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Guinnevere of the King Arthur Legends

The legendary King Arthur, Guinevere, is known as the daughter of King Leo Degrenans. (UK) In the early Welsh story, she is said to be the daughter of the giant. (Advanced 84) She is actually a Roman nobleman daughter of Rome. (Britania) was born in C. AD 490. (Ford) Guinevere is a descendant of the aristocratic Romans. (Race 63) Indeed, Guinevere is sexual, she craves for a man's love (on a faint earth) (unlike Arthur). (Mchan 200) She is also selfish and narrow. (MaChan 200) She sometimes becomes a political pawn by Modred, other knights and Arthur herself.

Arthur or Arthur Pendragon, also known as the legendary King of England King Arthur, appeared in the medieval romantic cycle (known as the British material) as the sovereign of the Round Table knights. I do not know well how these legends were born or whether Arthur's image is based on historical figures. This legend may have been derived from Brythonic speaking Celtic living in Wales or northern England. (For more comprehensive treatment of King Arthur 's story, see King Arthur' s legend.)

King Arthur and Round Table knight belong to the legendary book and story of King Arthur. Merlin, Lancelot, Women of the Lake, Arthur King, Excalibur are very important in King Arthur's legend. In this article, I will talk about the sword in the stone in the famous story of King Arthur, Round Table knight, Merlin. A sword on a stone is a book about an adopted child called a wart. He is a royal family and I do not know this. One day, when he was lying in the forest, he found a magician named Merlin. Merlin took Wald to his house and Saar · Ecta, a guardian of Wald, agreed to become a mentor of Vater. Merlin educated him by turning him into another animal. Through each transformation, you experience various forms of power. Each power is part of the way he rules over the king.

Arthur's adviser Merlin appeared as a magician, a prophet, a barbarian, or a foresightful poet in various legends. He is said to have given Arthur's father Uther Pendragon to magically and magically with the opponent's Duke of Cornwall, Tintagel's Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall (Duke of Cornwall) similarity caused the birth of the future king , Uther was able to make a child with Gorois' wife, Igraine. . After Arthur was born, Merlin took him to a secret place in the forest and was told that he saw him until he grew up.

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