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The Once and Future King

Mordred is the son of Arthur or the son of Mr. Morgawse of his older sister. Modred caught the throne of Arthur when he left, and eventually was killed by Arthur, but before a deadly injury to the king. Arthur retreated to Avalon, where he waited again to replace his position and got the title of the past and the future king. Arthur's knight is his most reliable friend and family, but ironically, he was betrayed by the best. The most famous Arthur Knights are Sir Lancelot and Sir Tristram.

That exciting title! Avalon's fog. I read - and I loved it - the former and future king of T. H White, it made me see the legend of King Arthur and Howard pile 's view on John Steinbeck. I even confused La Morte d'Arthur. As Bradley mentioned about the island of Arthur I felt like an insider, and the marketing copy presented something quite different from what I encountered before: Arthur's legend from a women's point of view . Compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley's masterpiece, I still can not imagine the same feeling as my 13 year old. Bradley's idea of ​​opening his eyes is that we can only see a small fraction of it in retrospect - what we usually see is that we do not include women's experiences.

But when I first read, my main reaction to the fog of Avalon was not intelligence but emotional. Like the King of the Future, Bradley's novel follows their protagonist from childhood to old age. I feel sympathy for the girl Morgaine, and her adolescent experience suggests that I am beginning to feel depressed. The moment Morgaine and Lancelet are trying to be lovers - then, Gwenhwyfar, blond hair, fairness, light and helpless, tried over Avalon ... That does not matter how many times I shocked this scene Yes. This is not the story of a beautiful girl, princess. This is a story that a smart girl has become a powerful woman. Still, Bradley brings a subtle difference in these roles. She showed us the stupid and selfish things of Morgoine, and she told us that the position of Gwenhwyfar is impossible. As fate dominates many legends and fables, destiny is wrapped up in the glory of Arthur. Instead, it is a compression scheme

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