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Good Sites For King Arthur

The key to finding useful information on King Arthur's website is to find out which sites are most useful and useful. The best service to provide information about King Arthur's legend is Arthur at http://www., "Explore Arthur's History and Legends" It is the king. "Camelot Project" at, and These sites are the best.

Indeed, only one version of King Arthur's story is based on Arthur and still widely praised by the audience and critics. Excalibur (1981) is widely regarded as the only excellent King Arthur film, but in some respects it is true, but I will go further and merely try to adjust myths to King Arthur's only I say that it is a good movie. (Although I did not mention that Excalibur is not a stone sword, I am bored)

Looking at the time series of medieval kings, King Arthur's name will not appear. So, who is King Arthur, where did Arthur adapt to King King's history? I joined King Arthur with the Knights of the Round Table, associates with Knights Medal and Cote Love, a place called Camelot, and a magician named Merlin. The next link reveals the mystery and legend of King Arthur. The medieval King of England began with the invasion of Norman. From 1066 to 1154 - Normans rule the British after the victory of the Hastings fight and Duke of Normandy Duke William is the Norman Dynasty, crowned the better known King of England (William I) as a conquistador of William During the Middle Ages it contained four British kings:

Arthur's early report According to Helen Hill Miller of Arthur, "King Anglo Norman needs an independent British sovereign source, as the Normandy dictators they were the heirs of Charlemagne" France King Geoffrey used the description written by the monks Nennis and Gilda of the 19th century. And they may have lived in the historical Arthurian era of the 6th and 7th centuries. According to Helen Hill Miller of Kingdom of Arthur, "January 1139, England of Lincolnshire - Baron Norman of England requested to write his quite heavy Latin word in Britain immediately - Norman The poem was written by 1155 A translation of the same poem was done by Maestol de Worth of Jersey Man, Carson who spent most of his life in France "During Jeffrey at Henry I (1100-35) reign, he Probably the first Norman regarded himself the first king of English, while Norman wrote that it was the second king.

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