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Suffering and The Book of Job

The concept of pain described in the book of Jobs and Jobs of Suspension has nothing to do with the painful concepts expressed by oriental religions such as Buddhism and Jainism. Indeed, for Buddhists about 2,500 years ago the prince of India Sidhartha Gautama discovered the cause of the pain. This man, known as the Buddha, teaches that suffering is caused by a desire for material things; hence suspension of suffering can be achieved by leaving the world.

Written by an unknown author, it may be the oldest literary work in the Bible 1 "work book" is a combination of sacred wisdom and human wisdom to solve serious life problems. 2 "Book of work" is also a typical example of the Hebrew wisdom literature 3 which used the concept of theology to protect the theology of theology and justice. Should be pain. Several authors proposed that Theodicy is the subject of work at work. If so, then emphasize

In an unknown period, Job 's book focused on the problem of God' s righteousness and good people 's suffering, situated in a remote secluded land, Uz, far from Israel. Through the book, Job, his wife and his friend guessed why he is an upright man and suffers. Job condemned God as unjust and did not operate the world according to the principle of justice, and his friends believed that Job 's sin caused his suffering. Job decided to talk to God directly.

Tim and John are talking about wisdom literature in the Bible. Proverbs, evangelists, and work

"Work" is related to the most serious problems of mankind. "Why are good and innocent people suffering?" "Where is the god in human suffering?" Many people have heard the word "Job's patience" Let's see. Logically, with regard to experiments, troubles, sufferings, and problems, our work must be more patient - just like Job. However, in fact, the reading of this material is so simple that it shows that understanding of this material is insufficient. Many scholars used their entire biographies to delve into the treasure of this book - the results are not the same. It would be difficult if we could start grasping the richness provided by this book within several pages.

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