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Interesting Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Interesting Dissertation Topics and  Ideas

Dissertation writing involves several processes to be carried out successfully to be effective. Coming up with the right topic, conducting extensive research, and providing structure are the major processes involved in writing a dissertation.

Because of the multiple processes involved, the dissertation is considered the most challenging academic task for a master’s degree. The first and foremost difficulty that every student faces while writing a dissertation is selecting a strong topic.

To make the research process easier, MyPerfectWords.com has gathered some good topics for a dissertation. This will save a lot of time that you invested in topic research.

Continue reading to choose the right topic for your dissertation.

Good Dissertation Topics

If you still find yourself stuck in writer’s block, MyPerfectWords.com has got your back. Below are some strong and interesting topic ideas that can be chosen to write your dissertation.

Choose from the variety of topics provided below, and compose the best dissertation.

Dissertation Topics in Education

  • How accounting education influence the company’s success?
  • Physical education and academic performance - Their correlation in achieving success in Middle School.
  • Impact of bilingual education on a child’s mental growth.
  • The reflection of the Theory of Violence in educational institutes.
  • Racial discrimination in higher education of 21st Century
  • How Covid-19 is reshaping the education system?
  • How do educational games contribute to better learning?
  • Media tools that can improve early childhood literacy.
  • Should the same education pattern be followed in all educational institutions?
  • Impact of teaching methods on student’s academic success.

Dissertation Topics in Psychology

  • The impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of children and families.
  • Advantages of positive reinforcements in special education.
  • How students cope with depression and anxiety to perform well in academics.
  • Factors that influence training programs.
  • Behavior and anger beliefs.
  • A narrative analysis of the psychologist’s experience of personal therapy.
  • Exploring identity and body image of people who have had a lung transplant.
  • How do emotions influence cognitive flexibility?
  • A relationship between emotions and anxiety disorders.
  • Concepts of social and cultural psychology.

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Training resources and techniques for nurses to combat covid-19.
  • Community nursing
  • How covid-19 is affecting nurses who are fighting and treating the virus?
  • Developing nursing strategies for dealing with patients in chronic pain.
  • How can nursing staff help children to cope with mental issues in the times of covid-19?
  • Influence of occupational safety on nurse’s job performance.
  • Impact of the evidence-based nursing program on the treatment of cancer patients.
  • Critical analysis of child health nursing through education.
  • A child’s perspective on community nursing.
  • Strategies that nurses should learn to treat injuries of diabetic patients.

Law Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of legalization of same-sex marriages o the country’s economy.
  • Legalization of mercy killing
  • The line between freedom of speech and private information in digital media.
  • Aspects and consequences of article 13
  • Legislative measures related to privacy in the digital era.
  • Civil liberty in international legislation.
  • Cyber law against email address protection
  • Racial inequality in the contemporary law system.
  • Consequences of international criminal law.
  • Analysis of the laws against domestic abuse.

Economics Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of Covid-19 on the American economy.
  • How ethical and cultural values shape economic development.
  • Causes of economic modifications witnessed by emigrants.
  • Impact of technological advancement on the economy.
  • How are innovation and economic production related to each other?
  • How transaction costs influence economic development?
  • Critical analysis of the environment influencing business behavior.
  • Critical analysis of the qualities of the investors.
  • Analyzing how youth contributes to promoting businesses.
  • Laws and policies and their impact on the economy.

History Dissertation Topics

  • The historical background of different pandemics.
  • Political events that caused World War I
  • Causes of World War II
  • Events that led to the Vietnam War.
  • Critically analyzing the reunification of Germany.
  • How the Great Depression influenced labor productivity
  • Historical background of institutional racism in America.
  • The political context of the French Revolution.
  • How the females worked during the Industrial Revolution
  • Examining the transformational leadership of F.W. de Klerk

Dissertation Topics About Social Media

  • How social media is playing its part in covid-19
  • How does social media impact the academic performance of the students?
  • How social media impact the mental health of teenagers
  • How social media is connecting people around the globe to combat covid-19
  • How is social media influencing the mental health of children?
  • How social media shapes the perspective about body images?
  • How is social media related to sleep deprivation?
  • How is social media impacting interpersonal skills?
  • How is social media required to introduce new branding and marketing strategies?
  • How do social networks influence language?

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • How does e-marketing influence the customer’s decision to purchase goods?
  • How has the IT revolution resulted in a manipulative advertisement?
  • How does digital marketing influence the overall business of the world?
  • How integrated marketing communication affects consumer buying?
  • Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing
  • How does relationship marketing influence customer loyalty?
  • How do celebrity endorsements help to build brand equity?
  • How have brand attitudes and advertisements evolved in the past five years?
  • Implications of branding strategies
  • Effects and implications of direct marketing.

Dissertation Topics in Leadership

  • How does socio-cultural diversity improve leadership?
  • How does globalization influence business leadership?
  • Most effective leadership models
  • How does leadership influence management?
  • How leadership impacts organizational efficiency?
  • Evidence-based management and the role of leadership
  • A systematic analysis of transformational leadership
  • A comparison between historical and current principles and theories of leadership.
  • Analysis of leadership styles in developed and underdeveloped countries.
  • Impact of management on the efficiency of an organization.

Dissertation Topics in Counseling

  • Posttraumatic growth of the survivors of sexual assault.
  • Hypnosis and its impact on phantom limb pain.
  • Treating depression and anxiety with a therapy dog.
  • Impact of perceived discrimination on psychological health.
  • How does spirituality help in the counseling of adults?
  • The exercises of American graduates in psychology programs
  • Live VS Audio recorded induction.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of digital counseling.
  • Effectiveness of cohabiting couple counseling.
  • Importance of honesty in counseling sessions.

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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic?

The topic that a writer chooses for his dissertation determines the success of the research and paper. For most students, deciding on the right topic and coming up with an interesting choice is daunting. It is this process of choosing the topic that makes people hit writer’s block.

You can not deny the importance of picking the right topic in the writing world. Be it a simple essay or a complicated research paper, the topic plays a vital role in gathering information and drafting informative content.

Every student functions differently when it comes to choosing a topic for their dissertation. Some students take ideas from the things that inspire them, while others just choose monotonous issues that appear in their minds.

To make the process of choosing the topic easier, professionals have provided some tricks to let you decide on a topic:

  • Identify your professional interests.
  • Getting ideas from the instructors or fellow students
  • Obtaining ideas from books, journals, papers, etc.
  • Identify current theories

Not every topic is worth writing a dissertation. Your topic needs to be assessed on so many levels to become the perfect one. Make sure that the topic idea you have, stand on the following criteria:

  • The topic should be interesting.
  • The topic should be manageable and not extremely broad.
  • The topic should bring significant advancement in the knowledge of the field.
  • There should be enough available data on the topic.
  • Make sure that your topic is not previously researched thoroughly.

The process of writing a dissertation is, undoubtedly, daunting, and students require professional help while working on it. Whether the assistance needed is just for the research topic or formating the dissertation.

MyPerfectWords.com is a writing company that provides the best dissertation writing services. Whether you need assistance in obtaining dissertation ideas or want a dissertation proposal written, the expert dissertation writers have got your back.

We help students in all their academic writings, including essay writing, academic literature review, case study, personal statement, etc.

Feel free to place your order now to get a perfectly written dissertation in no time.

Frequently Asked Question

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There are many ways to find dissertation ideas. You can look at the most recent published work in the field. You could also look at examples of other scientists' work.

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