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The Real Merlin

From the coast of Avalon to the Court of King Arthur there are many strange Merlin stories and stories. If so, he is an event that he imagined legendary dark magical wizards or superstitious townspeople they do not understand. To answer this question, you should first see the actual outcome of the character Merlin. When was this character introduced, what did he do after that? What kind of feat is this guy making him famous?

As a comparison of my last movie, I chose to talk about Camolot. This movie is the same as class movies. In this movie, Merlin is like real Merlin. He trained Arthur to think he would not fight. He told Arthur to 'imagine' that he was something else like an animal. For example, when Merlin asked that Merlin said that it was an eagle and Arthur had an eagle to fly, "What did you see?" As an answer, Arthur said, "I You can see it all. " "Can you see camalot?" Merlin asked. "I can do it! "Can you see the next county?" Merlin asked. "I can do it! But only the center is not the edge. "What does this mean?" Did Merlin ask? As a story, this is very close to what the real Merlin is. MAGIC is not used before actual MERLIN

To my knowledge, it is irrelevant whether Merlin is a mythical person or he is a true historical figure. Merlin's existence may have a lot of evidence, but it may be more evident. In any case, there seems to be a lot of demonstrable evidence to prove the person behind the myth. Myrddin Wyllt, or "Merlin the Wild" is a medieval Welsh legend. According to folklore, he is a genius of a child born in a supernatural hatch of the Earth girl and a supernatural labor union. There are even people who claim he is the entity of God Ru. But in fact, this fairly ambiguous prophet always remembers a few mysteries, and that is correct.

About 1,400 years after Merlin began class, he published a book called "Merlin's Way: Prophets, Goddess and Land: Traditional Merlin Transformation Skills". In this book, R.J. Stewart is a series of spiritual and physical stuff that can be used to learn how people live in harmony with Merlin's footprints in harmony with nature and the universe, touching the spiritual wisdom of ancient saints I will explain exercise. Although it is not said that there is a tradition over 1400 years, although it is said that "Merlin" is actually a title, not a title, it was passed from the master to the master and the teacher formed it . Pedigree. This line has been said to have disappeared for a while, but the sacred information known as Merlin in 1994 contacted a psychiatrist in Arizona, to become the next master with the title of "Merlin" I trained him. This is the other side of Merlin's worship.

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