuasive speech writing process. Get help from these examples and save yourself time.

Persuasive Speech Outline Examples

The standard persuasive speech outline is just like the basic persuasive essay outline. It consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. A persuasive speech outline will help you in writing a great persuasive speech.

Here is a persuasive speech outline example to help you craft a perfect outline.

How to Start a Persuasive Speech Examples

After hours of writing and practicing, here comes a time of delivering the speech. As soon as you start your speech, you notice that people are talking to each other, checking their phones, changing seats, doing everything but paying attention to you.

Why is that?

That might be because of your boring and mundane start of the speech. The beginning of your speech decides how long the audience will tune into your speech. If you don’t get them interested in your speech right from the start, there are few chances that they will pay attention to your message.

Here are five effective ways to kick start your speech:

  • Start With a Famous Quote

    Opening with a famous and relevant quote helps you make a good impression on the audience’s mind. It helps you set the tone for the rest of your speech.

    For example: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” – Patrick Henry

  • Ask a Rhetorical Question

    Asking a rhetorical question at the beginning of your speech arouses the audience's curiosity. Whenever someone is posed with a question, whether asked for an answer or not, that person intuitively answers.

    For example: “Do you want to be a failure for the rest of your life?”

  • Make a Shocking Statement

    You can start with a shocking statement by keeping the audience guessing what you are about to say next. A shocking or interesting statement gets people immediately involved and listening to your every word.

    For example: “A scream comes across the sky.” – Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow.

  • Create a ‘what If’ Scenario

    This method is quite more effective than other methods. Asking a ‘what if’ question makes the audience follow your thought process. They immediately start thinking about what could be the answer to your ‘what if’ scenario.

    For example: “What if we don’t wake up tomorrow? How different are we today?”

  • Use a Surprising Statistic

    A personalized and surprising statistic that resonates with your audience helps you get your message across right away. Real shocking statistics have the potential to trigger the audience’s emotional appeal.

    For example: “The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” – William Gibson, Neuromancer.

By following any of these tricks, you can easily grab the audience’s attention every time.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech - Examples

Persuasive speech writing is an interesting task if you know how to do it. This sample guide will help you write an amazing speech that persuades the audience with your ideas.

Persuasive Speech Examples for Middle School Students

Speech writing and speech competition are very common in public schools. It helps teachers to check the student’s creative writing and public speaking skills. Check out the persuasive speech examples given below.

Persuasive Speech Examples for Middle School

Persuasive Speech Examples for Students

Short Persuasive Speech Examples

5-minute or 3-minute persuasive speech examples are very helpful for learning short speeches. The following short persuasive speech example will let you know how you can completely cover your information in a few minutes.

Funny Persuasive Speech Examples

Persuasive speeches are thought to be serious and boring, but they can be funny as well. Here is an example of a funny persuasive speech for your convenience.

Motivational Persuasive Speech Examples

A motivational speech is a type of persuasive speech where the speaker intended to motivate the audience.

Below is a motivational persuasive speech example that helps you understand how you can motivate your audience through a persuasive speech.

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Persuasive Speech Topics

Choosing a strong persuasive speech idea is as important as writing a good speech. Here are some amazing persuasive speech topics for your convenience.

  • Bunnies make the best pets.
  • Traffic police should not chase a car.
  • Do college athletes be paid enough?
  • Medical drugs should not be tested on animals.
  • Women should be paid equal to men.
  • A persuasive essay is difficult to write.
  • Girls cheat more than boys.
  • Why do youngsters need to avoid fast food?
  • Tourism should be free.
  • Parents should be allowed to choose the sex of their unborn child.

These topics make a great persuasive speech, choose one idea, and write a great speech.

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