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A Complete Guide to a Perfect Personal Statement Format

A Complete Guide to a Perfect Personal Statement Format

The process of applying to jobs, internships, and graduate programs often require each applicant to submit a personal statement on their skills and career goals. A personal statement is usually written in response to a specific question.

Personal statements always vary and depend on which institution you are writing for. But all types of personal statements required you to follow a specific format as you do in writing other academic papers.

In this article, we will discuss how to write a personal statement following the correct format.

What is the Correct Personal Statement Format?

Like other academic papers, personal statements also need specific guidelines to follow. In this way, you can make sure all the information in your personal statement is in an organized manner.

Here are the basic guidelines that you can follow if you don’t know how to format a personal statement.

  • Personal statements are usually limited to 500 words no matter what type of statement you are writing. So, it is better to finish your personal statement within 495 - 505 words.
  • Paragraphs should be single-spaced throughout with an extra line of space from the next.
  • Times New Roman is an appropriate font style to use.
  • The size of the font must be 12pt.
  • Include your name and page number in the header of your page.

A standard formatting convention should be used to make your personal statement readable. Keep in mind that review committees go through hundreds of personal statements so it is important to make sure your personal statement stands out.

The requirements for writing a personal statement vary but generally, a personal statement includes certain information in the following format.


Many personal statements start with an interesting opening statement as a way to grab the reader’s attention. In this paragraph, you can provide an example and connect it to the actual program for which you are applying.

Don’t forget to mention the program name as well as the title of the degree or position you are applying for.

Body Paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, address any specific question from the personal statement prompt which might deal with your qualifications, your long term goals, or your compatibility with the program.

Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence and inform the readers what it is focusing on. Also, provide examples from your experience and make sure these are relevant and should support your argument.


Sum up all the points discussed in the body paragraphs and reiterate your interest in the specific program or position. Mention how this degree or position is a step towards your long term goal.

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Personal Statement Format Examples

If you are looking for helpful personal statement format examples, you are at the right place. To get an idea of how to write a perfect personal statement, going through examples is one of the best practices to learn the process.

That’s why we have provided you with some good personal statement format examples to help you know what specific detail should be included. Do not copy the following examples and use them as statement inspiration.

Personal Statement Format Medical School

Medical school personal statements are a great chance to tell your story to the admission committee and provide your context on why you want to pursue medicine.

You can also review the below-mentioned example to stimulate your creativity and see what a winning medical school personal statement looks like.

Personal Statement Format Graduate School

Graduate school applications often require students to submit personal statements. This helps admission committees to get to know more about the person behind the application.

Know more about the graduate school personal statement format in the example below. This example will help you learn how to format a personal statement for graduate school.

Personal Statement Format Law School

The personal statement is your chance to reflect upon your life and show the law admission committee who you are as an individual. So, it is important to make sure your personal statement is written well and formatted correctly.

Don’t know how to format a law school personal statement? Refer to the following law school personal statement format example and learn how you can write a perfect law school personal statement.

Personal Statement Format for Masters

Looking for a format example of a personal statement for a master’s? Here is one to help you learn how to describe your reasons for wanting to study in a particular course.

Personal Statement Format for Job

Personal statement for a job is the best opportunity for you to sell yourself and highlight what makes you stand out from the others. So, it is important to make it specific, engaging, and show what you have to offer.

Take a look at this example of a personal statement format for a job to guide you throughout the writing process.

Personal Statement Format College

A personal statement for college is written to show admission officers who you are and why you deserve to be admitted to their school. In this personal statement, you need to mention your experiences and major accomplishments in high school.

Get help from the following example of personal statement format and learn how to format a personal statement for college.

Nursing School Personal Statement Format

The nursing personal school statement is an important part of the nursing school application. It is a great opportunity for you to express yourself personally and address any question that admission committees might have.

You can also browse the following example to gain inspiration and make sure you are on the right track when writing your personal statement.

Personal Statement Format for University

A personal statement for university is an important document to show to the admission committee why you are a suitable candidate to study in their university.

Here is an example format for a university personal statement that you can follow and write a perfect one on your own.

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MBA Personal Statement Format

Wondering how to write a personal statement for the MBA program? Get help from this easy MBA personal statement format example and tell the admission committee why you want to pursue their MBA degree.

Refer to the above guidelines and relevant personal statement examples whenever you start writing a personal statement. In this way, you can make sure your personal format is well-written and follows the required formatting guidelines.

Once you are done with writing, don’t forget to read your personal statement a number of times before you submit.

Writing a winning personal statement is not an easy task for many reasons and it all depends on how well you manage to complete it. It is not easy to write an application essay knowing that any mistake means losing your opportunity to be admitted to the college or university of your choice or getting the scholarship you need.

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