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Emily Bradstreet's Poem The Author to Her Book

Emily Bradstreet 's poem' The author of her book 'is Emily Bradstreet' s "author of her book" is a poem that Bradstreet regrets publishing without her permission. The purpose of this article is to make Bradstreet express her love, pride and regret for her new book and make it elegant through the metaphor of her mother and child. Lines 11 and 12 are contributing to the purpose of poetry; they show that Bradstreet is not satisfied with her work and want to modify it.

"The author of her book" This poem was inspired directly by Brad Street's poetry news by her brother-in-law, without her consent, like the 10th Muse. Brad Strett is sorry that her poetry "The image is wrong" blushes seeing the light of the day, but this may be partly a female humility. Brad Streit also called that volume her as a "child" and she as a mother - if not a midwife - called her to put it in the book. "Meat and spirit." This poem is characterized by a dialogue between the body and the soul, the conversation is personalized to the two sisters and the place of the dialogue is decided in a physical (physical and secular existence) or spiritual (a world after the soul and death) I will. This poem may be compared with Andrew Marvel's "Dialogue of the soul and the body".

In the poem "The author of her book", Brad Strait is written as a mother. Since Muse is the mother of art, these two things are synonyms of these two poems. Brad Streit still states himself in this self-critical attitude in this poem, but here she talks about the actual process of preparing for work to meet people unfairly criticizing it I will. She read books like herself as a child. She calls it "pathogenic descendant" of "weak brain" (line 1). She compares that book with one of her children, discussing how she prepared it in the world and then "to flee from a friend, not too clever" (line 2). That is, her friend tried to treat her by publishing her book but she felt ashamed because she felt she was not ready "to be exposed to the public" (4 Line). Brad Streatt's "Prologue" and "The Her Book Author" by Muse and Mother. Brad Streit's perception of the role of female writers is misunderstood by men ... unfinished articles. It may be helpful

Brad Streets' Prologue 'and The Her Book Author' in Muse and Mother The recognition of Brad Streit against the role of female writers is misunderstood by men ... unfinished articles. It may be helpful

An important step in analyzing poetry is to explain the structural overview of that poem. Anne Brad Streit's poem "The Book of Her Book" is divided into seven parts. First of all, the first line provides a general description of how she sees her work. She repeatedly talked about her work with a nickname as if she were her own child. Next, lines 2 to 5 explain how to feel embarrassed that my personal work has been published before completing editing and correction without my consent. Then from the sixth line to the ninth line, Brad Streit regarded her shame of her unfinished work as shameful as her parents felt at her sullen children. She kept telling me that he wanted to delete the mistakes of poetry from line 10 to line 14, but from line 15 to line 17, I noticed it was already printed and it was impossible. Finally in lines 19 and 20, the mother's unconditional love shows what she is telling her children

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