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Informative Essay - Writing Tips, Examples and Topics

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Essay writing can be challenging for students. It is one common assignment form that almost every student from every level has to attempt.

There are several essay types that a student is assigned to write depending on his field of study. No matter which discipline you belong to, there is one common element that all your essays will be sharing; information.

All the essays should be a detailed account of the chosen subject to provide a good understanding to the audience. These essays are known as informative essays that are written for the sole purpose of informing something. It is a form of essay that attempts to educate the reader about a theme.

Continue reading to learn how an informative essay is written professionally by following all the writing rules.

What is an Informative Essay?

An informative essay is described as a document developed to inform and educate the audience about a particular subject. This essay type explains the chosen term or topic and analyzes the data for the readers.

Unlike other essay types that attempt to entertain, the informative essay intends to teach new information to the audience. Moreover, this essay does not form or share an opinion on the topic and shares only the subjective information.

An informative essay also compares the controversial and contradicting viewpoints that help to understand the topic better. No matter which field you are writing an essay for, it should present in-depth knowledge and basic facts.

In a nutshell, the function of this essay is to define a term, draw a comparison, and analyze data. It does not present an opinion or tries to persuade the audience.

Types of Informative Essay

According to the functions that an informative essay performs, it can be divided into several types. If you are a high school or a college student, understanding each informative essay type is essential to score well.

  • Descriptive Essay

    A descriptive essay is an essay type that describes an event, concept, or subject in detail. The writer attempts to paint a picture in the reader’s mind to make them experience what he experiences.

    To make the audience understand the topic, the writer uses explanations that hit the five senses. Check out the following example to understand better how a descriptive essay is written.

    Descriptive Essay Example

  • Cause and Effect Essay

    A cause and effect essay investigates an event or idea that identifies its reasons and effects. It is a detailed study of all the events that lead to certain results.

    This essay requires a writer to deeply research all the reasons for an event or action that leads to particular effects. In this essay, the writer informs the audience about the topic without persuading them.

    Have a look at the below-given example to get an idea about how a cause and effect essay is written.

    Cause and Effect Essay Example

  • Compare and Contrast Essay

    Compare and contrast essay studies a subject in detail by drawing similarities and differences. In this essay, two subjects are chosen from the same category. It highlights the elements that make the two things the same or different.

    Writing a compare and contrast essay requires a writer to identify and analyze all the characteristics and angles of the subject. Refer to the following example to get a detailed idea.

    Compare and Contrast Essay Example

  • Process Essay

    A process essay is a writing type that presents a process of doing something. It serves the goal of providing the audience with guidance and directions on the topic. This essay includes a step by step description of the process of doing something. Read the following example to get a better understanding.

    Process Essay Example

  • Problem - Solution Essay

    A problem-solution essay is a form of informative essay that focuses on a problem and its multiple solutions. This essay also attempts to educate the audience on the problem and its significance.

    Writing a problem-solution essay requires having a full grip and knowledge of the factors causing the problems. It also discusses the measures taken to deal with the problem. Continue reading the following example to learn how to write this type of essay.

    Problem Solution Essay Example

  • Expository Essay

    Just as the name suggests, an expository essay is a form of informative essay where the writer explains the topic. While writing this essay, the writer investigates an idea, evaluates the gathered evidence, expounds on that idea, and develops an argument.

    Understand the detailed concept by going through the following example of an expository essay.

    Expository Essay Example

    The essay types in the informative essay family study the subject in detail and analyze different aspects subjectively.

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How to Write an Informative Essay?

When writing for academics, you must know the correct procedure of the essay. However, there are no set of rules that define the writing process of an essay. Different things work for different writers. But there can be some common steps that can be followed to make the process easier.

Every essay involves gathering information, organizing, and writing it by following the proper structure. If you are assigned an informative essay, the following procedure will help you write it effectively.

Choose the Topic

The first and foremost step in writing any form of essay is to choose a topic. The writer should select an interesting and attention-grabbing theme for the informative essay. It should motivate the readers to read more.

A professional trick is to choose a topic according to your interests, analyzing the prevailing issues, and identifying the targeted audience.

When selecting a topic, it is essential to ensure that enough material can be gathered from various sources of information. The writer should have credible sources that will provide facts and knowledge to the audience.

Develop a Thesis Statement

Once you have a topic in hand for your informative essay, it is time to develop a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the central idea of the essay around which the whole content revolves.

