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Chivalry Through the Ages

Lytton Strachey once was "The aristocratic ancient interest - the romance of action, the lofty passion of the knights and the war - is gradually disappearing and its status has been superseded by elaborate intimate pursuit of peace and civilization" Said. It shows love, honor and progress of chivalry. From the time of the knight of King Arthur to the novel of modern Nicholas Spark, the paintings of the knight, which were originally fought for his "princess", are the responsibility of the love of the court over generations that is always there I changed to a woman who proves to be a certain man to date. Change, people no longer under obligation to obey

In today's society, the definition and application of knights has changed in history. In the Middle Ages, the Knight era was the code for the courage and courtesy of the knights. According to this moral and manners system, the knight is faithful to God, faithful to the king, faithful to the love of his wife, and their unfortunate relatives. Today's Order is still alive, but inferior to the Middle Ages. I think there will be knights in the future, but only time is proved.

The spirit of the knight is a code of conduct that medieval knights continue. The spirit of the knight is a characteristic of West Europe high school days. Prior to the end of the Middle Ages, the knight's mental system thrived during the 12th and 13th centuries. However, the ideals of the Cavaliers continue to influence the behavior of gentlemen and the nobility of the Renaissance of the 16th century. From the 9th century to the 10th century Western Europe was attacked by the invasive forces of Viking, Majar, Muslims and other tribes. These intruders are often experts in horse riding war. European aristocratic troops are mainly composed of infantry and it is difficult to resist these fast-moving units. As a result, many nobility began using cavalry training and tactics to counter this threat. The first knight was a fighter aircraft armed with a horse.

A cavalry (a soldier on a horse) has the same roots as a knight: the medieval Latin cobariary, "knight" or "knight". In the Middle Ages, the Cavaliers were considered brave and loyal, opening the door of his date pub. Please imagine the knight licking hands in front of a girl and kissing. This is a classic image of the Order of the Storybook. Some women doubt whether there are knights in other places

Have you ever seen a man open a door for a woman's companion? You may think that this is a good manners, but for other people the actions of this knight may be considered aggressive. The knight era is a term originated from the medieval knight, which is usually juxtaposed with the legend of Arthur's king and a fairy tale. In fact, the spirit of the knight is the knight's standard about the code actually written, actually the knight's virtue, the court's love and honor. Now, when most people consider the practice of knight's spirit, the side of court love is most prominent. A person regarded as an Order is a person who opens a door or provides a jacket for women, and this stereotype is a label that differentiates sex.

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