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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

The legend of King Arthur and Round Table knight is a story full of historical truth and exaggerated novels. Known as the legend of King Arthur, the legend of King Arthur came from the Middle Ages and was both virtual and fictitious. There is one King of Arthur, the king of the British. He is a military leader who fought against German invaders. Many monarchs of the Tudor Dynasty declared King Arthur to prove and prove that they have the right to the throne. Most of Arthur 's knowledge is legendary.

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur of King England and his Order of the Round Table is the most popular and popular in the history of medieval origin. As they did today, medieval people have heard Arthur's story with charm and awe. Certainly, people know that popular folk tales speak to Arthur's hero in the British Isles and the Celtic region of France, especially Wales, Cornwall, and Rant 76. A story of the spirit of another Order that did not include Arthur also existed in this era.

Looking at the time series of medieval kings, King Arthur's name will not appear. So, who is King Arthur, where did Arthur adapt to King King's history? I joined King Arthur with the Knights of the Round Table, associates with Knights Medal and Cote Love, a place called Camelot, and a magician named Merlin. The next link reveals the mystery and legend of King Arthur. The medieval King of England began with the invasion of Norman. From 1066 to 1154 - Normans rule the British after the victory of the Hastings fight and Duke of Normandy Duke William is the Norman Dynasty, crowned the better known King of England (William I) as a conquistador of William During the Middle Ages it contained four British kings: Author: Sir Thomas Mallory's core story of the death of King Arthur is the story of the life of Arthur and the knight of the Round Table. At the beginning of the epic, Uther Pendragon is the king of England. He likes Iintine, Duke of Tintagil 's wife. They eventually gathered children named Arthur bred by surrogate families and were predicted by the wizard Merlin to become the kingdom to become the king of the king. After the death of Uther, confusion continued, the throne remained in the sky until young Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, he made him King of the UK. Of course, there are differences among other little kings who think Arthur is not worthy of his position. This leads to war, the young Arthur king won. At the same time, Arthur learned his real identity and accepted his fate. Unfortunately, he is pregnant with his sister. This child, Modred is destined to destroy Arthur and his kingdom. Fate

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