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The Author Of Her Book

In "The author of her book", Brad Streit is hesitant about her creativity and the merits and demerits of her books she creates. This meticulous internal struggle between self esteem and shame is revealed by her comparison of her book and her own children's hard work. An important step in analyzing poetry is to explain the structural overview of that poem. Anne Brad Streit's poem "The Book of Her Book" is divided into seven parts. First of all, the first line provides a general description of how she sees her work.

As the author of her book 'The author of her book', Anne Brad Streit explains how her poet feels when she publishes with her knowledge and consent. She explained these anger, humiliation, pride, affection, and the emotions of dedication by many poetic tools. She often experiences a civil war. Brad Streit used extensive metaphor through poetry to express her complaints about publishing poetry. By using this metaphor, you can connect feelings to her.

Anne Bradstreat's "The Book of Writers for Her" is a poem about the book she wrote before. As it is written, the whole poem is an expanded metaphor. The book was personalized by her children, so there was a simple rhyme and rhythm. This poem is written in poetry with five notes of Jange and rhyme. There are only three sentences in the full sentence, but it is not short, it consists of many commas. The comma is a pause, it represents the breath and the deep meaning behind the words, because there is more time to think. It is made up of run-on and is a good choice. It is a festival to make it flow more smoothly in order to raise children's willingness to read. Intentional rustic poetry represents the sincerity of the author

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