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Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics for Students

Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics for Students

An exemplification essay is a form of an argumentative essay in which the writer proves his point by providing examples. This academic essay requires the writers to reflect complete knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Writing an exemplification essay means that you will have to gather many examples relevant to the topic and thesis statement. The best examples are chosen to be part of the essay content.

To make sure that your essay is impressive, choose the best topic. This guide is written to help high school and college students develop a great exemplification topic and an effective essay.

Continue reading the article to know how a topic is selected and which topic ideas can generate a strong essay.

How to Choose an Exemplification Essay Topic?

When writing essays for academics, students are often assigned the topics by their instructors. But when it is the writer’s choice to select a topic for his essay, it is the most amazing thing that can happen.

Choosing your topic lets you creatively think and come up with an exciting topic that you can present in the best way possible.

Developing the right topic can be challenging, especially if you are in a writers’ block. So to make it easier for you, MyPerfectWords.com has gathered some tips on how a perfect topic is chosen.

  • Think about topics and ideas that interest you.
  • Brainstorm relevant ideas that stand out from all of the others.
  • Before committing to the topic, find all credible sources. Make sure there are enough sources to gather material for your topic.
  • Keep your interests in mind while choosing a topic but keep it strictly relevant to exemplification.
  • Develop a mind map for different topics. It can be done by surfing and browsing the internet.
  • The safest thing to do is choose a topic for exemplification essay related to your field.

Taking these steps will let you decide on the best exemplification essay topic ideas. It is advised never to choose a topic that doesn’t interest you. This is because the writer will fail to provide quality content if the topic doesn’t interest him/her.

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Good Exemplification Essay Topics

Will you read anything that has a monotonous topic? Your answer would be no. This is because a topic is the first thing that helps the reader decide whether to read the content or not. So picking a strong topic is the first step towards persuasive writing.

If you can not come up with your topic, we have gathered many useful and interesting topics for you. Below is an exemplification essay topics list for you to choose the best option.

Exemplification Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Which historical figure has the most significant period?
  • Can forecasting elections influence the voting behavior of the general public?
  • Are religious organizations the reason behind the moral downfall of humankind?
  • Is gender discrimination the central problem of different institutions?
  • Is it possible to have a successful career without a college education?
  • Does the working environment impact the work performance of the employees?
  • Do babies need spices in their foods?
  • Does fast food contribute to risking the health of people?
  • Should e-voting be appreciated?
  • Can socialism work in the 21st Century?

Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

  • How are transgender people discriminated at the workplace?
  • Impact of fast food on society
  • How can cultures vanish through the advancement of technologies?
  • Why is mathematics the most important subject in college?
  • How is individual-based learning better than group learning?
  • Do politicians care about their voters?
  • How is social life ruined by cell phones?
  • Do maturity and self-consciousness come with age?
  • Are civilized societies a result of higher education?
  • Is classical music a dying art?

Illustration Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Qualities of the best cafe to hangout with friends
  • Why not argue with the customers?
  • Why value your money and time?
  • How to perform an autopsy?
  • How are forensic tests done?
  • Lessons to learn from the Vietnam war
  • How to use self-defense effectively?
  • How to keep in touch with your family when studying abroad?
  • How to annoy your roommate?
  • How to keep your room clean?

Exemplification Essay Topics Related to Education

  • Does co-education make students learn more effectively?
  • Should religion be taught in schools?
  • Do students belonging to the upper-class perform well in academics than others?
  • Are teachers playing their part in finishing the bullying from colleges?
  • How does education help to eradicate poverty from the state?
  • Can students learn better when listening to music?
  • Should students grade teachers?
  • What impact does gender discrimination in educational institutions have on students?
  • Importance of sports in academics
  • Should all colleges follow the same syllabus?

