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The Book Thief: Concentration Camps and Death Marches

World War II was a serious incident in the 20th century that affected millions of people. The two main concepts of World War II are concentration camps and parades. These parades and camps are fatal for many people, but powerful for others. However, for most citizens participating in camps and parades, they tend to be overlooked, not important. In The Book Thief, the author Markus Zusak introduced a parade and camp similar to Dachau and showed that citizens of nearby communities can forget the pain of these camps during the Holocaust period.

"Night" is about the slaughter that Erie Weizel experienced from the concentration camp. During the Second World War, millions of innocent Jews were taken from their homes to concentration camps and 6 million people died. During the Second World War, prisoners of the Holocaust had many ways of life. In the book "Night" there are three main ways of living: faith, family, food. From the Night Night book example, faith has been proved to be the most successful way to help people survive the Holocaust.

America and the Holocaust As the concentration camps were released at the end of the Second World War, the immediate problem was how to deal with the Jews who could not go anywhere. In March 1933, the first Camp Dachau was held. Dachau is a concentration camp or a prison camp maintained by the Third Reich. In addition to these concentration camps there are two other types of camps, labor camps and death camps. Mainly ... during the Holocaust Resistance Holocaust, millions of Jews and other ethnic minorities benefited from the Nazi commandments and found themselves. Despite the threat of death being at the head, the Jews organized an insurgent group and opposed their oppressors. Resistance comes from various causes such as death of suicide and dignity, sniping and killing their abductors ("Jews resist Nazi massacre"). There is a public fight at the camp.

The concentration camp is part of the perpetrators' terrorist system. In the first few months after the Nazis came into power, the armies of South Australia and the SS set up camps in Dachau in March 1933. Initially, Communists, Socialists, Workers' Leaders and other political opponents were prisoners. Next, Jews and homosexuals were sent. By 1934 SS SS called Deathhead Formation was in charge of all concentration camps. In these camps prisoners were forced to starve to death, were forced to work, were tortured and sometimes murdered.

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