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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table: Fact or Fiction

A typical romantic knight includes shiny armor and noble horses wearing chain mail. In the Victorian era, literature on knights was very popular. The whole UK restricts works and literature (O'Gorman 2000). The author expressed his thoughts and emotions and wrote articles about the knights to openly discuss the controversy without breaking the law. A more famous knight is a knight sitting on a round table.

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur of King England and his Order of the Round Table is the most popular and popular in the history of medieval origin. As they did today, medieval people have heard Arthur's story with charm and awe. Certainly, people know that popular folk tales speak to Arthur's hero in the British Isles and the Celtic region of France, especially Wales, Cornwall, and Rant 76. A story of the spirit of another Order that did not include Arthur also existed in this era.

Looking at the time series of medieval kings, King Arthur's name will not appear. So, who is King Arthur, where did Arthur adapt to King King's history? I joined King Arthur with the Knights of the Round Table, associates with Knights Medal and Cote Love, a place called Camelot, and a magician named Merlin. The next link reveals the mystery and legend of King Arthur. The medieval King of England began with the invasion of Norman. From 1066 to 1154 - Normans rule the British after the victory of the Hastings fight and Duke of Normandy Duke William is the Norman Dynasty, crowned the better known King of England (William I) as a conquistador of William During the Middle Ages it contained four British kings:

Sir Gawain and Green Knight, written in the late 14th century, are good examples of the romantic characteristics of the Middle Ages. First of all, it has the characteristics of King Arthur and Round Table knight. King Arthur and his knight obey the spirit of the knight, including honor, courage, loyalty and kindness. It also includes selfless acts for the benefit of others. Sir Gawain and the Knight of Green Knight are consistent with the characteristics of a heroic knight and become the protagonists of medieval romance. Gawain was challenged by a strange green knight who cut his head with a fine ax. His understanding is that Green Knight will return to Gao Wen to do the same thing one year a day. The high temperature showed courage and courage and beat Cavalier at a stretch. Supernaturally, the green knight is not dead, he promises to look up and come back.

Explain how Sir Gwen and Green Knight were examples of medieval romance. Please explain at least two different ways suitable for this job

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