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Home Page > Essay Example Library > Essay List > The Creation of Lancelot and the Undoing of the Once and Future King

The Creation of Lancelot and the Undoing of the Once and Future King

The legend of King Arthur is the former king of the future and began his literary rise through Jeffrey of Monmouth and his work 'History of the King of England'. Monmouth introduced the heroic noble king who defeated the Saxons and regained the British by readers, and made time for the King Arthur, King Arthur and his Round Table Order. Eventually, when I talked about the legend of King Arthur, other writers added their voices. Add events and characters, and eventually change the story forever.

In the whole story "The Ill made Knight", T. H · White's novel "King of the past and the future", women are portrayed as reasons why Mr. Lancelot's morality was destroyed. Guenevere's love for Lancelot, Elaine's attempt to attract Lancelot to her life, and the enchanting approach of the Queen Morgan Le Fay, a woman as the sole source of Sir Lancelot's moral discourse I will portray. Gainville, married to King Arthur, is the owner of Lancelot human love. This situation caused a lot of confusion to him as Lancelot had a strong devotion to his ruler and friend Arthur. Lancelot tried to conceal his feelings from the beginning, but Gainville replied to each other, and the two quietly sought and confronted each other. Faith also brought problems to Lancelot. "One of the reasons he was in trouble was that he was a Christian" (367). Lancelot wants Gainville to be the most important, as he is a devout Christian, he will never own her.

Sir Lancelot is one of the best knights at Lancelot Online Lord (1) and is considered one of the worst knights. Lancelot is a literary work consistent with Camelot. In this depiction, Lancelot became King Arthur's most precious knight. He was courageous and courageous, rescued Guinevere from Meleagant and completed many important tasks, including preventing her being burned until she died with him (Mr. Lancelot online, 1)

The third volume, "The Sick Knight", is focused on the great nightlife slots and his moral conflict. When King Arthur was throne, Lancelot was just a boy, but he eventually became best friend with Arthur's biggest knight. In order to escape the growing emotions of Queen Gueute, Lancelot has launched a series of tasks to build that reputation. In the last part, he was fooled by a little girl named Elaine. Whenever Elaine becomes more and more embarrassed, her embarrassment will eventually cause Lancelot to go crazy. He roamed England for several years as a barbarian, and everyone he met was recognized and abused. Finally Elaine discovers Lancelot and restores his health. Lancelot did not want to be obliged to Elaine but he left Camelot twice to spend with her and his son, Garahad. At the same time, the kingdom of Arthur began to unravel, he tried to maintain the occupation of the knight by sending them to find the Holy Grail.

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