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Three Arthurian Misfits of Gawain and the Green Knight

Three Arthurs of Gawain and Green Knight are not suitable. "Hevys hys did not do a big deal." Qwhythene praised Dryghttyne at dere wille 264 is acknowledged by a kind king, this is a firm determination and courageous devotion, but Gao Wen's poet He approached Arthur in various ways in his story In the fifth section he explained the bloody nature of the king and the king made a request for rash before normal eating.Stanza Twelve He showed us the king overwhelmed by the speech of Green Knight, but he seemed to completely ignore the statement of peace of the challenger.

Green Knight is the role of Middle Ages work of Garbin Jazz and Green Knight of King Arthur of the 14th century, and Greennight. His real name is Sir Gawain's Bertilak de Hautdesert (in some translations "Bercilak" or "Bernlak"), Greene Knight named "Bredbeddle". Green Night later became one of the greatest champions of Arthur with fragmentary folk songs "King Arthur and King Cornwall." Also called "bread bed". In high jazz and green knights, to test his court, Bercilak turned into a green knight by the traditional Arthuri opponent Morgan le Fay. In the green knight, he turned into another woman for the same purpose. Among these two stories, he sent his wife to tempt the high temperature as a further trial. "King Arthur and King of Cornwall" drew him as an exorcist and painted it as one of the most powerful knights of the Arthurian dynasty.

Sir Gawain and Green Knight are stories about the story of King Arthur about the adventure of Sir Gawain looking for a Green Knight. King Arthur and his court gathered to celebrate Christmas. Suddenly a green knight appeared and challenged King Arthur's court bout. He asked a man to attack him with an ax. In return, the man needs to find a Cavaliers with a green chapel in 1 year and 1 day to get 3 hits of Green Knight. Only Sir Gawain is not afraid to fight. He hit the green knight with an ax, cut his head and rolled on the floor. The green knight examined and tried to find him in Sir Gao Wen. Everyone thinks Gao Wen's journey can not return because we have to face the harsh conditions of wild animals, cold weather, wild people in the woods, and so on. He left the Court of King Arthur and the castle strangely appeared after Gawain stayed in the forest.

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