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Cause and Effect Essay Topics - 150+ Ideas by Experts

Cause and Effect Essay Topics - 100+ Ideas by Experts

Understanding the essay prompts is the key factor when it comes to choosing a great essay topic. The same is the case while writing a cause and effect essay. It is the easiest type of research paper that you can write within hours.

Here, the main aim is to establish a causal relationship between something. While choosing a topic for your cause and effect essay, select the theme that you are passionate about. Also, make sure you choose a topic that is important to you.

Good paper topics can make your essay more successful. Similarly, speaking your heart and mind out will also bring your writing to the next level. It will further create a positive and long-lasting effect on the reader.

However, if you are confused about choosing an interesting idea, seek professional guidance from MyPerfectWords.com. Our qualified essay writers have compiled some easy sample topics for you to write amazing cause and effect papers.

How To Choose A Cause and Effect Essay Topic?

The cause and effect essay is based on a specific scenario where one event causes effects to the other. The main objective while writing a cause and effect essay is to explain the results or reasons for particular events.

Most professors provide a general theme and expect the students to come up with their own topic idea. Here, a writer needs to determine a scenario that leads to another event.

Similarly, you can also write a topic in the form of a question that shows the connection between cause and effect. Keep in mind, a good essay topic defines the causes and effects.

Here are some of the tips that will help you choose a unique cause and effect essay topic.

  • Brainstorm to get amazing ideas and perspectives from a general theme.
  • Narrow down a large topic to a very specific scenario or action.
  • Conduct thorough research to think about an effect that is caused by the event.
  • Stick to a particular angle of the theme that interests you the most.
  • Connect the theme with your personal life and past experiences.
  • Also, identify how the point of view can affect the future scenario.
  • Set a precise and clear title for your cause and effect essay.

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Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics for 2020

Below is a list of some good cause and effect essay topics for you to write a perfect essay.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics For 2nd Grade

  • What are the effects of not getting up early in the morning?
  • Discuss the causes of no homework policy for kindergarten kids.
  • Explain the negative effects of terrorism on education.
  • What are the causes of the success of Disney cartoons and movies?
  • What are the effects of playing violent video games?
  • How watching girlish cartoons can affect the personality of the boys?
  • Explain the effects of keeping a pet at home.
  • Discuss why some teachers are favourite for students.
  • Why do kids love their parents?
  • Why do girls enjoy playing with their fathers?
  • Discuss the causes of the Civil War.
  • Explain the effects of WWI.
  • What are the negative effects of eating junk food?
  • Discuss the major reason behind the increasing crime rates in Europe.
  • What causes poverty?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics Middle School

  • Explain to a genie why he should grant you the wish.
  • Explain your need to change clothes with the changes in weather.
  • What will happen if a person in your house stops doing chores?
  • Pretend technology has disappeared forever. What will be the real picture?
  • Explain the impact of standardized testing on the 4th-grade student.
  • How sibling rivalry is caused?
  • Explain how vacations affect families which take them together.
  • Explain a book that affected your life.
  • What are the primary effects of poverty on girls?
  • Explain how sugary foods affect attention.
  • What are the impacts of young children using mobile phones in college?
  • What are the effects of peer pressure on elementary students?
  • Describe the impact of having a family pet.
  • Describe the impact of eating junk food on a regular basis.
  • Explain what causes adults to enjoy animated movies in the same way children do.

Cause and Effect Topics High School

  • School uniforms make the students disciplined.
  • Video games may boost IQ.
  • The promotion of bicycles will reduce heavy traffic jams in cities.
  • Family relations can be improved by cell phone.
  • Social media is the perfect place for teens to socialize themselves.
  • Living together before marriage makes the relationship much better.
  • Causes and effects of illegal immigration.
  • Going to college helps people to have happier marriages and make better choices.
  • Developed communication skills assist families to foster healthy relationships.
  • Wives always hate their husbands’ relationships with other females.
  • Sexism’s role in modern society.
  • Impact of charter schools on the educational system.
  • Parent involvement in a child’s education: Causes & effects.
  • Bullying and its effects on mental health.
  • Why do many students believe homework is useless?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

  • How cell phones impact communication among people?
  • Causes of using a tablet over the computer for browsing the web.
  • Effects of retirement age on baby boomers.
  • What are the effects of online shopping and does it motivate people to shop more?
  • Effects of increased usage of mobile phones in businesses.
  • What are the causes of a video game to be popular among a certain community?
  • Causes for purchases of phone plans or unlimited data.
  • Effects of social media on relationships.
  • Effects of tablets on young children.
  • Effects of mobile phone usage in classrooms and institutes.
  • What are the primary effects of using technology by college students?
  • What are the effects of standardized testing on students’ decisions to pursue further education?
  • What are the causes and effects of providing advanced classes in school days?
  • Does the usage of technology help understand complex topics better?
  • Is homeschooling proving to be more productive than charter schools?

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Causes and effects of making laugh at the brand’s drummers.
  • Uploading the wrong photograph to Instagram.
  • Causes of Harry Potter replacing Lord of the Rings and the impacts of this change.
  • Never miss a match- watch online.
  • Is having a larger social circle on Facebook an indication of being famous?
  • Things to ease the pain when the battery gets low outside.
  • Become a successful entrepreneur by selling funny items.
  • Things to make a student laugh out loud.
  • Why can’t another popular engine be established like Google?
  • Why would you mix Coke and Pepsi at breakfast?
  • Implications of an expensive lifestyle.
  • People who play popular video games are smarter.
  • Why is water vital to the body?
  • How your IQ is linked to your hair colour?
  • How relevant is the invention of toilet paper?

