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Glastonbury Legends One Small Town With Far Too Many Tales

Glastonbury is an ordinary town full of many interesting legends, and the world is strange in its real sexiness. Glastonbury is known for its famous legend of King Arthur and the famous Holy Grail. There is also a story of Joseph of Arimatea and the staff of Jesus in the town, creating a Holy Spirit. Visually, the landscape of Glastonbury is confused, but the allegory of the sun shrine built in the river and the hilly land is another erroneous one. The story of Glastonbury is very interesting, but in reality they are just legendary readers.

Glastonbury is 125 miles west of London, 220 miles west of the city, full of myths and legends. In the past, Glastonbury was in a triangular relationship, forming a world energy point between Stonehenge and Everberry 's huge stone circle. A great circle from Glastonbury to many sacred centers around the world. Glastonbury has long been a place of pilgrimage and has attracted visitors from all over the world. It was a pilgrimage place in the Druid era (2000 to 2500 years ago), and was in the megalithic era 4000 years ago. One of the famous tourist attractions of the city is Glastonbury Tor (tor means Rocky Mountain or Mountain Peak). Tor has many legends related to it. Many people say this is the home of King Arthur. Another legend says it is home to the Immortal Queen, and the top of Tor is a fairy tale and a place of magic. According to the Celtic legend, the mountain is a hollow and the summit protects the entrance to the underground world. (3-n.p)

My town, Kokomo, Indiana has a local legend. Indeed, we have many urban legends, but in particular there is one. The story takes place on the Old Sycamore Road, the ancient road of the farmland which is the open space of my town. In the old Wutong Road there is a small bridge from which you can go to another road leading to the next town. The story says that a man or a boy dropped from the bridge and died of a rock under his head. Drive the old Wutong Road in the evening and then cross the bridge, past the precise place that fell from there, it will be displayed next to the car until the ghost of that man or boy leaves the seat. bridge. Me and my friend repeatedly tested this urban legend, and we have not seen anything yet. I do not even know if someone is really dead, regardless of whether it is true or not, it is an eerie story and vision. By Jon

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