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Free Expository Essay Examples For Students

Expository Essay Examples

While writing an expository essay, you need to examine your chosen subject thoroughly. The expository essay writing process requires you to investigate your selected subject, analyze its evidence, and present a detailed report.

There are 6 different types of expository writing, which are very common. These are definition essay, classification essay, process essay, cause & effect essay, problem solution, and compare & contrast essay. Newspaper articles, Journals, and essays that define and explain a particular topic demonstrate expository essay writing.

Here we have given some fabulous expository essay examples to help you learn how to write a flawless expository essay. Read on and learn to write an amazing essay for your school or college assignment.

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Expository Essay Examples

The expository essay requires you to investigate an idea, present evidence to make the idea clear for the reader. This type of essay requires knowledge, in-depth research, investigation & analysis skills.

The main goal of expository essay writing is to explain and describe a particular subject in detail. The purpose of this essay is to clear all the confusion and make the idea clear for the reader. The expository essay is a genre of essay that is similar to a descriptive essay.

While writing an expository essay, you might face difficulties in formatting and logically connecting your information. Below we have presented some amazing examples to help you learn how to write and organize an expository essay.

Expository Essay Outline Examples

Whenever you write an essay, the first thing you should do is to craft an essay outline. The outline gives a shape to your essay and keeps you organized. Here are some good expository essay outline examples that you can follow to outline your essay.

Short Expository Essay Examples

As we have discussed above, expository essay writing requires you to describe and explain a particular subject in detail. It is quite difficult to do with a few words. Here is a short expository essay example that demonstrates how to explain a topic in a short number of words.

Expository Essay Example for Middle School

Here are some amazing expository essay examples for middle school students to master the art of expository essay writing.

Expository Essay Examples for High School

Check out the expository essay examples for high school students to know the basic elements of this essay.

Expository Essay Examples for College

Below are some amazing college expository essay examples.

How to Write Expository Essay - Example

While writing an expository essay, you need to follow a proper procedure. So that you can easily present your information and evidence in a logical sequence. Here is a step by step process of how to write an expository essay:

  1. Choose a good expository essay topic that turns into an informative essay.
  2. Brainstorm for different ideas and create an outline.
  3. Write the introduction paragraph.
    • Start your introductory paragraph with an eye-catching hook statement.
    • Provide a brief background of your topic to make the idea clear for the reader.
    • Craft an informative thesis statement that provides a complete idea of your essay.
  4. Write the body paragraph.
    • Start the body paragraph with a topic sentence, which is the main idea of the paragraph.
    • Provide authentic evidence that supports your topic as well as the thesis statement.
    • Smoothly transition to the next paragraph.
  5. Write a conclusion.
    • Start the conclusion paragraph by reasserting your thesis statement.
    • Give a summary of the essay.
    • Provide a call to action and close the discussion.
  6. Proofread and edit.
    • Proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling mistakes and check if the information is presented in a proper sequence.
    • Write several drafts and edit your essay as many times as required to make it free of errors.

Here is a template of how to write an expository essay; you can also take help from it. This template contains a detailed expository essay writing guide, which will help you write an amazing essay.

Expository Essay Structure Example

The structure is the most essential thing to make your essay stand out. Whenever you write an essay you need to follow a proper format to present your information in a logical sequence. The typical 5 paragraph essay consists of 1 introduction, 3 body, and 1 conclusion paragraph.

Below we have given an expository essay structure example to help you learn how to structure an expository essay. Take help from it and structure your essay properly.

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