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Educational Journey of Author Mike Rose in the Book, Lives on the Boundary

As a general author: excerpt of Mike Ross from his book "Living on the border" This is a writer or scholar of short story of educational history of Mike Ross, he is exhausted from career track students So, how to support interference with him Education gave him more views on education today. His purpose writing this article is to help the public better understand the structure of education and how it works. I think that I am Mr.

Mike Rose is a professor of the University of Education and Information Research at the University of California, Los Angeles. He said "Articles on literacy issues including" boundary life: unprepared US struggle and achievements (1989) and return to school: everyone should get a second opportunity in education "(2012) It is known for writing. Year). This article first appeared in 2009 American Journal of the Journal published by Phi Beta Kappa Society. On the kitchen, they shouted a short order. A quarter, my mother would say that she had checked metal wheels. Her tables are 4 parts, 4 parts or 6 parts according to their size; the rest areas are also nicknamed. For example, a track is in front of a fast turnaround. Lingo gives authority and informs know-how. Rosie accepted the customer's order, the pencil was ready on the mat, and the food was questioned.

Micros is not average: he published poetry, academic research, textbooks and two widely acclaimed American educational books. Ross received the award from the National Education Research Institute, the National English Teacher Council, and the John West Mongolia Memorial Foundation as a professor of the UCLA Faculty of Education. Below, this very successful teacher and writer will explain how to learn a deadline from a teacher who often starts talking about high school in "vocational education" course and often fails or fails in preparation. Ross pointed out that students who logged out of the system may possibly have great unrealistic potential and pointed out why high school students failed in high school warfare, fear, stoning, frustration, or just boring To do. This choice is from Border Life (1989) for poor educators in the US of Ross.

Mike Rose wrote "Boundary Life" mainly to promote defects in our educational system mainly on career tracks. Mike Ross proved that many of these students need to teach in various situations, not vulnerable people. McKroe's experience proves that you can reach these students in various ways. Paying personal attention and investigating student career is a way to use it to suggest that he understand and then maximize their education. Michaels' belief and method is honest and glorious, but not practical. Fortunately, I think people like Mike Ross are willing to invest 110%, but I believe that all educators have his ambition. One of the theme of this book is hope. I hope MikeRose's book will help us change our educational system.

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