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The Beginning Sets the Bar

History is just a story awaiting to be said again and again in various ways. The history of King Arthur is divided into three types of Arthurian literature: Chronicle, Romance, Fantasy. Although each genre type is different, it is still aimed to prove that the story is historically accurate. The author of the text uses the first several paragraphs to prove the history of the text. In this article we will focus on chronicles and romanticism (especially Historia Regum Britanniae and Le Chevalier de la Charette) and focus on the beginning of the text and the meaning behind the first few paragraphs of the story.

In the short story "Revisiting Babylon" written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, that story has various backgrounds. One of the main settings of the story is the opening bar. It represents a bar in the jazz era, everyone is wearing gorgeous clothes and always like parties. As they had little money in the 1930's, this bar is also a cold reminder that Americans lived in the 1920s. It also represents ancient Charlie Wales reminiscent of the new Charlie Wales about his past

Fitzgerald started the story in the same place and finished: Charlie destroyed returned to the Ritz bar, hoping to find Duncan and Lorraine. But Charlie did not find a closure at the bar. There are not Duncan and Lorraine. He met another bartender he was familiar with and they remembered a fun time. Angry Charlie returned to the bar and thought about where the problem was. Does Marion allow him for his drunk and careless days? Charlie learned that it is impossible to recover what wasted. Charlie believes that Helen wants her daughter to be with her father. At the end of the novel, Charlie is still suffering from a feeling of loss and his role.

Mike: It is over. I have to get the first bar, rhythm, rhyme plan and then start. I have never been - is it 8 miles, is he writing two bars at a time? If it suddenly appears above my head, I write down the bar. If you encounter while writing you may use it. But it really began to end for me. Mike: I completely let go. When I was looking for a beat, I said "Hey, man, I like beats without samples." I was looking for positions, they did not want to handle the samples. Because I have a person who says "I do not do", "Yes, you did it, please send me your best version, I will use this". . Many times this is the place to change, perhaps if the chorus is 12, I will leave it as long as they send it to me like "4 bars, 4 bars". Cool, I leave this like. A great many producers say "This is your 16 year old, your 8 bar hook." That's when I change things.

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