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Scholarship Essay – An Easy Guide With Examples

Scholarship Essay – An Easy Guide With Examples

Every student wants to see himself in the best college. The reality is that paying for college is troublesome. So getting a scholarship and financial support is every student’s dream. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a financial help that you never have to repay or pay back.

Luckily, high schools now offer a number of college scholarships for financial assistance of the deserved students.

If you are applying for a scholarship, it is a primary requirement to provide an extremely professional scholarship essay with your application. It is important to know here that half of the chances of getting the financial aid depends on the essay you provide.

If you want to make sure that the essay you write will get you the financial support, follow the simple tips and tricks below.

1. What is a Scholarship Essay?

Scholarship essay is a statement that you write to the committee describing why you deserve the financial aid. Scholarship essay is written to persuade the committee of the decision makers.

This essay reveals your personality and ability on which the committee grant you the scholarship.

As the whole selection process depend on this piece of writing, you have to be very particular at it.

Having perfect writing skills is very important to write your essay. If you are new to writing a scholarship essay, you just need to follow these simple tips to write the best and most impressive essay.

2. How to Start a Scholarship Essay?

To begin with, scholarship essay is usually written to persuade unlike the scholarship application, which makes it a bit harder to write. The first thing to be done here is to make sure that you are not writing the essay in a hurry. Give your essay the required time to make it best.

The first step is to plan your essay out. Brainstorm and proofread as much as you can.

From what to write till how the committee will perceive what you are trying to say, plan everything out. Usually Most people ruin their essays even before they start to write. Reading directions are as important as any part of the essay. Keep in mind the word count, the format, and above all the audience.

The trick here is to know what the audience is looking for. Once you provide what they are looking for, you are halfway there of getting their money.

It is important to know here that personal statement and scholarship essay are two different things. It contain some similarities when written but broadly speaking you cannot call your personal statement a scholarship essay. A personal statement is written while applying to a college or any other institute. It may or may not be a scholarship essay.

3. Why you Deserve the Scholarship?

Fun fact, while giving the financial support, scholarship committee won’t be deciding to grant you a scholarship on the basis of your financial status or tremendous grades.The perfect candidate to get the financial assistance will be the one whose essay will be stronger and more meaningful.

The committee doesn't know you. They haven't seen you or know how you do in your life. The only way they would know you is through the writing in the paper. So be creative and smart and present yourself well in your essay.

The better you have written the greater chances are there for you to be the winner. It is suggested to show yourself through writing that you deserve the most. Vividly and enthusiastically explain your passion and interest in order to get the scholarship.

4. Scholarship Essay Format

To make your essay worth reading, you should arrange and design it in a way that is simple yet effective to the judges. Hold this firmly in mind that the only key to your burden free studies is this scholarship and this scholarship depends on your essay.

Your essay should be of minimum 500 words if the content length is not specified. If you are an ammature, and you are starting to write your scholarship letter, you can follow this pattern, which is universal and recognizable by all.

4.1 Introduction

The introduction or the first few lines of your writing decides whether the essay is worth reading or not. For this reason the introduction should be very strong and convincing to make the decision makers stick to your essay.

The very first thing is to state your name and place you are applying to. After giving your name and initial introduction choose your opening line, something really interesting and to look forward to. The opening line will engage the judges, and the chances are that you have already clicked their minds.

The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to give a quick preview of what your essay is going to be or what is its worth.

4.2 Body

After giving an intro to your essay there should be something that your reader can follow. Creating an interesting body of your essay here is recommended. You can make one by discussing the following matters.

4.2.1 Obstacle

To give a dimension and meaning to your essay, try to discuss the significant challenges of your life, and how you overcome those challenges.

Connecting emotionally to the reader here is beneficial. Emotionally, but sensibly, give an overview of your obstacle in life and the measures you took to deal with those problems.

4.2.2 Educational and Career Goals

Stating your educational and career goals are important. Briefly write about your current educational goals, college, field of study, why you need the financial help, long term career goals, degree etc.

4.2.3 Real Life Experiences

Add real life examples and experiences to make your essay attractive and unique. Stating inspirational incidents of life that are relevant and you think are worth mentioning should be well presented.

If you are stating facts, try to quote them in the light of real world situations and your personal experiences.

4.2.4 Tone of Your Essay

People appreciate positivity and passion. When writing scholarship essay the main thing to keep in mind is that you are presenting your perspective and ideas, so try to keep your tone positive and inspirational.

Try to mold your stories and incidents into important learning experiences for others and yourself, instead of just stating what harm and negativity the event caused.

4.3 Conclusion

After you have given the details and overview of yourself, you end your essay in a manner that will leave a mark on your readers. This will be a nail in the coffin. The smart way to write the conclusion is to put light on the fact that you can make the best use out of the scholarship.

The most important thing is to not repeat what you have written in the previous paragraphs but to highlight the need of financial aid and your ability to use it in the best possible way.

Following is the outline sample for your scholarship essay.

4.4 Proofread

Later when you have written your essay,recheck! Check and proofread as much as you can. Just go through your essay several times and look out for any grammar mistakes and errors.

Take your time, lay utter emphasis on correct grammar and use and choice of words. You are writing to impress and the syntax used is a tool to win hearts. Articles, punctuation marks, and jargons should be perfectly arranged.

5. Scholarship Essay Tips

In a nutshell, if you want your scholarship essay to stand out just follow the following tips and you are good to go.

  • Your essay should follow a narrative structure.
  • Make an outline of your essay initially when you are in your planning phase.
  • Have a special and critical eye for grammatical errors.
  • Present yourself in an inspirational way.
  • Emotionally connect with the reader by quoting real life experiences and lessons.
  • Transition between the paragraphs should be explicit and clear.
  • Use words you are familiar and comfortable using in your essay.
  • Try to give unique story.

6. Scholarship Essay Examples

Here are a few of the examples presented and compiled by the professionals to write the best scholarship essays.

Is you are still scared and not sure about your skills to write a good scholarship essay, stick with us at MyPerfectWords where professionals and essay experts guide you through their best knowledge and excellence.

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