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Key Elements of Press Release You Need to Know

Key Elements of Press Release You Need to Know

A press release is an effective way to share some good news about your company. A well-written press release can help you get the attention of media outlets for the purpose of letting people know about your company’s developments.

There are many different reasons for writing and publishing a press release. The main purpose is to get media attention, make the news, and generate publicity.

Press releases are cost-effective marketing as compared to paid distribution and can also be used to create brand awareness.

To grab the attention of news outlets, consider these key elements of a press release while writing, and you will definitely set yourself up for success.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a brief news story specifically written by a public relations professional. It is only sent to the targeted people of the media industry.

It is also known as a news release. It is a brief document that outlines the main facts of a story in a journalistic way.

The main purpose of writing a press release is to pique the interest of the journalist or get the attention of a concerned publication. So, it is important that the press release should contain all the important information in a widely accepted format to help the journalist produce a compelling story.

It should be read like a news story, written in the third person, cites quotes and sources containing important press release information.

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What are the Essential Elements of a Press Release?

The key to writing a great press release lies in its ability to grab the reader’s attention with its interesting headline and to explain everything that the reader must know. There are several types of press releases, and almost all of them share similar elements.

For writing any type of press release, here are the key elements of a strong press release that you must include.

  • Headline

    A press release must have a compelling headline. The aim of a headline is to grab the journalist’s attention and provide an overview of why your story is newsworthy.

  • Dateline

    One of the most important elements of a successful press release is the dateline. This is included in the initial line of the first paragraph that contains the information of release date, state, and city. Don’t forget to include the date in the first line to let the journalists know that they are receiving current information.

  • For Immediate Release

    This should appear on the upper left side of your press release under your letterhead. Each letter should be capitalized.

  • Contact Information

    Include the media contact information at the start, which includes the name, email address, phone number, and other media contact details for the person distributing the press release.

  • Lead Paragraph

    Remember, journalists are reading a lot of press releases. To make your press release stand out, keep the lead paragraph informative and to the point. Be sure to answer “what, who, when, why, and where” in this paragraph.

    All the core details about your announcement should go here and the rest of the press release should include all the supporting information.

  • The Body Section

    In the body section which consists of two to several paragraphs, explains details, background, statistics, and some other relevant information. Make sure you are following the pyramid structure, which includes starting from the first most information to the second most information and so on.

  • Supporting Quotes

    Quotes are one of the essential elements of a good press release. Since most of the press releases consist of facts, quotes are a great opportunity to bring your details to life.

    If you include a quote from your client’s customers or partners, etc., you can add credibility and validity to your news announcement.

  • Call to Action

    Always close your press release with a call to action. Never leave your readers digging for more information. A call to action is one of the effective elements of a press release that can help you engage with your readers.

  • Engaging Details

    To engage the readers in your story, you need to include specifics. Try to go beyond the what, who, why, where, and when details and paint an image of how all this information comes together.

    Without these details, your press release will be dull and generic and won’t have something to grab the reader’s attention.

  • Boilerplate

    The boilerplate is a brief paragraph containing information about the company that you are referring to. Here you have to provide some independent background information.

    These are the elements of a strong press release that you must include while writing. Refer to the above elements when you are writing a press release for any occasion. Don’t forget to follow a widely accepted press release format to get your information across in an efficient manner.

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Press Release Sample

A press release is a news statement distributed to media outlets to generate media coverage. If written and formatted correctly, it is a great way to gain visibility from good media outlet coverage.

Writing a press release that gets picked up by news outlets is not an easy task. Here you will find a great press release example that you can use and learn how to target your audience.

Press Release Example

Exploring a well-written press release example will help you a lot in understanding and including all the elements in your press release for great results.

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