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Impact of pollution.
  • Effects of the Civil Rights movement.
  • The causes of rapid changes in oceans.
  • Causes and effects of the popularity of junk food and fast-food restaurants.
  • Influence of the internet on kids.
  • The popularity of sports in the United States.
  • Effects of sports on children
  • Alcohol and nervous system.
  • Growing up with a single parent
  • Effect of bullying on school children.
  • Politics of Putin against the neighbouring states.
  • Dating in schools.
  • What is the cause of women engaging in destructive relationships?
  • Dangers of earthquakes.
  • Impact of stress on mental health.

Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Causes of a significant fall in the number of students in college libraries.
  • How can institutes produce better A–level students?
  • What is the effect of a physical education program on college students?
  • How can a civil war occur in modern society?
  • What is causing college students to feel greater anxiety?
  • Growing and living in poverty.
  • Effects of drug abuse on health and nervous systems.
  • What are the effects of war in Syria on the United States?
  • What are the impacts of smoking on a pregnant mother?
  • The causes and effects of telling lies.
  • Causes of divorce.
  • What is the impact of genetically engineered food?
  • What causes racism?
  • What causes a person to act politely with others?
  • What are the effects of homeschooling?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Mental Health

  • Explain the causes of post-traumatic stress disorder in the armed forces.
  • Discuss the causes of anxiety in young teens.
  • What are the effects of divorce on the mental health of minors?
  • Emotional problems can affect the immune system.
  • Broken relationships can cause mental stress.
  • Continuous mental stress can affect the sleeping pattern.
  • Unemployment can cause psychological issues.
  • How social anxiety is affecting youth?
  • How does troubled family relationships lead to suicide among youngsters?
  • Excessive academic assignments can cause depression.
  • How a happier life can cause great physique?
  • The negative effect of abusive relationships on a child’s mental health.
  • What causes depression among elders?
  • Abortions and miscarriages can cause severe stress and anxiety.
  • How pregnancy can cause stress?

Medical Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Eating excessive fast food can influence the energy levels of an individual.
  • Junk food can cause the risk of child obesity.
  • High blood pressure can cause heart attacks
  • Pollution can cause lung diseases.
  • Overeating can result in poor digestion.
  • Obesity can cause joint problems.
  • How does a lack of food affect our physical health?
  • How acne can affect a teenager’s life?
  • Effects of poor diet on health.
  • Smoking causes approximately 90% of all breast and lung cancer incidents.
  • Explain the effects of exercise on physical health.
  • What are the causes of chickenpox?
  • What makes cancer a dangerous disease?
  • Academic pressure can cause poor health conditions among students.
  • The fear of side effects makes people avoid vaccines.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Sports

  • Playing team sports can develop social skills.
  • Extensive workouts can damage the physical health of an individual.
  • Playing sports help to release hormones from human bodies.
  • People who engage in physical activities are disciplined in real life.
  • How technology can impact sports events?
  • Playing high-level professional sports can have positive effects on children.
  • Team leaders can influence the team’s motivation.
  • Steroids enhance an athlete’s performance.
  • Steroids can negatively affect the player’s health.
  • How have the Olympics affected the overall international relations?
  • What caused the Olympics to begin?
  • What caused some sports to be more popular among children than others?
  • What causes violence in sports?
  • What causes a lack of interest in sports?
  • Can sports cause character development?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Impact of social media on youth.
  • Can social media cause extremism?
  • Impact of social media on business.
  • Positive and negative effects of using social media.
  • Effects of social media on education.
  • What causes Google to be the most popular search engine?
  • Effects of social media on cyberbullying.
  • How social media can influence kids?
  • What are the effects of online dating?
  • How excessive use of cellphones affects teenagers?
  • What causes social media to lose popularity?
  • Effects of social media on teen relationships.
  • What causes a lack of interest in social media?
  • Effects of social media on identity.
  • Online shopping causes people to spend more money.

Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Effects of video games on young children.
  • Cause and effects of playing candy crush.
  • Effect of technology on family time.
  • How smartphones affect business practices?
  • Positive and negative aspects of wireless technology.
  • Cause and effect of internet piracy.
  • Cause and effect of cell technology.
  • Discuss the effects of technology in surgery?
  • Causes of tablet use over computer use for web browsing.
  • What are the effects of using tablets in schools and colleges?
  • How technology has encouraged people to shop online more often?
  • How cellphones affect the ways people communicate with each other?
  • What causes data protection?
  • The effects of advanced technology on the movie industry.
  • How technology can benefit private firms?

Personal Cause and Effect Essay Topic

  • Discuss the natural causes of global warming.
  • Explain the made-made causes of global warming.
  • Causes of breakups in couples, especially in long-distance relationships.
  • What are the causes and effects of men's commitment phobia?
  • What causes immigrants to face challenges in securing a job?
  • Homelessness is mostly caused by low morale.
  • Causes and effects of terrorism.
  • The cause and effect of cheating in examinations.
  • The causes and effects of crime In society.
  • The causes and effects of racism.
  • The causes and effects of hair loss.
  • Explain the effects of drugs and alcohol.
  • Effects of the family structure on the personality of an individual.
  • Causes of the common conflicts and stress within your family.
  • Effects of teachers on a student’s life.

These topic ideas will help you write a perfect cause and effect essay in no time.

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