Exemplification Essay Topics Related to Literature

  • The symbolism in the poetry of Gieve Patel’s “On Killing A Tree.”
  • How Shakespearean sonnet differs from other types of poems?
  • How the novel characters of the 19th Vs. 20th Century was formed?
  • Horror stories of 19th Vs. 21st Century?
  • The role of personification in the works of William Shakespeare
  • Gender roles are portrayed in the novels of the 19th century.
  • How is fate portrayed in Romeo and Juliet?
  • The portrayal of mortality in Hamlet
  • Imperialism and racism in the Heart of Darkness
  • The justice in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird

Exemplification Essay Topics Related to Law

  • Impact of legalizing marijuana on society?
  • Importance of controlling mass shootings
  • Why should strict laws be made to regulate the gun culture?
  • What impact would it have on society to ban cults?
  • Why should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Why is it essential to regulate drones?
  • How are antitrust laws influencing customers?
  • Should texting while driving be made legal?
  • What benefits will the farm animals get if provided legal protection?
  • Why should the death penalty be illegalized?

Exemplification Essay Topics Related to Business and Economy

  • How payday loans influence the economy?
  • What roles do the online payment system plays in international trade?
  • How is local business influenced by social media?
  • How e-commerce is impacted by Amazon?
  • How the world economy suffered after the downfall of the Soviet Union?
  • What impact does a leader have on the employee’s productivity?
  • Do small businesses get affected by free trade?
  • Impact of working from home on the worker’s performance
  • How granting free-loans will benefit new businesses?
  • How economically profitable it is for homes to use off-the-grid power sources?

Social Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Was the major reason behind the revolution was social inequality?
  • Why should people under 18 be banned from using social networking sites?
  • How social media contributes to spreading fake news?
  • Is it important to punish children physically to make them learn?
  • Do literate parents raise motivated children?
  • How polygamy influences personal relationships?
  • How do children get affected by frequent moving and shifting?
  • Do parents differentiate between their children?
  • Is success equal to happiness?
  • How prostitution impact social norms?

Exemplification Essay Topics Related to Health

  • How is obesity a cause of depression in teenagers?
  • Should children under a certain age be strictly prohibited to consume sugar?
  • Can emotional support animals help in treating moderate depression?
  • Can social anxiety be treated by coming out of the comfort zone?
  • How eating disorder is a product of celebrity culture?
  • How fast foods contribute to obesity in children?
  • How are plastic water bottles affecting one’s health?
  • How can artificial coloring of food be dangerous to health?
  • Why should organ donation be encouraged?
  • How impactful is the peer pressure in drug addiction?

Personal Exemplification Essay Topics

  • A book that influenced you the most
  • A place you are emotionally attached to and why?
  • What did you learn from the biggest failure of your life?
  • A moment of your life that you want to relive
  • One habit that you would like to change yours
  • A conversation that changed your life
  • The most traumatizing incident of your life
  • The greatest scientific finding that influenced you personally
  • A bad relationship experience
  • The most fun school trip

Unique Exemplification Essay Topics

  • How bad are the welfare payments for the societies?
  • How professional American football is damaging to health?
  • How do the antidepressants affect the animals?
  • Is materialism causing mental health issues?
  • How can antidepressants be harmful to underdeveloped children?
  • Impact of animal abuse videos on society?
  • Impact of decreasing meat production?
  • How close are TV programs to reality?
  • Do anti-littering campaigns influence social behavior?
  • Why the UK shouldn’t sell weapons to Saudi Arabia?

Funny Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Do animals understand humans?
  • Do people genuinely get happiness from their partners?
  • Can plants be predators as well?
  • How are seashells made?
  • Are tigers the most formidable cats?
  • Why are dolphins an interesting creature?
  • How useless is it to learn Algorithms?
  • Is the internet beneficial?
  • Why are people afraid of spiders?
  • Is it ok to eat white snow?

Easy Exemplification Essay Topics

  • How the discovery of oil affects the population of the territory?
  • How the economy of the country is affected by illegal immigrants?
  • Should the use of tobacco be legalized?
  • How to learn math formulas?
  • Are women better at multitasking?
  • Are private messages protected in end-to-end encryption?
  • Is it possible for teenagers to distance themselves from social media?
  • How are magazines making girls lose their confidence?
  • How Netflix influences cable television
  • Do vegetarians care about animals?

Choosing the exemplification topic from the list provided above will let you draft an impressive essay. Think thoroughly before selecting a subject for your paper, as you have to show your commitment to it in the content.

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