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Compelling & Interesting Analytical Essay Topics

Analytical Essay Writing - Expert Guide with Examples

Writing an excellent analytical essay depends on several essential elements. These elements include an exciting topic, a strong outline, and compelling reasoning for the central stance.

An analytical essay is an academic writing that analyzes, evaluates, and interprets a piece of literary work. An analytical essay can be drafted for any type of work, including literature and a movie.

The analytical essay is often assigned to high school and college students. Apart from other challenges faced during the writing process, choosing the right topic is the most common problem.

Continue reading the article to choose the best topic for your analytical essay.

How To Choose An Analytical Essay Topic?

It is essential to know the importance of a good topic when writing an analytical essay. The writing process of an analytical essay is greatly influenced by the topic chosen.

Selecting a vital topic is mandatory for all analytical essay types, including literary analysis and critical essays.

A good topic is an element that motivates the audience to read the entire essay with interest. Although, coming up with the right topic for your essay can be extremely challenging. It is time taking and requires clarity of the content that is provided further in the piece.

Follow the tips to help you obtain the right analysis essay topic: :

  • Define your objectives and aims before choosing a topic.
  • Keep the purpose of the essay in mind.
  • Within your discipline, choose something that interests you. 
  • Analyze the topic deeply before you start writing your essay. 
  • Ensure your theme is perfect. Not too narrow or too broad. 
  • Make sure that enough information is available on the topic
  • Ensure that the theme is understandable.
  • Avoid choosing a complex topic
  • Make sure that different angles can be used to describe the topic. 

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Analytical Essay Topics Ideas

An analytical essay can be written for any field or subject. If you are looking for analytical essay topic ideas, the list provided below will be beneficial.

Analytical Essay Topics for High School

  • Why do people have fears and phobias?
  • How to get rid of drug addiction?
  • Is love a chemical reaction?
  • Why do people have pet peeves?
  • How are deep water inhabitants different from other inhabitants? 
  • Why are insects attracted to light?
  • Why are all animals scared of people?
  • Why is respecting nature essential?
  • Why do emotional support animals make older people happy?
  • Why is pessimism worse than optimism? 
  • Why is organ donation significant?
  • How graffiti is a form of art?
  • Why is quitting smoking challenging?
  • Why is sugar harmful to the body? 
  • Why do we sneeze?

Analytical Essay Topics for College

  • Why are aliens still not found?
  • Why is the Armageddon concept so abstract?
  • Why is ecology getting worse?
  • How can animal testing be avoided?
  • How are microbes harmful to human beings?
  • Why are people allergic to particular things?
  • How do undue restrictions make teenagers rebellious? 
  • Why do people appear to be bi-sexual?
  • What makes a person an extrovert?
  • What problems do the alcoholics have?
  • Why are firstborn children better in studies than their other younger siblings? 
  • Religion or thoughts - What causes conflicts?
  • Why is the depression rate increasing in the United States? 
  • Analyze the historical context of abstract art?
  • Why are young people becoming obese? 

Social Analytical Essay Topics

  • Why do sports people use drugs?
  • Why is street art so popular?
  • What are the notions of multicultural societies? 
  • How body shape influences one’s personality?
  • Why are gender roles changing?
  • How does single parenting affect a child’s psychology?
  • What are some differences in communication between a man and a woman?
  • How career and family life can be balanced?
  • What therapeutic effects does music have? 
  • How can inequality be avoided?
  • Advantages of playing video games for children under 13?
  • Why is mercy killing legal in some societies?
  • Why should illegal immigrants not be given equal rights in the country?
  • How can societal pressure result in alarming mental situations?
  • How do bold movie topics influence society?

Educational Analytical Essay Topics

  • Critically analyze the character of Romeo in the play? 
  • What are the advantages of school uniforms?
  • How can bullying be avoided in schools?
  • Why is it important to give sex education in schools?
  • Are school authorities performing their duties loyally?
  • How can education standards be increased?
  • Why is it essential for a college education to be free?
  • How higher education ensures better career opportunities? 
  • Why is practical learning more important?
  • Pros and Cons of homeschooling?
  • How do teaching methods affect learning? 
  • Why should e-books replace books?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of homework
  • Can education bring social change?
  • How are education and wealth connected? 

