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Synthesis Essay Outline - Template and Examples

Synthesis Essay Outline - Template and Examples

Developing an outline is the first step in writing a perfect synthesis essay. A synthesis essay is the most engaging type of essay that students get to write in high school and college. It requires choosing a controversial topic, collecting data from a variety of sources, summarizing them, and developing a cohesive essay.

Therefore, we create an outline to organize and summarize the information. An outline not just provides a writing guideline but also ensures that the information included within it is cohesive.

This article provides you a complete procedure of how to develop a synthesis essay outline. Save yourself time and effort and learn to create a perfect outline from this step by step guide. Let’s begin!

Synthesis Essay Outline

A synthesis essay collects information from multiple sources and then combines them together to make a new whole. The ‘new whole’ is your essay that explains your point of view while analyzing both sides of the issue.

These types of essays need to be properly structured and they should be well organized. If the information in the essay is not connected logically, it will confuse the reader. The reader won’t get anything out of it if it does not provide cohesive information.

The synthesis essay is similar to the argumentative essay but it is a more complex type of essay. In an argumentative essay, you have to present an issue, support it with evidence, and prove that your views are right. Whereas in the synthesis essay, you have to evaluate the factors of an issue to consider the implications of a decision.

For writing a good synthesis essay, you need to choose a strong synthesis essay topic and you are supposed to synthesize information from several sources. Put the information into an argument either by paraphrasing or summarizing or directly quoting from several sources. Remember, the sources don’t make your point, they just provide supporting evidence so that you can make your point.

An outline can help you relate and make a connection between the information. Learn how you can create a perfect outline for your essay in this ultimate guide.

Synthesis Essay Outline Template

Here is an outline template that you can follow while writing your essay:

  1. 1. Introduction
    • Grab reader’s attention
    • Provide a little background information
    • Explain the specific terminology
    • Write the thesis statement
  2. 2. Body Paragraph I
    • The least important reason supporting the thesis statement
    • Present evidence, facts, and examples
    • A sentence of contemporary that explains how this reason supports your thesis
    • A concluding statement
  3. 3. Body Paragraph II
    • The second most important reason supporting the thesis statement
    • Present evidence, facts, and examples
    • A sentence of contemporary that explains how this reason supports your thesis
    • A concluding statement
  4. 4. Body Paragraph III
    • The most important reason supporting the thesis statement
    • Present evidence, facts, and examples
    • A sentence of contemporary that explains how this reason supports your thesis
    • A concluding statement
  5. 5. Refutation and Concession
    • Consider an argument contrary to your thesis statement
    • State why it is not valid
    • Provide evidence that explains it is a good idea but it is wrong
    • A concluding sentence
  6. 6. Conclusion
    • Restate the thesis statement
    • Summarize your argument and all key concepts that you were intended to deliver
    • Persuade the audience why your claim is the most valid
    • Provide a call to action from an ethical standpoint.

Here is a synthesis essay outline template worksheet to help you write a fabulous essay without getting into any trouble.

Synthesis Essay Outline Worksheet

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline?

Developing an outline means creating a structure of the essay prior to writing it. The typical outline of an essay starts with an introduction that contains an attention grabber and a thesis statement. Then it is followed by the body section which contains the details and multiple points of information. Lastly, it ends with a conclusion which wraps up everything.

The outline is important because it helps you develop a logical flow in your essay. Without an outline, your synthesis paper might end up in multiple directions. By following a proper guideline you can ensure that all imperative information is included in a logical sequence. The structure of a synthesis essay has four major parts:

Synthesis Essay Introduction

The introduction is the section where you introduce the topic of your paper. Start with a hook statement to grab the reader’s attention at the beginning. Provide a brief background of the issue and state the purpose of your essay.

Convince the reader to review your work by stating the importance of your point of view. Lastly, state the thesis statement that briefly summarizes the whole agenda of your essay.

Synthesis Essay Body Paragraphs

The body section starts with the topic sentence that supports the thesis statement. Invoke relevant facts and data that strengthen your argument. And then relate all the evidence and target points to conclude the overall essay.



Consider the counter-arguments made by those who do not agree with your point of view. Tackle them carefully, state that they are very good points but they do not make a valid argument. Provide evidence that supports your claim and help you refute the counter-arguments.

Synthesis Essay Conclusion

In the conclusion section just summarize the information that you have presented earlier. Restate the thesis statement to enforce the message of your essay. Reiterate the main points of your essay and provide a call to action and close the essay nicely.

Here is a complete guideline template to help you write an amazingly perfect essay without making any mistakes. Download it to use it later and refer to it while writing your essay.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline

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Synthesis Essay Outline Example

An example essay helps a lot in understanding the format and how to structure the information. Whether you are writing a college essay or a research paper, taking help from sample essays is always a good idea.

Refer to the following synthesis essay examples and learn to create a flawless essay.

AP Language Synthesis Essay Outline Example

Argumentative Synthesis Essay Outline Example

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Outline Example

Hopefully, this ultimate outline writing guide and samples help you craft a perfect synthesis essay outline. However, if you still face some difficulty in crafting the outline, take help from professional essay writers.

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