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List of Demonstration Speech Ideas for Students

List of Demonstration Speech Ideas for Students

Speech writing is an interesting process as long as you know how to write a good speech. If you don’t have good critical thinking and creative writing skills, then informative speech writing could be a daunting task for you.

The first step to writing an award-winning speech is to choose a good and effective speech topic.

Check out our list of amazing topic ideas for demonstration speech and choose one for your next speech competition.

What is a Demonstration Speech?

Before you see the topic list, let’s learn what a demonstration speech is. It will help you choose a perfect topic for your demonstration speech.

According to the definition:

“The demonstration speech is a type of informative speech where the speaker’s primary purpose is to teach the audience how to complete a task.”

A demonstration speech is the simplest and easiest type of speech, among other types of informative speeches. It is totally based on telling or showing how to perform a task efficiently. The goals could be numerous i.e.

  • How does the machine work?
  • Teach the audience how to use a product?
  • Demonstrating a process of something while using the visual aid etc.

To deliver a good speech, the first thing that you need is a great topic. Let’s see how you can choose a topic for your demonstration speech.

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How to Choose a Topic For a Demonstration Speech?

You might have plenty of processes or step by step guides in mind that would be valuable for others to know. But that doesn’t mean that any topic you choose will be a perfect topic for your circumstances. You must consider the following tips while choosing a demonstration speech topic.

  • Something Interesting: Choosing something that is not just interesting for you but your targeted audience as well.
  • Consider your Audience: Audience analysis is really important to deliver a persuasive speech i.e. you can’t talk about politics in front of middle school students. They won’t understand anything, or they have the least interest in listening to you.
  • Time duration: Never underestimate the value of time. Choose your topic according to the time limit. If you choose a broad topic for 5 min speech, you won’t be able to cover the topic completely. And eventually, you’ll fail to deliver a good quality speech.

Keep these tips in mind while choosing a topic for the demonstration speech. They will help you pick a perfect topic for your demonstration speech.

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Good Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas

  • Soap carving tips
  • How to decorate a Christmas tree?
  • How to make a presentation in powerpoint?
  • How to build a sandcastle?
  • How to learn skydiving?
  • Useful tips to barbeque
  • Easy steps to learn salsa
  • How to become an expert horse rider?
  • How to dress up for Halloween?
  • How to make customized cakes?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related To Technology

  • How to build a website?
  • How to create an email account?
  • Usage of multimedia projector
  • How to use an iPhone - a beginners guide
  • Benefits of advanced technology
  • Demonstrate how technological advancement has made our life comfortable?
  • How to install WordPress?
  • How to use Microsoft Word?
  • How to add widgets into WordPress?
  • Discuss the advancement of computer science.

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Demonstration Speech Ideas for Middle School

  • How to write an essay?
  • How to count the stars?
  • How to complete homework in 20 minutes?
  • How to decorate easter eggs?
  • How to build a snowman?
  • X easy steps to train a dog
  • The difference between an orange and an apple
  • What is Covid 19?
  • How to draw a monkey?
  • X ways to solve a Rubik's cube easily.

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Hobbies

  • What is your favorite hobby?
  • Why are hobbies important?
  • The importance of hobbies
  • What are some cool hobbies?
  • Why should we not convert our hobbies into our profession?
  • What do you do to keep yourself happy in your leisure time?
  • How to make exercise your favorite hobby?
  • What do you do to enjoy the weekend?
  • How do you stay motivated in the midst of difficult times?
  • How to spare time for hobbies?

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Demonstration Speech Ideas for High School

  • X steps to edit the picture in 3D paint
  • How to register for voting?
  • How to read and understand the french language?
  • The difference between school and college life
  • How to prepare a play for a farewell night?
  • X steps to write an article
  • X breakdance skills everybody should learn
  • How to build a hutch for bunnies?
  • How to complete reading a book in X days?
  • Step by step guide to writing a poem

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Life

  • How to be an obedient child?
  • Why should we avoid lying to our parents?
  • How to save money?
  • What is the real meaning of life?
  • What is the basic purpose of life?
  • X ways to be happier
  • X tips to beat insomnia
  • How to be successful in life?
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety?
  • How to organize a wardrobe in 10 minutes?

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Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

  • X basic wildlife survival skills
  • What is the locust in the bible?
  • How to write an impressive college admission essay?
  • How to impress the literature teacher with an incredible story?
  • How to get votes for a student council president?
  • What makes a man perfect?
  • X simple sequence of steps to decorate a room
  • X steps to become an expert PowerPoint user
  • What is graffiti?
  • How to write a research paper?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Business

  • How to start a small business from home?
  • What is digital marketing?
  • How to finish a project within a given deadline?
  • What are the most successful small businesses?
  • Best business ideas for beginners
  • Characteristics of a successful businessman
  • What are the four major types of business?
  • What is the best business to earn money fast?
  • X ways to become a millionaire
  • How to convert your hobby into a career?