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

  • What are the cons of being a vegetarian
  • What are the causes of obesity?
  • How do eating disorders affect mental health?
  • What are the effects of insomnia?
  • Are sleeping pills helpful?
  • Can traditional medicine treat insomnia?
  • How can the bipolar disorder be treated?
  • How does cognitive therapy influence mental disorders?
  • How do antidepressants deal with depression?
  • What are the disadvantages of free treatment?
  • Why should healthcare be free?
  • What are the moral issues of Euthanasia?
  • What are the different types of eating disorders?
  • How is cloning helpful in saving lives?
  • What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Funny Analytical Essay Topics

  • Why do all horror movies have the same plot?
  • Are animal videos on social media hilarious?
  • Do violent video games make you aggressive?
  • Why do people find spam emails more attractive than other emails?
  • Why do people find spam emails more interesting than other emails?
  • Why is smoking pot helpful in drafting good emails?
  • Why are jobs for teenagers so terrible?
  • Why is it hard for girls to decide what to wear?
  • Why do students like to go to detention?
  • How drinking helps you give your exam?
  • Why are school dropouts richer than other college toppers?
  • Why disobeying our parents makes us worse human beings? 
  • What do animals think about us?
  • Why are customers always right?
  • How to write good essays without practice?
  • Why are students who do not pay attention in class smarter? 

Best Analytical Essay Topics

  • Why is it important to be a patriot? 
  • Why are TV shows not suitable for children?
  • How do children get influenced by violent content on TV?
  • What are the different forms of addiction?
  • Why is art education important in colleges?
  • What are the most popular forms of art?
  • What are the cons of health insurance? 
  • How does social media affect teenagers?
  • How does peer pressure work?
  • What makes people thieves?
  • Why are gangs dangerous for societies?
  • Analyze why chess is a sport?
  • How to cope with the generation gap?
  • Why is unhealthy food tastier?
  • What are the advantages of taking a balanced diet? 

Literary Analytical Essay Topics

  • Symbolism in “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”
  • The use of metaphor in The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The use of symbolism and imagery in “Ah Sunflower” by William Blake
  • Enigma and music in The Raven by Poe
  • Metaphors in Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
  • Allusions in Eliot’s “The Hollow Man”
  • Multiculturalism in Solomon by Toni Morrison
  • The vampires of the 19th century and 20th century.
  • Timeframes in “Memento Mori” by Jonathan Nolan
  • Features of tragicomedy in metamodernist writings
  • Fantasy in the modern literature
  • Evolution of horror fiction
  • Irony and sarcasm in Oscar Wilde’s work
  • How does John Keats uses imagery?
  • The significance of Shakespeare’s work in the literature.

Critical Analytical Essay Topics

  • Examine a popular TV show
  • Analyze a movie based on a novel
  • Analyze a poem that has a first-person point of view. 
  • Analyze the literary context of Things Fall Apart
  • Critical analysis of Ophelia’s death in Hamlet
  • Irony used by Mark Twain in his short stories
  • Single parent Vs. dual-parent families 
  • Analyze how American Culture is getting influenced by Latino
  • Critically analyze the change in gender roles
  • Talk about choosing models who are outside of a healthy body.
  • Consequences of obesity for society 
  • Is homelessness still a problem?
  • Why is it important for Americans to have a single racial identity
  • Analyze the use of ethnic music by an artist 
  • How did Virginia Woolf’s life influence what she wrote?

A critical essay is a form of writing that requires detailed analysis and interpretation. Writing a critical analysis essay is different from writing an ordinary analysis essay.

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Analytical Essay Outline

Apart from selecting the best topic, maintaining a good analytical essay outline is very essential in writing a high-grade essay. Luckily, the outline follows the basic five paragraph essay outline. According to this traditional outline, the essay should be divided into the following sections:

1. Introduction

An introductory paragraph of an analytical essay puts forward the topic for readers. This paragraph is started by writing a hook statement to grab the reader’s attention to the essay. In order to describe the topic precisely, background information about the chosen work is presented. 

A thesis statement is written at the end of an introductory paragraph. This is the main stance or claim of the writer about the work that is analyzed. A strong thesis statement enables the writer to provide strong reasoning and supporting evidence for the content. 

2. Body Paragraphs

After the introductory paragraph, the body of the essay is written. Here all the information that backs the main argument of the writer is presented. A writer uses quotes and other information from the original work to support his claim.

Every paragraph in the body section has a topic sentence that introduces a point to the audience. Each of the topic sentences is then followed by an argument and supporting evidence. 

All of the paragraphs in the analytical essay body are connected using transitional words. Using these transition words will bring a logical and smooth flow to your content.

3. Conclusion

Gradually lead your arguments towards the conclusion of the essay. Restate the thesis statement to remind the audience that it has been justified and summarize significant evidence.

In order to make your analytical essay perfect, go through some analytical essay examples, or take assistance from an expert. This is to make you understand the structure and formation of an analysis paper.

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