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Amongst different referencing styles, Turabian is used less frequently and is considered quite challenging. APA and MLA are more common than Turabian or Chicago, as they are widely used in different disciplines. These formatting guidelines are from Kate L. Turabian’s manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations. This manual lets the writers easily add extensive data into their paper and link it with their respective resources.

As with any paper, you need to take care of the citation and referencing styles to avoid making any mistakes. Any error may result in a deduction of marks and a lower grade. But can help you in getting your Turabian style paper right.

Just let our customer support representative know about your paper details. Our paper writing service has a team of expert and skilled writers who complete your assignments according to the guidelines.

What is a Turabian Style Paper?

Turabian style paper is the one that follows the Turabian style formatting guidelines. It is created specifically for students and researchers. For those who do not know, why is it called Chicago Turabian style? Because it follows most of the Chicago style convention and includes some extra guidelines for formatting research papers, thesis, and dissertation.

But who uses the Turabian style? Chicago/Turabian style is mostly used by business, history, and fine arts students. The Chicago manual of style (17th edition) is commonly referred to as Turabian citation style. It follows the two major CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) patterns of documentation and offers minor modifications for individual texts.

What is Chicago Style Format?

The Chicago Manual of Style is the official guide that contains comprehensive guidelines for proper text formatting, citation, and quotations. The style guide includes a complete tutorial on how to format your paper. It also briefs you on how to cite your resources according to the respective style.

The Chicago manual generally consists of two categories or types of source citations, i.e., author-date and the notes and bibliography. Both of them are referred to as the Chicago Style citations. is a professional and best essay writing service that can help you write a Turabian style paper. No matter if you need help with a Turabian style research paper or a Turabian style paper template for getting started, you can rely on us. Feel free to get in touch with us and ask for a perfect paper according to your requirements.

Is Chicago and Turabian Style the Same?

For most of the part, both Chicago and Turabian styles are the same. Turabian style is the student version of the Chicago manual of style. It is mostly used for high school and college papers that are not intended for publication. Although Turabian is written in Chicago style, it is much shorter than the Chicago manual of style.

How Do You Write a Paper in Turabian Format?

Here are the two methods of citations in Chicago Turabian style paper format. Our writers properly follow it to get the formatting right.

  • The Notes and Bibliography Method

    It allows the use of footnotes or endnotes in the content and a bibliography section at the end of the paper.

  • The Parenthetical Method

    It allows writers to use in-text citations. These papers include separate works cited page at the end.

How Do You Footnote in Turabian Style?

Here are the guidelines to format footnotes for a Chicago style paper.

  • Each footnote should appear at the bottom of the paper
  • Use subscript for note numbers in the text
  • Indent the starting line of each note
  • Each note should be single-spaced
  • Add a blank line between notes
  • Use regular texts for the notes
  • For note numbers, use normal text with a period in the notes

For those who don’t know, what are Turabian style footnotes? The notes are used as a reference following the passage to which it refers. Each footnote is directly related to a source used in the content and is marked by a superscript index.

Does Turabian Have a Bibliography?

Yes, the Turabian format style also has a bibliography along with footnotes. The resources used in the content are also added in the bibliography section of the paper.

Moreover, it is flexible and provides more scope for adding a large number of resources.

Here is a Turabian format bibliography example for a book with one author:

[Author’s last name], [Author's first name], [Book Title]. [Publication Place], [Year of Publication].

How Do You Cite Turabian Style?

All the sources are briefly cited in the text. These are usually written in parenthesis by the last name of the author and year of publication.

Turabian style paper’s citation format is usually used in essays on natural, physical, social, and environmental sciences topics. Our writers will make sure all the resources are correctly used to present arguments in the paper highlighted in parentheses within the text.

The format follows the author’s last name and year of publication added to a complete reference list included at the end of the paper. Every source that is added in the paper content is added into the detailed bibliography. The bibliography style section is added at the end of the Turabian style paper.

If you are still unsure how and where to add both of these categories, do not risk your grade. Contact us and get a positive response to your ‘do my paper’ query. has experienced writers to produce quality Turabian style paper for multiple subjects.

Besides, working with one of our writers will help you understand this format in a better way.

Feel free to talk to our customer support representative for help now.

Tips and Guidelines for Writing Turabian Style Paper

Here are the expert tips on how to write a Chicago/Turabian style paper worth of A grade.

