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Guide to Create a Book Report Outline

Guide to Create a Book Report Outline

Making an outline is as important as writing the complete book report. Without making the outline, the writer may not be able to stay focused and organized when writing the report. However, many students do not know how to write a good and well-structured book report. A book report is a great way of understanding a book and enticing the readers into reading it.

Many students do not know that it is different from writing a book review as it also includes crucial book information like its basic information and important events.

Many students think and believe that spending time on making an outline and also because they do not have much time to spend on it. However, spending time on preparing the outline is not at all a ‘waste of time’. This outline will help you write your book report easily and finish it on time.

The following blog will help you understand the importance of making a great outline and by the time you have finished reading the blog, you will know how to make a well-researched and detailed book report outline.

Why is an Outline Important for Writing a Book Report?

Planning is key for any successful assignment and a book report is no different. Without a proper outline, you risk going astray and out of focus. It happens with many students that they try to write their report without proper planning and fail to produce an A-listed report. An outline helps in keeping you focused and finish your book report strong and on time.

Moreover, an outline keeps you in line with the main assignment topic and focused on the points and arguments that you have gathered in the research phase. A good outline is detailed, relevant, and helpful for you in many ways. However, you will need an impressive book report idea to prepare a great report. There are a number of ways through which you could find good book report ideas and prepare your report easily.

In this blog, you will learn how to make a good book report outline and earn a top grade.

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How to Write an Outline for a Book Report?

As mentioned earlier, planning and making an outline is essential for any successful project or assignment. A book report is the piece of writing that informs the readers about the content of the book, its main themes, its main characters, and how the book is significant for a particular age group. It is different from a book review and refrains from giving away too many details to the readers.

Its sole aim is to excite the reader and encourage him to read the book. the book report outline includes the following parts:

  • Prepare your First Draft

    This part of the process is directly related to the reading part of the story. When you read the book, you should take notes of important themes, events, and elements, which would be helpful for you to prepare your report, without missing any important details.

    Preparing the first draft before starting with the writing part will make sure that you have covered all the key points of the book and did not miss anything important.

  • Introduction

    A strong introduction is important if you do not want to bore your instructor and earn low grades. A good book report’s opening paragraph includes:

    • The author’s introduction
    • The setting
    • Backdrop of the story
    • Type and genre of the book

    Other details include the publishing house that published it, date of publication, and if it earned any accolades.

    The introductory paragraph is the best opportunity for you to grab the reader’s interest by including some unusual facts about the book or the author. It is said that every book has a story behind it and a thought process that resulted in it. Your job as a writer is to find that process out and explain how it shaped and formed the story of the book.

  • Book Summary

    The summary of the book includes a broad overview of the book and its plot. It details the main theme and story, point of the narrative, setting, and the whole story at large.

    If you have read the book carefully, you could work this part of writing the book report process effectively.

  • Main Body

    This is the fleshy part of your report. Being the main body, it should include the main part and important elements of the literary work that you are writing your book report about.

    Each paragraph contemplates an idea or main theme and plot, that includes:

    • The main theme, or themes that you will focus on
    • Examples and quotes from the book to emphasize your point
    • Fatal flaws of the main character of the book and its impact on the story and life of other characters
    • Commentary on the writing style of the writer

    If you will read the book carefully, you may come across a number of other themes, make notes of them and explain them briefly in your book report.

  • Assessment and Concluding Paragraph

    Once you are done with the report, it is time that you tie all the loose ends and add your personal assessment and conclusion in the book. A good closing will give an overview of the entire plot and summarize the book report concisely.

    Be careful that you do not introduce any new ideas or themes here because this is where you are binding everything together. However, do add your point of view.

    Don’t forget to write the impact of the book and state whether you recommend it. Each genre has its own kind of books and those are not suitable for all age groups. When you are done writing the report, mention the age group and the kind of readers that the book is suitable for.

    Go through the assignment and check if the conclusion meets the specific requirements, if your teacher has mentioned any specific question when assigning the report.

  • Editing and Revision

    No book report process is complete without final editing and revision. The best way of doing it is to have someone else read the report for you and point out any flaws in it.

    For optimal and point on feedback, work with someone who knows how to write a book report, and provides the guidance properly.

    Do not add crucial information about the books that you choose and stick to their plot summaries only. By adding crucial information, you risk giving away the entire book, which is not the main focus of the report writing. A book report is written to encourage and entice the reader to read the book and not to give all the details about it.

    Once you are done with the outline, you can proceed with the actual writing part of the book report. The writing will include the format of the book report that you will follow when writing your report. A book report format includes everything from how to write an introduction to how to conclude the book report properly.

How to Make a College Book Report Outline?

A college book report will be different from a high school or any other grade. While the format and structure of the book report will be the same for the report of every academic level, the main difference is the kind and genres of books that are read and assigned at each level.

Since college is higher than middle and high school, the students may get non-fiction books like biographies. The college-level book report also has the same sections as mentioned and explained above.

How to Make a Middle School Book Report Outline?

Middle school includes classes from 4th to 8th grades. However, these types of assignments are not very common in these classes but sometimes; teachers do assign these to the students. These kinds of assignments help students improve their reading, analysis, and writing skills.

This is why teachers assign these kinds of assignments to help them develop their skills early in their academic life. Below, we have added a middle school book report outline template to help you.

Middle School Book Report Outline Template

Creating a book report outline is a simple task, especially with all the details that we have provided above, it becomes even easier. Still, if you feel that you will not be able to create an effective outline then consult one of the professional essay writers here at MyPerfectWords.com.

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