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5-minute Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • Benefits of stretching
  • X basic steps to edit a picture in photoshop
  • How to apply makeup?
  • How to swing a golf club?
  • How to fly a kite?
  • How to write a persuasive speech?
  • How to improve public speaking skills?
  • How to identify your target audience for your youtube channel?
  • How to create a Facebook page?
  • How to apply for high school admission?

Short Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • X basic table manners
  • How to make a tasty french toast?
  • How to lose weight safely and never gain weight ever again?
  • How to prepare for a job interview?
  • How to learn salsa in a week?
  • How to make a video for youtube?
  • How to upload a picture on Facebook?
  • How to make DIY jewelry?
  • How to make sushi?
  • How to become a musician?

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Easy Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to teach a parrot to talk?
  • How to write an informative speech?
  • How to train your emotional support animal?
  • X simple steps to create an Instagram account
  • How to DIY greeting cards?
  • How to make a perfect rose bouquet?
  • How to use a telescope?
  • Tips for memorizing lectures fast
  • How to build a treehouse?
  • How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to the Visual Aid

  • What is the purpose of visual information and visual media?
  • What is a visual aid in a presentation?
  • How does visual aid help in speech?
  • X characteristics of a useful visual aid
  • X types of visual media
  • Why are visuals important?
  • How to improve visual communication skills?
  • How do humans process visual information?
  • What makes a good visual aid?
  • What are the sources of visual information?

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Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Food

  • How to make scrambled eggs?
  • How to bake Italian pizza?
  • How to make 2-minute instant noodles?
  • How to make soup?
  • How to make Dalgona coffee?
  • How to bake a cake in the cooker?
  • Why should we eat healthy food?
  • How to make restaurant-style Thai fish?
  • How to lose weight while eating more?
  • The best Chinese restaurant in town

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Health

  • How to do yoga?
  • Benefits of squats
  • How to keep yourself healthy while eating less?
  • What food should a diabetes patient avoid?
  • How to maintain your blood pressure?
  • How to get health insurance?
  • The fundamentals of weight loss training?
  • Why are compound exercises better than simple exercises?
  • What are the benefits of Pilates and yoga?
  • How is obesity related to other health problems?

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Funny Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to ditch your girlfriend?
  • How to deliver a funny speech?
  • How to become a monster?
  • How to take on a food challenge with confidence?
  • How to make a joke in a serious situation?
  • How to tell some to get lost in a funny way?
  • How to lie and not get caught?
  • How to have fun in the examination hall?
  • How to convince your professor that you’ll complete your assignment at home?
  • How to prepare for a test you forgot all about?

Cool Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to write an award-winning speech?
  • How to ace a test?
  • How to work from home?
  • How to choose a topic for a descriptive essay?
  • How to whistle?
  • How to edit a WordPress theme and make it your own?
  • How to decorate a wedding cake?
  • How to beatbox?
  • How to fight depression?
  • How to create a business plan?

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Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to ride a bike?
  • How to become a good singer?
  • How to train a lion to be a pet
  • How to make a perfect cup of tea in 5 steps?
  • How to build an incredible aquarium?
  • How to lie with a poker face?
  • How to land on a moon?
  • How to catch a fish?
  • How to skateboard?
  • Demonstrate how a solar eclipse looks like?

Demonstration Speech Ideas Related to Agriculture

  • The accurate way to sow the plant seeds
  • How to protect crops from locusts?
  • Why should we water the plant only in the evening?
  • How to grow a mango tree?
  • How to make a greenhouse?
  • How to keep plants alive while on vacation?
  • Common flower garden mistakes that we should avoid
  • X ways to keep your garden healthy
  • Home remedies for plant foods
  • X tips to keep your indoor plant alive while being away

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Unique Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to investigate an airplane’s black box?
  • How to deal with public speaking anxiety?
  • How to become a magician?
  • How to hypnotize people?
  • How to become a pro at using chopsticks?
  • Fight anxiety with five easy steps
  • How does depression ruin our relationships?
  • How to settle in an office as a new employee?
  • How to run a profitable business in Canada?
  • Ten steps to a successful baking business

Simple Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to become a film director?
  • How to make french braid?
  • How to make pasta quickly?
  • Useful tips to keep in mind while cooking
  • How to dress like barbie?
  • How to cheat in an exam?
  • How to change a baby’s diaper?
  • How to breakdance?
  • How to burn clothes?
  • How to use a powerpoint?

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How to Write a Demonstration Speech?

Here are the basic steps to write a good demonstration speech:

  1. Know the specific purpose and determine the central idea of your speech.
  2. Determine your target audience and choose a unique topic.
  3. Do thorough research to collect the updated information from credible sources.
  4. Craft a demonstration speech outline to organize and logically connect the information.
  5. Follow the required speech format and structure your information properly.
  6. Read some famous informative speech examples. They will help you learn how to craft a good and effective speech.
  7. Write an effective and attention-grabbing introduction.
  8. Provide a detailed step by step process and make sure your audience can easily follow you.
  9. Once you are done writing, review your speech. Rearrange the steps, if required.
  10. Do the needed editing and formatting.

Until now, you definitely have picked a topic for your demonstration speech, but if you are still confused, you can take professional help.

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