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Book Report: Capitalism & Slavery by Eric Williams

Newspaper: Eric Williams' capitalism and slavery "Capitalism and slavery" (published by the University of North Carolina at 1994) was first published in 1944. Eric Williams' book of the publication at the time was considered several years ago. In the early days of this report, you should be aware that literary works on Caribbean history and slavery were done by Europeans. In the preface of his book, Williams clearly asserts that his work is "research on the contribution of slavery to the development of British capitalism, not slavery research." ,

Slavery not only promoted the foundation and emergence of capitalism but also promoted the rise of the United States. Of course, the argument that capitalism depends on slavery is not new. In 1944, Eric Williams of capitalism and slavery made this claim. In 1968, historian Lorenzo Green wrote that slavery constitutes the foundation of economic life in New England, and that transformation depends on most of the other industries. Trade insurance company will undertake. In Connecticut province, we were able to launch the insurance industry in Rhode Island by covering the voyage of slavery. As a result, the benefits of loans and insurance contracts are invested in other northern companies.

In his book titled "Capitalism and Slavery" Eric Williams shows that mature industrial capitalism helped to destroy slavery. Williams used a historical view of the future for research and established its utilization of commercial capitalism and its relationship to racial attitudes (52). Triangle trade provides the US with the opportunity to build a useful industry and stabilize the colonial economy, to provide the tropical products needed for consumption in Europe and Africa, thereby strengthening trade relations. But without it, international trade at the time - the case of the same opportunity for economic development - will take a different approach to achieve the same goal.

Eric Williams has fully recorded the relationship between slavery and capitalism in the UK economy in the famous book "Capitalism and Slavery". Williams clearly portrays the many benefits the UK gained from slavery trading and exploitation, and he identified several individuality and capitalist companies as beneficiaries by name. David and Alexander Berkeley provided a wonderful example, engaged in slave trade in 1756 and later established Barclays Bank with these loot items. Lloyd's situation has made similar progress from small London cafés to the world's largest banks and insurance companies after profit from slave trade and slavery. Then James Watt expressed his eternal appreciation to the West Indian slave owner who directly funded his famous steam engine and brought it to the factory from the drafting board.

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