All the research and data gathering is done, keeping in view this statement. Unlike other essay types, the thesis statement of an informative essay does not include a writer’s perspective. It only shares a subjective approach to the purpose of the essay.

Conduct Research

The thesis statement will direct the research and data collection. Decide on a strong statement and start collecting data that will support and prove the main purpose. Consult various credible sources and gather the information to inform the readers about the topic.

An informative essay is based on deep research as it will present factual information and reliable content. As this essay does not involve perceived ideas about the topic, a writer should dig deeper to collect believable facts.

Informative Essay Outline

The gathered raw information needs an organization to be understandable for the readers. Essay content should be formed professionally if the information is not provided.

The purpose of writing an informative essay is to inform the readers and make them understand the topic. Without a proper presentation of the data, the goal will not be achieved as the content will not be understandable.

According to the traditional essay outline, the content of an essay is divided into three sections; introduction, main body, and conclusion. This division brings a logical flow in the information, gradually taking the audience to the final verdict.

  • 1. Informative Essay Introduction

    The first section of the essay is the introduction. Here the writer presents the purpose of the essay and attempts to grab the reader’s attention towards the content. An informative essay introduction includes the following information:

    • A hook statement to excite the audience
    • The background context of the chosen topic
    • The main thesis statement

    Writing an introduction correctly is essential for your informative essay’s effectiveness.

  • 2. Informative Essay Body Paragraphs

    The body of an informative essay contains all the details on the topic. It includes supporting information and evidence on the thesis statement.

    This section has several paragraphs that together form informative content for the audience. All the body paragraphs contain a single point or claim and its explanation that describes a topic.

  • 3. Informative Essay Conclusion

    All the body paragraphs lead the audience towards the end of the essay. The conclusion is the last section of the essay in which the closing statements are presented. It gives closure to the whole discussion.

    The concluding paragraph of an informative essay should contain the following information:

    • Restated thesis statement
    • Summary of the major points

    The purpose of writing a conclusion is to highlight the essay’s significance and where this information can be applied.

    Check out the following informative essay outline sample to get a better idea.

    Informative Essay Outline

Editing and Proofreading

After you have drafted the conclusion of your essay, revise the content. Proofread it a couple of times to make sure that the content is perfect and is according to the writing conventions. The following things should be checked when revising your essay:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spellings
  • Syntax

Get rid of all the mistakes and errors to make your informative essay compelling. Lastly, ensure that you have followed the correct informative essay format.

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Informative Essay Examples

When drafting an academic assignment for the first time, students need examples to understand the correct procedure and structure. Check out the following examples to write an effective piece of document.

Informative Essay Sample

Informative Essay on Bullying

Informative Essay on Poverty

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Informative Essay Topics

The significance of the topic in the essay’s success can not be ignored. The essay topic that you choose should be interesting for you as well as for the audience.

Coming up with the right topic for your essay can be daunting as students can often not spend time brainstorming ideas. If you can’t come up with a theme, here are some good informative essay topics for you:

  • What are the ways to treat insomnia?
  • Causes and effects of anxiety
  • How to lose weight?
  • Tips and tricks to lose weight from exercise
  • How to set up a tent?
  • How to get admission to a dream college?
  • Steps to writing a persuasive essay?
  • How to control bullying on campus?
  • Causes and effects of unemployment
  • How to control a panic attack?
  • How to overcome stress?
  • Racism and discrimination in the United States
  • Gun control and its effect
  • Consequences that lead to World War I
  • The similarities and differences between Vietnam War and War on Terror

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Informative Essay Writing Tips

Students require professional tips to make sure that their academic assignments are accurately drafted. Apart from following the correct writing procedure of an essay, experts’ tips help polish the draft and ensure quality content.

Here are the tips to make your informative essay outstanding:

  • Choose a topic analyzing your interests and passion.
  • Conduct in-depth research consulting credible sources of information to make the content authentic.
  • The thesis statement of the essay should be concise, direct, and readable.
  • All the paragraphs in the body section should start with a topic sentence.
  • Use examples and facts to support your claims.
  • Keep the content simple and concise.
  • Keep the introduction section short and clear.
  • Do not share extra information in the introduction paragraph.
  • Create an outline to make the essay’s content structured
  • The length of the conclusion should not exceed the length of the introduction.

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Informative Essay - Writing Tips, Examples and Topics

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