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Arthur's Knights and The Light Beyоnd The Forest

LightBey® and Forest Introduction In this scene, many of the famous knights on King Arthur's table - Lancelot, Bosval, Balls, Gowyn, Garahad - are looking for the final dinner cup. The Arthurian Order sat on a round table, sat with King Arthur and became the focus of the fellowship of the Order. Some of them are known for their heroes and champions (Pyle, 84-89). Among them, they are brothers; but fellowship has jealousy, jealousy, hatred.

A young knight of the Arthuri dynasty crossed the forest looking for a beautiful maid. Overcoming his desire, he raped her. The court was angry, so Cavaliers should be cut off in accordance with the law. But the Queen and her women intervened to forgive him, advice to King Arthur's wife. The Queen told the Cavaliers that if he could answer the women 's wish they needed within a year, his life would be escaped. That knight crossed the country sadly and asked about the problems of all the women he met. Everyone's answer is different. Some who say wealth, honorable people, joy, desires, clothes, some say women want freedom. Some people say women 's greatest desire is to be able to deceive and keep secrets. As the final evidence, Bath 's wife told Ovid about the story of King Midas, his ears turned into an ear of the buttocks.

They said King Arthur had a knight, which ones are genuine knights? Sir Lancelot is a true figure of King Arthur's story, and Sir Gawain is also believed to be one of the private knights of King Arthur. Many archaeologists believe that there are more knights, but there is no evidence to reveal other knights in this century. According to the earlier legend, Guinevere is said to be the ward of Cadar. They said that Guinevere came from a nobleman family of Romans. Another legend says that she is the daughter of King Leopardan camel. After Arthur helped Leodegan, Arthur engaged in Guinevere. It is said that she is very beautiful, she is said to be a smart woman. She is said to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was abducted several times after being rescued. Some adulteries between her and Lancelot are still mysteries, others think that some form of adultery is a crime, others think that it did not happen elsewhere.

In the days of King Arthur, the knight raped the girl. King Arthur issued an order asking the Order to justice. When the Cavaliers were arrested, he was sentenced to death, but Queen Guinevere mediated for him and asked the king to make her judge on him. The Queen told Cavaliers that if she could find what she wanted most, he could escape and answered that he will allocate him anywhere he likes.

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