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Classification Essay: An Ultimate Guide & Example

Classification Essay: An Ultimate Guide & Example

High school and college students are most likely to deal with classification essay assignments at some stage in their education.

Professors assign classification essays to evaluate a student's skills and ability to categorize things on a particular basis. It may seem difficult at first, but using basic techniques will make the writing process easier.

If you are assigned this academic paper type, continue reading the blog to learn how a classification essay is drafted correctly.

What is a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is defined as a writing piece that aims to arrange several objects or subjects with similar characteristics. Therefore, a simple classification essay deals with the arrangement of several ideas sharing common properties.

What is the Purpose of a Classification Essay?

The basic purpose of writing this essay is to:

  • Categorize and classify the topics
  • Ensure a single categorizing approach is followed throughout the content
  • Provide examples of things under each category

When writing this type of essay, the writer chooses specific traits to categorize or classify the selected objects. The entire process for writing a classification essay is not very different from any other essay. But this essay type specifically requires in-depth research and analysis. All the other principles of essay writing are the same.

How to Start a Classification Essay

To start writing a classification essay, it is important to first decide on the classification criteria. A writer cannot just start writing without having clear properties on which the objects’ categorization will occur.

This essay’s purpose is to discriminate between subjects, so make sure none of the categories are overlapping.

Following are the steps that should be taken to start an impressive classification essay:

  1. 1. Brainstorm Ideas

    If you are not assigned a topic, come up with an exciting topic. The first step is to brainstorm ideas and settle on a group of things that can be logically divided into groups. You will have to come up with something interesting that must have definitive categories for comparison.

  2. 2. Choose Your Categories

    Once you have decided on the topic, think about the categories in which the topic can split up. Some topics may have several options, so you will have to determine the angle you approach the essay theme from.

  3. 3. Develop a Thesis Statement

    A thesis statement is the writer’s stance on the topic on which the entire essay stands. All of the information in the body of the essay supports this central argument and provides strong evidence for that.

    Develop your claim about the topic to continue writing your classification essay. It is important to draft a strong thesis statement if you want your essay to be effective and persuasive.

  4. 4. Conduct Research

    After choosing a topic and a thesis, conduct research to gather interesting information for the readers. When researching, make sure to take data and information from credible sources. Make sure to not blur your classification by adding too much information from multiple sources.

    Credible and authentic information will strengthen the content of your essay, making it convincing and logical for the audience.

  5. 5. Draft an Outline

    Think of ways to structure your essay content. Write down the main ideas and show the logical connection between them. Eliminate the unnecessary points and group ideas to come up with an outline.

    Have a look at the following template that you can use for your classification and division essay.

    1. Introductory paragraph
    2. Body paragraph 1
    3. Body paragraph 2
    4. Body paragraph 3
    5. Conclusion

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How to Write a Classification Essay?

Once you have a plan and a basic structure, it is time to start writing your classification essay. To draft an effective and flawless essay, follow the writing steps given below:

1. Write an Essay Introduction

The introduction is the first part of the essay. Here, the writer identifies the subject and mentions the things to be categorized. To make your introduction appealing, draft a catchy hook statement. A hook statement is the opening line of the introductory paragraph, written to draw the reader’s attention towards the essay.

After an interesting opening line, provide the purpose of your essay and explain the reason for categorizing the items.

Close your introduction with a strong thesis statement that will highlight the subject matter in the discussion. Craft this statement early as this will help you stay on the right track throughout the writing process.

2. Draft the Body Paragraphs

The body section will contain three or more paragraphs depending upon the categories. The body paragraphs are drafted to justify the thesis statement made earlier in the introduction section.

Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and provide relevant information and examples to get into specifics. The right approach is to discuss the most important category in the last body paragraph with detailed elaboration.

Make sure the information logically flows from one paragraph to another. For that, use transition words and ensure one thing logically leads to another. Besides, provide an equal number of examples to help the reader better understand the way you classified things.

3. Write a Strong Conclusion

The conclusion is the last paragraph where you put together all the categories mentioned in the body paragraphs. In the classification essay conclusion, summarize the critical point and restate the thesis statement to provide a good final impression.

4. Proofreading and Editing

You might end up with the first draft full of mistakes. But you can fix it up by carefully proofreading and revising it. Read your essay a number of times and make sure it includes all the points highlighted in the outline. Additionally, ensure it is free from any kind of language mistakes before you hand it in.

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Classification Essay Example

Before starting the wiring process, it is better to look at some of the classification essay examples. In this way, you will better understand how the professional essay looks like. For that, look at the following classification division essay example from one of our expert writers.

Classification Essay Sample

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Classification Essay Topics

To help the students, here are a few classification essay topics gathered by professional writers of MyPerfectWords.com:

  • Types of human relationships
  • TV series
  • Various political systems
  • Dancing styles
  • Alternative sources of energy
  • School systems
  • Vacation destinations
  • High school and college students
  • Psychological disorders
  • Common phobias
  • Weight loss diets
  • Smart devices
  • Educational mobile apps
  • Road trips

Feel free to choose from the above ideas and turn them into your classification paper. Observe the topic from different angles and categorize it into different classes to write a compelling essay.

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Tips for Writing a Classification Essay

To make your classification essay stand out, pay attention to the content’s small yet important things. Taking care of a few things can make your writing exceptional. Follow the professional tips provided below while writing a classification essay:

  • Avoiding choosing complex topics. Topics that are extremely broad or narrow are harder to deal with.
  • Conduct detailed research to gather factual and impactful information for the essay content.
  • Provide strong evidence and examples for each classification.
  • Use credible sources of information.
  • Draft a perfect classification essay outline to stay on track and not miss any important information.
  • Proofread your essay a couple of times to ensure perfection

Following this guide will let you draft an A-worthy classification essay. The key to success in this type of essay assignment comes down to preparation. Start early, plan your essay, and figure out the categories.

Like any other paper, classification essay writing can pose difficulties for students. Especially for those who lack the time or good writing skills. If you are one of them, you can get assistance from the expert essay writers at MyPerfectWords.com.

MyPerfectWords.com is an exceptional essay writing service that prides itself in providing original and quality content. So if you require writing help, hire a professional writer right now.

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Classification Essay: An Ultimate Guide & Example

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