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The Author To Her Book

Writing poetry can be a profound personal (and sometimes painful) process. If talent and luck are predominant, the poet will actually create something that reflects internal work. And it first encouraged them to use a pen to satisfy the paper. Poetry is born with struggle and sweat ─ ─ No matter how good or bad it is, the author is responsible for his subsequent trip. In the early days it seemed like a miracle of creation, but like most parents, writers try to mature poetry and rhythm.

As the author of her book 'The author of her book', Anne Brad Streit explains how her poet feels when she publishes with her knowledge and consent. She explained these anger, humiliation, pride, affection, and the emotions of dedication by many poetic tools. She often experiences a civil war. Brad Streit used extensive metaphor through poetry to express her complaints about publishing poetry. By using this metaphor, you can connect feelings to her.

"The author of her book" This poem was inspired directly by Brad Street's poetry news by her brother-in-law, without her consent, like the 10th Muse. Brad Strett is sorry that her poetry "The image is wrong" blushes seeing the light of the day, but this may be partly a female humility. Brad Streit also called that volume her as a "child" and she as a mother - if not a midwife - called her to put it in the book. "Meat and spirit." This poem is characterized by a dialogue between the body and the soul, the conversation is personalized to the two sisters and the place of the dialogue is decided in a physical (physical and secular existence) or spiritual (a world after the soul and death) I will. This poem may be compared with Andrew Marvel's "Dialogue of the soul and the body".

In the poem "The author of her book", Brad Strett promised the child to take pride in his shame and his book with his mother's metaphor. She looks at this book as a child and compares it with a misfortune and awkward book. Brad Strett was embarrassed as "descendants of my weak brain" (l.1). . "When I was born, I stayed with me until my friend caught it, but it was not as good as I could express as much as an actual foreigner (ll.2-4)." I took care of him from childbirth. However, because the child was taken out of the child unexpectedly, the child is "sick". As a result, her brothers have agreed to announce Bradstreet's work; poetry is not yet ready for presentation. She likes this to a mother who will deal with uncontrollable children.

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