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Interesting Debate Topics and Ideas for Students

Interesting Debate Topics and Ideas for Students

A debate is a type of formal discussion about a specific topic. Here the two sides are intended to present opposing viewpoints. Similarly, debate writing follows a particular format and structure to present an argument.

Furthermore, coming up with interesting and current debate topics can be tricky. Keep in mind, a good topic should be simple and easy to define. However, it must be complex enough to have a long discussion about it.

There are some elements that you have to consider when choosing a topic. These include:

  • Whether you will be able to talk about the subject for a long time.
  • How excited are you about it?
  • How easy will it be to research the chosen subject?
  • What will your instructor think of it?

Read on this blog to get a list of common debate topics and ideas of different categories.

How to Choose Good Debate Topics?

Most of the students usually find it challenging to decide on the topic. Although it is not a difficult task if you consider some important factors when choosing easy debate topics. Similarly, selecting the area in which you are interested will make the entire process less daunting.

A good topic is the one that lets the audience learn about both sides of a subject. Follow the below-given tips to choose a debate topic.

  • Interest – Select a topic that you are interested in. Moreover, it must be according to the intellectual level of the audience. This factor will make the writing process more exciting.
  • Argument Potential – Choose a subject that has a strong argument potential on both sides. If one side is right, or there is not enough information available, it will be difficult to draft solid debate arguments.
  • Availability of Data – Valid data from credible sources helps to draft a solid thesis. Therefore, select a popular topic with lots of empirical data to write a perfect debate speech.

After deciding on the topic, it is important to know the basic techniques for writing a debate. All you have to do is to follow a proper structure and format. It will make your debate impressive enough to be remembered by your audience for a long time.

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Best Debate Topics for Students

Here you can find the list of top debate topics for students.

Debate Topics for University Students

  • Does class size matter?
  • Should marijuana be legal?
  • Do leaders have moral obligations?
  • Is it ethical to eat meat?
  • How important is arts education?
  • Is prom worth it?
  • Has Facebook lost its edge?
  • Do kids need recess?
  • Can money buy you happiness?
  • Is cheerleading a sport?

Debate Topics for College Students

  • Discuss the reasons to ban certain books from libraries.
  • Should we abolish the death penalty in the United States?
  • Are fossil fuels alternative sources of energy?
  • Face to face vs. online learning. Which one is better?
  • Should schools put tracking devices in students' ID cards?
  • How can technology improve education?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of fully automated cars.
  • Can new technology harm our future?
  • Why is online learning more effective?
  • Animal testing: Is it necessary?

Debate Topics for High School

  • Which form of government is vital for a better future?
  • What can be done to stop wars?
  • What are the effects of peer pressure in school?
  • Should schools abolish exams?
  • Is sex education necessary before high school?
  • Should GPAs be removed from schools?
  • How to stop bullying at school?
  • How to control electoral college drug and alcohol abuse?
  • Global warming: Is it real?
  • How important is the freedom of the press and public speaking in a democracy?

Debate Topics for Middle School

  • What are the pros and cons of multiple-choice exams?
  • Why is spaced repetition important for efficient learning?
  • Why do kids start smoking?
  • Discuss the effects of video games on mental health.
  • Why reading books is important for the brain?
  • Discuss the greek influence on Western Culture.
  • Why do we explore?
  • How to keep kids engaged in class?
  • Why can a long school holiday be good for our students?
  • Why is outdoor learning beneficial for middle and high school students?

Debate Topics for Kids

  • Does it make sense to allow mobile phones in school?
  • Why should every home adopt a pet animal?
  • Why is homework bad for your child?
  • Where do we go when we die?
  • Should children be allowed to play violent video games?
  • Are there any aliens out there?
  • Are school uniforms needed?
  • Why is Facebook so addictive?
  • Why do teens need privacy?
  • Why should you save money?

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Public Forum Debate Topics

  • Banning mobile phones in schools: Is it good or bad?
  • What are the ways to achieve economic growth?
  • Can we trust banks?
  • Can financial problems destroy a nation?
  • Is taxation good or bad?
  • Why is it so hard for women to become president?
  • What is the importance of financial stability?
  • Is mobile banking safe?
  • Why should we lower the voting age?
  • How do humans affect animals?

