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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > Amor Puros vs. Amor Mixtus Applied to Lancelot and Guinevere

Amor Puros vs. Amor Mixtus Applied to Lancelot and Guinevere

In the entire written history, few love stories endure the test of time like Sir Lancelot or Queen Genevil. Their name is synonymous with the taboo love of Romeo and Juliet. There are many different versions of legendary stories through Arthur's literature, and among all the stories one of the undisputed is their vast and decisive mutual love. But they are experiencing what kind of love. In ChrétiendeTroyes 's "The Cart of the Cart", the love shared between Lancelot and Guinevere can be called love or pure love like Sir Thomas Malory' s "Le Morte D'Arthur". Mixas or rude love.

The story of Cretien is a dramatic story about Guinebere abducted by the Lord named Melwath who fell in love with the effort to save her in Queen and Lancelot. In order to get to the castle of Melvas, she was detained there, and Lancelot was forced to take cars, especially cars prepared for criminals. However, Lancelot was hesitating for a while, and later when Genevere learned this, she abandoned her feelings without her worth. The subsequent story spread Lancelot and Guinevere's love to a comprehensive event that eventually leads to the end of the round table. And in the process Arthur's several knights died. Modred has opened the way to attack Camelot, as the king was forced to attack Lancelot on a regular basis.

Roundtable meeting: Lancelot and Guinevea fell in love at first sight ... But Arthur did not allow her to become a co-ruler, but sent him to save Lancelot from the evil Pictorian Neeson, not myself After the first time. According to Lancelot, Guinevere caused this incident, which led to the collapse of Camelot. Morgana was planning to plan Camelot, Oh, yes, Mordred stabbed Arthur with Excalibur. Yes. It's completely due to Guiine. In addition, this movie includes the story of Gawain and Dam Ragnel, who seemed like pigs before seeing Gawain's love and respects breaking her curse.

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