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The Book of the Duchess, the Parliament of Fowls, and the House of Fame

The book of the Duchess, the Council of Birds, the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame are closely related to each other and are closely related as all three poems have some similar themes. Written between 1368 and 1380, they were one of Joe's early works, and some of the great writers were obvious. Three of the three main themes are intertwined, and Jojo adds a fantasy visual type.

"The Book of the Duchess", "Entering the Hall of Fame", and "Bird Council" are the first three major works of the poet Joe. Each of these verses seems to be related to love. One of the arguments expressed in three poems is that human ability and balance can not be balanced at three levels and consists of triangles as love for Gods, men or women, and nations about it. For many of George 's personality, love or court - like love seems to be the collapse of the duke' s black man and the nobility bird of the Poultry Council, for example. Joe Seems seems to be very clear about issues related to court love. That may be the reason why he uses romantic love as a particular theme in his poetry. Ironically, Joe does not claim to understand romantic love from experience, but probably he learned very well about this subject, very cultural, as he read Ovid and the Bible.

Chaucerian's standard exercise is to start a fantastic visual poem such as "Hall of Fame" about the classic story. In House of Fame, it is Vineel 's Inadeid, in the Duchess it is an excerpt from Orbit' s transformation. Here, at the Bird Council, Joseph used Cicero's "Dream of Dreams". The classic story provides identifiable plots and themes for adapting the reader to the new material presented by Jojo. Comparing Cicero's work with the Bird Council is not that clear, but it is important to understand that Scipio's dream conveys the essence of the universe and that the Diet conveys the essence of a small part of the universe.

Summary and analysis of "Duchessen's book" and other verses "Bird, Pro" (lines 1 to 19)

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