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Comparison of Two Films About King Arthur

There are few literary or legendary works with diverse literature as King Arthur and his roundtable, and each generation will be eternally repeated. There is no doubt that King Arthur's literature is defined by Sir Thomas Morley's Le Morte Dasar. Morte d'Arthur is a summary of all the legends of King Arthur who existed before Malory. Mallory tried to integrate all stories into a coherent whole. Morte d'Arthur is a story about magical encounters and evangelism focusing on King Arthur's rise and fall.

The constant battle and conquest may sound like it has a spectacular movie temperament, but in 2004 Arthur's King or the latest Arthur's adaptation, King Arthur: the legend of the sword. The two movies tries to tell the story of a fierce warrior king who derives his people from the freedom of oppressors, but both movies have a sequence of excellent fighting and a king that plays the role of a guardian and conqueror But, none of them really grab the audience, stick to it, wait a moment. It is because the constant battle does not provide too much time for subtle character development.

It is generally considered to be the best movie of all time for King Arthur Excalibur of John Bullman is a famous explanation of King Arthur's legend. Excalibur plays Nigel Terry as Arthur and Nicole Williamson as Merlin, probably the most memorable one is Morgana Lok performed by Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart as King Leondegrance, and Liam Nissen. As Jabin Jazz. Stellar actors are playing a very dark, sometimes bloody version that often appears in Thomas Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur". Sean Connery starred in Arthuri's movie "The Sword of the Warriors" (1984) and later served as King Arthur at First Cavaliers. Even though her heart belongs to handsome Lancelot, Connelly plays Elder Arthur trying to maintain the kingdom's control by marrying the young Guyville (Julia Ormondo)) That film directed by Jerry Zac it was done. And he likes his comedy movie like "Naked Gun".

After King Arthur in 2004, Warner Bros. tried to make a new movie based on the legend of King Arthur. One was a remake of Brian Singer, which holds the real power, and the other was a book called Arthur and Lancelot. Special movie, this movie will star in Kit Harrington and Joel Kinman. Warner Bros. was concerned that the names of the two were not big enough, tried to replace the two actors with a more profitable name and finally abandoned the project altogether. Warner's next attempt was to create a new King Arthur movie that tried to create the Arthur movie world. They span six movies and play different roles before they eventually form a team. Because of this effort, they hired a director Guy Ritchie, who himself tried to make Arthurian movies. According to the Guardian, this script quickly became "funny Frankenstein's monster style script" containing some unpublished elements of King Arthur's script.

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