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Bradstreet's The Author to Her Book

In the poem by Anne Brad Street's "The author of her book", the metaphor of control is the image of the baby's birth and care. This born image represents the complex attitude of the lecturer by proveing ​​that her evaluation of the work of the speaker is low and that her behavior is inconsistent. The first effect of birth images is to reflect the speaker's books as reflections of what she is seeing. Unfortunately, "children" shows troublesome and troublesome obstacles. This represents a deep flaw that the speaker thinks is his own.

Anne Brad Streit's poem "The Book of Her Book" is a complex story about the feelings and thoughts that there is a possibility of contradiction with the author's written documents. Through metaphor and anthropomorphism, Bradstreet studied the similarity between parents and writers. Both parents and writers will appear in love, frustration, and fears that play a role in revealing something to the world. A metaphor is used to relate the author 's identity to the parent' s identity, in order to tell the reader the complex emotions that the narrator feels about sending the book he wrote to the world. As the narrator points out, "your weak brain can not form descendants", it represents the similarity between the author and parent and all subsequent complex emotions (line 1). Narrator calls the book "my unintentional child" and reveals the negative aspects of emotion (line 7).

In Anne Bradstreat's "Author to her book", the author is linking raising children and creating self-satisfied writing. The tone of Brad Streit is full of contempt and criticism against her 'descendants'. She may despise her sentences as it might not be perfect. However, Brad Street is still proud of her work and I'd like to fix the mistakes she found in her creation. Brad Streit is not totally giving up, but she is trying to solve her problem. Anne Bradstreet is dissatisfied with her subjective flaws, but we strongly urge you to fix them

"The author of her book" This poem was inspired directly by Brad Street's poetry news by her brother-in-law, without her consent, like the 10th Muse. Brad Strett is sorry that her poetry "The image is wrong" blushes seeing the light of the day, but this may be partly a female humility. Brad Streit also called that volume her as a "child" and she as a mother - if not a midwife - called her to put it in the book. "Meat and spirit." This poem is characterized by a dialogue between the body and the soul, the conversation is personalized to the two sisters and the place of the dialogue is decided in a physical (physical and secular existence) or spiritual (a world after the soul and death) I will. This poem may be compared with Andrew Marvel's "Dialogue of the soul and the body".

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