  • Keep the text double-spaced for consistency, except where you have added notes, bibliography entries, figure captions, block quotations, and table titles.
  • Use quotations presented in blocks also referred to as extracts, and keep these extracts limited to five or more lines. For prose, keep it limited to 100 words, and if the extract is from poetry, it is better to keep it to two to three lines. Our writers make sure to stick to this rule.
  • Every extract must begin in a new line and should not use quotation marks for enclosing it. Instead, a footnote or endnote is added at the end in a superscript number.
  • Subheadings are added in longer papers.
  • Arabic number 1 is the first-page number used in the header of the first page of the paper.
  • Margins of your Turabian style paper is set on 1”
  • The Turabian style paper cover page includes relevant text on the first page and is centered one third down the page.
  • The title is usually followed by the name, class information, and the date after a two to three line spacing. Times New Roman font is used in all the papers. These are the basic elements that you must include in the title page for the Turabian style paper.
  • Subtitles are usually added on the line below the title, with a colon at the end of it.
  • For the Turabian style paper bibliography, text, or notes, the titles are capitalized “headline-style.” Using this guideline, the first letter of titles and any subtitles, including important words, are capitalized.
  • Titles in the body, notes, and bibliographies are added with quotation marks and need to be italicized. It all depends on the kind of work they are referring to.
  • Titles of larger works like books, journals, and periodicals and shorter works such as articles and chapter titles are presented in enclosed quotation marks.
  • For the title of poems, double quotations are used for enclosing, and in case the poem is in a long-form, the title is italicized.
  • The titles of plays are presented in italics, and minimal capitalization is used when adding them within the paper.

Where to Get a Chicago/Turabian Style Paper Online?

“What is the best website to write my paper?”

At, you can get a well-written Turabian style paper according to your specified requirements. We have been helping students with their paper problems.

The following are some of the benefits you will get if you decide to bring your paper to us.

  • Quality papers from expert writers with at least a Master’s degree
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited and free revisions
  • On-time delivery
  • Error-free formatting

If you are looking for Chicago Turabian style paper examples or even sample Turabian style papers, you can also reach out to us. Although it is advisable for students never to submit the example or sample papers directly. Use these as a general guide to ease the whole writing process. Otherwise, hand over your task to the professional writers at and get a perfect Turabian style paper on time.

Besides having an expert team of writers, we have a professional editing and proofreading team. Your Turabian style paper will be checked before it reaches you. Our team makes sure all the grammatical, structural, and formatting errors are rectified before the final submission.

No matter if you have got a first draft that needs improvement or a paper that needs to be written from scratch, we have a dedicated essay writer for you. To clear your doubts, you can check the sample papers on our website. Just contact our support team and get in touch with a writer today.

Most students have a time constraint and are unable to complete their papers within the given deadline. So, we found students asking, “can you write my essay in 12 hours?” The good news is that YES we can write your essay in 12 hours. We will give you a properly formatted paper within your deadline even if it is 6 hours away.

Our writers have a successful track record of delivering the highest quality content and writing custom essays. All of the papers are properly formatted and include extensive bibliography and a list of references.

Drop us a line to place your order now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do page numbers go in Turabian style?

Usually, the page numbers are mentioned in the upper right corner. However, they are some other common areas where page numbers are added.

  • Upper right corner of the paper
  • One-inch from the top of the paper
  • One-inch from the side of the paper

Is Turabian double spaced?

Yes. The text in a Turabian style paper should be double spaced and with appropriate margins on all sides of the paper.

What is the easiest citation style?

The easiest method is to provide the author’s last name and year of publication in parenthesis. For example, (Alex, 1995), but the easiest method depends on the type of style guide you are using.

How do you footnote a paper?

Here are the following steps that we should follow to footnote a paper.

  1. Place the cursor where you would like to appear your superscript number.
  2. Go to the ‘reference tab’ and click on the ‘insert footnote’ option.
  3. The number will be automatically added to the paper to add the footnote citation.
  4. Type your footnote citation.

What are the three types of citations?

Below are the three main types of citations used in academic writing:

  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Chicago

What size font should Footnotes be in Turabian?

The appropriate font size for footnotes in Turabian style is 12pt. However, it should not be less than 10pt.

How do you make a title page in Turabian style?

Here are guidelines you need to follow for creating a title page in Turabian style.

  • Place the title in the center.
  • If the paper has the main title and subtitles, put the colon followed by the subtitle on a new line.
  • After a few line spaces, add your name, class information, and the date.
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