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A Closer Look at the Book of Acts

Who is the author? It was previously decided that the act is written by Luke. The apostolic speech is intended to be the second part of the so-called two-part composition, the first part of which is the Gospel of Luke. The apostolic diary begins with a summary of Luke. The author of Lukan Acts explains that relationship with Luke's Gospel. It also provides Luke's church details about Antioch, which is the city he welcomes. The first source of apostolic activity is a sequel to the Gospel by Luke and continues his story about Jesus and how he built the church.

Economics of devil. Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt. This book is an opportunity to see economics from a different perspective. It addresses the theory of incentives, the motivation for people to act or does not act in some way, and the long-term impact of short-term decisions. Perfect interpretation of economics by non economists! The power of habits. Charles Dusiig Readable and practical book, funny example. It explores the possibility of building new habits and changing bad habits to achieve our goals of life. Understanding most of the "hint - custom - reward" cycle of our action is my favorite book.

Phubbing is a term created for this terrible act. Phubbing is a term expressing the habit of people supporting mobile phones and devices. Unfortunately our culture is getting closer to 100% of this shocking behavior. You are familiar with this lovely couple sitting in the corner of a sophisticated building. There is no word. Simply click on the screen you like and swipe and point your finger. Another term or acronym for explaining this behavior is FOMO: Missing of Missing.

If you have thought about it, "her performance is like a madman!" What you might do. Please take a closer look at the word. I am from "Lunar" moon "Monday". Over the centuries people have connected phases of the moon and the position of the sun and the stars to crazy behaviors and events. But do you have any reason for these superstitions we hear in the horoscope? Prior to the emergence of modern gas and electric lighting (about 200 years ago), the full moon was bright enough to allow people to meet and work in the dark - this is a dark night they show UCLA It was done. It is research. Late night activities can confuse people's sleep cycle and lead to insomnia. Dr. Charles Raison, co-author of this study explained that a number of studies indicate that insomnia may increase the rate of bipolar disorder or manic behavior or seizure in epileptic patients.

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