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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > The Author to Her Book by Anne Bradstreet

The Author to Her Book by Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreatt 's "The Author of her book" in "The Book of Her Book", Brad Streit was overwhelmed by honesty and internal strife due to her ability. Pros and cons of the book she made. As a human being, we connect and sympathize through similar experiences. You do not know where they came from, and it is difficult for you to sympathize with someone when you do not know what they are dealing with. With similar experiences and common links, we can express sincere appreciation and understanding of the situation of others.

In Anne Bradstreat's "Author to her book", the author is linking raising children and creating self-satisfied writing. The tone of Brad Streit is full of contempt and criticism against her 'descendants'. She may despise her sentences as it might not be perfect. However, Brad Street is still proud of her work and I'd like to fix the mistakes she found in her creation. Brad Streit is not totally giving up, but she is trying to solve her problem. Anne Bradstreet is dissatisfied with her subjective flaws, but we strongly urge you to fix them

Anne Bradstreat's "The Book of Writers for Her" is a poem about the book she wrote before. As it is written, the whole poem is an expanded metaphor. The book was personalized by her children, so there was a simple rhyme and rhythm. This poem is written in poetry with five notes of Jange and rhyme. There are only three sentences in the full sentence, but it is not short, it consists of many commas. The comma is a pause, it represents the breath and the deep meaning behind the words, because there is more time to think. It is made up of run-on and is a good choice. It is a festival to make it flow more smoothly in order to raise children's willingness to read. Intentional rustic poetry represents the sincerity of the author

Perfectionism is not a new phenomenon, as in & lt; Tab / & gt; Anne Bradstreet's "The Book of Her Book". Because human imperfection produces inappropriate literary works, the speaker of this poem expresses his anxiety using a dictionary, image, intonation and hates the work. & Lt; Tab / & gt; The selection of words in this verse suggests that the recognition is closely related, but the speaker is very dissatisfied with her book. Such words such as "wrong", "disgust", "defect", "defect" and "simple" highlight the disgusting feeling of the speaker. She does her best to compensate her for obvious mistakes, but the author seems unable to find a redemption function in the book. Her "washing", "wiping", "stretching", "dressing" books are constantly improving their quality by editing, modifying, reconsidering and paraphrasing.

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