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The Book of Exodus

According to the Hebrew Bible, Exodus is the second book of Torah, or Weelleh Shemoth. The theme of this book is to expel Hebrews from Egypt. This book is intended to be a continuation of Genesis. Moses is considered the author of this book. During the departure, the Israelites stayed in Egypt for about 215 years. This book begins with the birth of Moses. Then the book continues talking about Moses' life and what he was in his life. This book also explains how the Hebrews became enslaved and became free.

Exodus is a story about the freedom from slavery in Egypt in Israel. In Exodus, God plays an important role in this book. Before the Exodus it is said that God is the Creator of the Universe. However, in Exodus, God changed from the role of the Creator to the destroyer. God shows his power by defeating Pharaoh. As everyone knows, Pharaoh is a material embodiment of the Egyptian god. He can appoint anyone. On the other hand, I have no face mainly. Unlike Pharaoh, he can not see or touch, but he is ubiquitous. Jehovah is about to release Egyptian slaves because he wants to prove that he is more powerful than anyone in the universe. Because of his power's performance, he wishes that people believe, believe and be confident in him. "I treat you as my people, I will be your god.

The story of the book "Genesis" is "Exodus". In Genesis, Abraham was promised "to be a great country, all the countries on the earth will be blessed" (Genesis 12: 1-3). Keep this promise Exodus tells the story of God who saved the people from Egypt for his devotion to Abraham. Also, God has shown his name in his nature.

In Exodus 19, we came to the second main part of the book. The theme of Exodus 1-18 is salvation, which represents the power of God. In Exodus 19-24, the subject is the Torah, which represents the holiness of God and the sanctity he expects of his people. In Exodus 25-40, the theme is the Tabernacle, which represents the existence of God in worship. The whole book shows that God protected his contract with Abraham by saving his descendants from slavery and making them a great country. Exodus 19 tells us first that on the second day after the Israelites left Egypt they came to the wilderness of Mount Sinai and camped in front of the mountain. According to Section 3, "Moses went to God until the Lord called from the mountain." Mountain is Mt. Sinai, near the place where God meets Moses in the burning bush is. It is also known as "Horeb, the mountain of God" (Exodus 3: 2). In that encounter, God promised Moses (Exodus)

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