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Educational Debate Topics

  • Is a college education necessary to get a good job?
  • Should children be playing contact sports?
  • Why are the Arts as important as Science?
  • Should junk food be banned in schools?
  • Is homework essential for the learning process?
  • Why must religion be taught in school?
  • Boarding school is harmful to students. Why?
  • How college loans exploit students?
  • School uniforms should be mandatory. Discuss why.
  • Is history an important subject?

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Political Debate Topics

  • Should people be able to own guns?
  • Should churches pay taxes?
  • Is freedom of speech important in a functional society?
  • Why should America take in more refugees?
  • Should automatic weapons be legalized?
  • Why should your country claim ownership of Antarctica?
  • Why should voting be mandatory for all citizens?
  • Does the UN have an army?
  • Why should politics be kept out of schools?
  • Should the royal family be abolished?

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Social Debate Topics

  • Give reasons why privacy is important.
  • Does social media cause more harm than good?
  • Why should the government ban the sale of cigarettes?
  • Why should sex work be legal?
  • Is peer pressure beneficial or harmful to individuals?
  • Why should police use deadly force?
  • Countries should be isolationist. Why?
  • Why should abortion and birth control be banned?
  • Bottled water should be banned. Why?
  • Why should plastic bags be banned?

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Sports Debate Topics

  • Discuss the major difference between hockey and cricket.
  • Sports stars should be paid too much. Discuss why?
  • Why are athletes considered a good role model?
  • Is paintball a real sport?
  • How can athletes impact social change?
  • Why are football players too spoiled?
  • Why are sports more important than arts?
  • What is the difference between scouting and statistical analysis?
  • Why is soccer not popular in Canada?
  • Elaborate on the misconceptions about mixed martial arts.

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Health Debate Topics

  • Should all countries provide free healthcare to all homeless people?
  • Why should doctors be allowed to promote medical products?
  • Vaccinations for children should be made compulsory. Give reasons why?
  • People with mental health issues must be treated outside the community. Why?
  • What are the ways to help someone with an eating disorder?
  • It is not okay to self medicate. Elaborate on the concept?
  • Why is it illegal to use animals for drug testing?
  • What are the symptoms of heart attacks in men?
  • Discuss obesity as a medical problem.
  • How can happiness cure diseases?

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Technology Debate Topics

  • How can the development of artificial intelligence help humanity?
  • Why is cell phone radiation dangerous for the human body?
  • The Internet is a blessing or a curse. Discuss.
  • Why should the government ban mobile phones for kids under 18?
  • How is cyberbullying considered a real problem?
  • Technology has replaced books. How?
  • Why do multinational companies need a website?
  • Why do most people become fans of Android?
  • How has email improved communication?
  • Why do people spend too much money on apps?

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Funny Debate Topics

  • The X factor vs. the American idol. Which is the better show?
  • Cats vs. dogs. Which are proven to be better pets?
  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • What is the best pizza topping?
  • Is Summer the best season or winter?
  • Harry Potter vs. Twilight. Which is a better movie?
  • What do women want?
  • Are we aliens?
  • Eat to live or live to eat. Discuss the concepts.
  • Is there life after death?

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Controversial Debate Topics

  • Why is it important to ban late-night alcohol sales?
  • What are the pros and cons of having illegal immigrants?
  • Is dance a sport?
  • Should we ban advertising to children?
  • Should fines be proportionate to income?
  • Should we clone human beings?
  • Unpaid internships should be illegal. Why?
  • Parents should be able to refuse medical treatment for their children. Discuss why.
  • Should video games be considered a sport?
  • Should beauty contests be banned?

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Debate Topics for English Learners

  • Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  • Why do we need a minimum wage?
  • Why should every nation have a right to keep and bear arms?
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports?
  • Has the #MeToo movement lost focus?
  • How has feminism done more harm than good?
  • Why do you need to protect your intellectual property?
  • How is patriotism different from nationalism?
  • Is there a danger of being too religious?
  • Is censorship in the media necessary?

Selecting a compelling topic is indeed a challenging task for school and college students. Nevertheless, all the above fun debate topics are good enough to choose from. But if you still feel you have no time to select and prepare a debate, MyPerfectWords.com is here to help you.

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