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Classification Essay: An Easy Guide & Example

Classification Essay: An Easy Guide & Example

High school and college students are most likely to face the classification essay assignment at some stage in their education.

Classification essays are assigned by professors to evaluate a student's skills and ability to categorize things on a particular basis.

It may seem a difficult writing task at first but you will come to realize that it is a very easy task once you learn the basic techniques involved in writing.

To learn more about this type of essay, explore this blog and learn how to write a classification essay worth an A grade.

1. What Is A Classification Essay?

Students often encounter different types of essays as their assessment and one of them is the classification essay.

A classification essay is aimed to arrange a number of objects that share similar characteristics. Therefore, a simple classification essay deals with the arrangement of several ideas sharing common properties.

A good classification essay must ensure the following things:

  • Categorizes topics
  • Ensures a single categorizing approach is followed throughout
  • Provides examples of things under each category

The entire process for writing a classification essay is not very different from any other essay. But this essay type specifically requires in-depth research and analysis. All the other principles of essay writing are the same.

Before you start the writing process, do not forget to create an outline and start working as soon as possible. The following sections will tell you more about the classification essay writing process.

2. Classification Essay Outline

If you have no idea where to start, the best approach is to create an outline. Think about several ways to structure your content you believe delivers your message best.

Write down the main ideas and show the logical connection between them. Eliminate the unnecessary points and group ideas to come up with an outline. Have a look at the following template that you can use for your classification and division essay.

  • Introductory paragraph with a thesis statement
  • Body paragraph 1 (discuss the first category)
  • Body paragraph 2 (discuss the second category)
  • Body paragraph 3 (discuss the third category)
  • Conclusion

Remember, the outline is an essential part of the whole writing process. No matter what type of paper you are doing, all academic writing must be coherent according to the basic rules of grammar and syntax. So, it is important to plan ahead, create an outline and then move to the actual writing process.

3. How To Write A Classification Essay

Classification essay writing is quite a common assignment but there are many students who still struggle with it. Keep in mind that your professors are not going to give you a detailed lesson on how to write a classification essay. They just provide general instructions and you are left on your own.

Fortunately, in this guide, you can learn all the steps for writing a good classification essay. Let's see how you can do that:

3.1 Brainstorm Ideas

If you are not assigned a topic, the first step is to brainstorm ideas and settle on a group of things that can be logically divided and shown together into groups. You will have to come up with something interesting that must have definitive categories for comparison. But avoid topics with too many categories because that might be difficult for you to handle.

To give you a better understanding, here are few classification and division essay topics to serve as examples:

  • Types of human relationships
  • TV series
  • Various political systems
  • Dancing styles
  • Alternative sources of energy
  • School systems
  • Vacation destinations
  • High school and college students
  • Psychological disorders
  • Common phobias
  • Weight loss diets
  • Smart devices
  • Educational mobile apps
  • Road trips

Feel free to choose from the above ideas and turn it into your own classification paper. All you have to do is observe the topic from different angles and categorize it into different classes.

3.2 Choose Your Categories

Once you have decided on the topic, think about the categories in which the topic can split up. Some topics may have several options so you will have to decide the angle you are approaching the topic from.

3.3 Write Introduction

The first part of the essay where you will have to clearly identify your subject and explain the things that you are categorizing. Provide the purpose of your essay and explain the reason for categorizing the items.

Close your introduction with a strong thesis statement that will highlight the subject matter in discussion. Craft this statement early as this will help you stay on the right track throughout the writing process.

3.4 Body Paragraphs

The body section will contain three or more paragraphs depending upon the categories. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and provide relevant information and examples to get into specifics. A good approach is to discuss the most important category is in the last body paragraph with detailed elaboration.

Make sure the information logically flows from one paragraph to another. For that use transition words and ensure one thing logically leads to another. In addition to that, provide an equal number of examples to help the reader better understand the way you classified the things.

3.5 Conclusion

The last paragraph where you will have to put together all the categories that you have mentioned in the body paragraphs. In classification essay conclusion, summarize the important point and restate the thesis statement to provide a good final impression.

3.6 Revise your Essay

You might end up with a messy first draft but don't worry you can fix it up by a careful revision. Read your essay a number of times and make sure it includes all the points highlighted in the outline. Additionally, ensure it is free from any kind of language mistakes before you hand it in.

4. Classification Essay Example

Before starting the wiring process, it is a better idea to have a look at some of the classification and division essay examples. In this way, you will better understand how the professional essay looks like. For that, have a look at the following classification division essay example from one of our expert writers.

4.1 Classification Essay Example

The above guidelines are all you need to come up with an A worthy classification essay. The key to success in this type of essay assignment comes down to preparation. So, start early, plan your essay, figure out the categories and the rest of the essay will become much easier for you to handle.

Like any other paper, classification essay writing can pose difficulties for students, especially for those who lack the time or do not possess good writing skills. Keep in mind that even when you are short on time, you can still have essays that will bring you As.

For that, you can contact us at MyPerfectWords and buy custom essays to achieve the best results.

So, why not give it a try yourself?

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